2000 Feared Dead In Nigeria After Boko Haram Attack

Boko Haram in Baga

The world’s media and world leaders focus on the Paris terrorist attackand today’s march in Paris, while a major terrorist attack in Nigeria is more or less ignored.  Typical.

Probably not. 

Via The Guardian

Hundreds of bodies – too many to count – remain strewn in the bush in Nigeria from an Islamic extremist attack that Amnesty International described as the “deadliest massacre” in the history of Boko Haram.

Fighting continued on Friday around Baga, a town on the border with Chad where insurgents seized a key military base on 3 January and attacked again on Wednesday.

“Security forces have responded rapidly, and have deployed significant military assets and conducted air strikes against militant targets,” said a government spokesman.

District head Baba Abba Hassan said most victims are children, women and elderly people who could not run fast enough when insurgents drove into Baga, firing rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles on town residents.

“The human carnage perpetrated by Boko Haram terrorists in Baga was enormous,” Muhammad Abba Gava, a spokesman for poorly armed civilians in a defence group that fights Boko Haram, told the Associated Press.

He said the civilian fighters gave up on trying to count all the bodies. “No one could attend to the corpses and even the seriously injured ones who may have died by now,” Gava said.

An Amnesty International statement said there are reports the town was razed and as many as 2,000 people killed. Continue Reading….

USELESS: President Goodluck Jonathan gives away his daughter

USELESS: President Goodluck Jonathan gives away his daughter

Once again Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has proven himself to be a complete WASTE OF SPACE. Instead of dealing with this latest atrocity involving Boko Haram, Goodluck remains silent, attends his daughter’s wedding and then releases photographs of the big day, while a nation mourns and struggles to get to grips with this latest horrific attack. 

 Rest In Peace to all those who lost their lives.

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