(Scam?) British Couple Stranded In New York With Premature Baby Will Not Have To Pay £130,000 Medical Bill

Katie and Lee with their son Dax

Katie and Lee with their son Dax

Via The Independent 

A British couple stranded in New York will not have to pay their feared medical bill of up to £130,000 for their premature baby’s hospital care.

Katie Amos, 30, and her fiancé Lee Johnston, 29, were on a five-day trip to New York when their son Dax arrived 11 weeks early on 28 December, weighing just 3lb.

When doctors told the couple the newborn could not fly alone until March, their friends started an emergency campaign to fund their unexpected hospital stay.

In a statement on their Go Get Funding page, which is written from the viewpoint of Dax, the pair wrote: “We need your help as mummy and daddy have no money, no clothes, no friends or family or a familiar face to just say hello to! I know they are scared, but they have some good friends back home that are working very hard to help me!”

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I came across this story several days ago (via The Mirror and The Daily Mail) and had to give the parents the serious side eye.

Instead of finding out for sure if their insurance company would cover the medical bills amongst other things, a Go Get Funding page and a Facebook page  were both set up written from the viewpoint of baby Dax (emotional blackmail), requesting money to cover their medical bills, other expenses and believe it or not a request to help pay the airfare of family members wishing to visit them in New York. 

Some members from the gullible public donated to this cause while others, like myself, had questions.

Now close friend of the family Richard Crow, who set up the fundraising pages because he apparently feared that the couple’s insurance would not cover the cost of the treatment, has told ITV News the following,

I spoke last night with [Katie and Lee] and they told me the medical bills are being taken care of.

I understand the hospital made a statement saying they are working with their travel insurers to make sure they don’t have to pay anything.

They are hugely relieved, absolutely. They’re just overwhelmed by all the support.

They are all doing very well. Dax is one thing that they don’t have to worry about – he’s being well cared for.

We’re going to continue fundraising to help cover expenses that they incur over there and also back home.

The Ronald McDonald charity has been amazing, everyone has been really kind. Any excess money that isn’t used will go to that charity.

He also posted this  message on the Facebook page:

Great news! I believe I can confirm that all medical bills will be covered! It’s been a long wait but well worth it! Due to the publicity that has gone on around the whole story, it has forced them to pay! I am told there will still be lots of costs though-

1- loss of income. Lee gets no benefits as Self Employed. Katie Basic maternity pay.
2- House to pay for and all bills
3- Accomodation in New York
4- Living costs in USA

No parents will be using the money to pay for flights.

The return flights are being honoured by the airline when they are ready.

Our fundraising efforts were intended to be just locally on a small scale. It was never intended to cover £130,000 medical costs. It was and is our way of helping our friends to not have to worry about money allowing them to concentrate on Baby Dax.

Any money left over will be donated to the Ronald Macdonald Fund. I skyped Lee earlier and he is a very humble guy. As much as it is a scary experience for them, they are staying in a place where people are staying to be close to their terminally ill children. Everyone is very friendly to them but also it makes them realise however scary things are, they are not in as bad a situation as some others. They have decided that all excess money will be donated to the Ronald Macdonald Foundation to help carry on the vital work that they do to help struggling families.

If any people that have donated have mis-understood and feel cheated of their donation, please feel free to message me and I will make sure you get your donation back.

Thank you for all your help and support and kindness.

I’m so relieved for them and grateful to all you kind people.

Richard Crow


Richard posted this after people questioned where donations would go if the insurance company agreed to cover medical costs. Many also suggested that in the event of this happening donations should go to a charity.

*NOTE: Richard’s story to various news outlets has changed on numerous occasions* 

They have raised over £9,000 now

They have raised over £9,000 now.

The couple’s costs have been covered including other expenses so why they still need donations I don’t know. The Go Get Funding page which has so far raised over £9,000 should be taken down/frozen and the money returned to those who donated ASAP!

