UK News: Arrest Warrent Issued For Actor Adam Deacon, Fails To Appear In Court Over The Alleged Harassment Of Noel Clarke


The Evening Standard reports that a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Kidulthood actor Adam Deacon after he failed to appear in court today. 

The 31-year-old who currently stars in the Channel 4 drama Babylon, was due at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court, in west London, accused of allegedly harassing fellow actor Noel Clarke.

Actor, writer, director and producer Noel Clarke

Actor, writer, director and producer Noel Clarke

Deacon was due to make his first appearance in court after being charged on December 20. His bail conditions stated that he was not to contact Clarke or any member of his family or friends, and was not to post anything on any social media website that was related to Noel Clarke.

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Since this news broke, Adam has been tweeting news about the warrant for his arrest.

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  1. I like them both however am saddened that the relationship has broken down and (according to previous posts) Noel previously seemed annoyed about Adam doing the “Hood” thing without him. These are two talented and creative men with ideas aplenty.

    IMHO Noel should realise you cannot copyright a “word” and Adam should endeavour to co-operate with the courts to ensure his reputation is maintained- whether he is guilty or not or harassement. They should both do their talking offline and evening better OUTSIDE of the courts as this only stands to get messy and very publicly so.

    Finally, Adam, if Noel ain’t talking to you, “Move on”.

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