A Daily Mail reader left this interesting comment below:

People have donated to them because they kept saying they have to pay hospital costs. After they collected over £6000 they suddenly said it’s not for medical bills but for clothes, food and bills in the UK. They have lied to the people.They still lie, yesterday it was confirmed the medical costs are covered and they don’t have to spend a penny. They didn’t inform viewers in America about it while jumping from one TV station to another for interviews, they still pretended they have to pay.

Their main donation page isn’t updated so people still think they need to pay for a baby’s hospital bill, when in reality they pay for clothes and UK bills. People have offered to bring clothes and food for them, but they were ignored by R crow and co, as they are interested only in money apparently.

Their UK bills should be paid by friends and family not by money donated for medical help for baby Dax.Or daddy Lee can sell one of his 5 cars and one of his 3 motorbikes.

I have nothing against baby Dax and I am glad he is doing well, BUT I don’t trust his parents or their close friend Richard Crow. 

Read below some of the comments left on the Go Get Funding page.

Since you banned me on facebooking for raising legitimate concerns over you not updating this page here is another useful quote to the media from Richard Crow: Responding to criticism on Facebook that donors thought they were helping towards medical costs and not living expenses, Mr Crow said: “The appeal was only ever to raise money for their living costs, we never intended to raise money for the medical bills. So it was never intended to be about medical bills WHY did you set the page up in the first place saying it was! Pure deceit.


This is misleading to say the least , the organiser [Richard Crow] has led people to believe they are helping to cover a huge medical bill but this is not the case the bill has been written off by the hospital and if you look on face book or at the daily mail comments on this story people are not happy being fooled into paying for the couples rent and bills at home and even new clothes for the pair as they don’t seem to want to wash the ones they have, They also flew first class and stayed in a 5 star hotel as posted on the dads facebook page have 2 cars and numerous bikes private number plates and bragged online of their shopping spree in the stores of 5th avenue.


*sips tea with Rihanna*

Can anyone else see the warning signs up ahead with the word ‘SCAM’ flashing above?

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  1. So true. Everyone who posts anything questioning the funds is deleted and blocked. It even states on the FB page that any negative or nasty comments will be banned. This is all comments not stating that Richard is a hero, the parents are lovely or pledges of money. The one lady who asked for a refund has been trashed on the page even though it was stated that anyone who wanted a refund could have one. It is very dodgy and offers of material goods or offers to transport things over there are rejected, it all seems to be about the money.

  2. I’m sorry, but as a US citizen, I have to say that if they were anything but white the conservative right would be all over them for trying to have an “anchor baby”: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/11/19/get-ready-to-start-hearing-about-executive-amnesty-for-anchor-babies.html. Anyway, it’s really unwise to fly when pregnant. I personally know of someone who had a severe stroke after flying here from Jamaica while pregnant. The air pressure severely restricts your blood vessels. Plus, knowing that here in the U.S. people lose their homes because of the cost of healthcare, why on earth would anyone come here uninsured?

  3. They did have insurance, but put on Facebook that the insurance might not pay out. The insurance have now covered all costs, they have free accommodation and flights home have been promised by the airline. The money raised will be for incidentals and to pay the bills they should have budgeted for but didn’t

  4. I have also been blocked from the Facebook. Possibly he didn’t like me posting links to the UK Fraud Act 2006. (Sections 2& 3 apply). Or maybe it was the reposting of the screen shot showing a friends comment staying it was a “shame Max Clifford is inside (in prison), but there must be other PR firms who will represent him. At the moment the press are getting the story for FREE!!! They will pay good money xx” This was in response to another friend posting “me neither or lee could really make some money for the fu…. if he does it right X”
    This was in relation to ntdtv.com picking up the story (Max Clifford incidentally is in prison as he was found guilty of indecent assaults against girls and young women)

    The answers from Richard Crow about whether the couple actually had insurance (meaning specialist maternity cover travel insurance) change frequently. Today as an example it went from “I don’t know” to “of course they had insurance” in the space of a few hours.

    Richard decided to make the story public and he created the fundraising and FaceBook pages. He was responsible for the authenticity of the information he put in the public domain. As Richard’s other business is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) he really has no excuse in his behaviour in terms of misrepresenting the truth.

    Obviously going public with a story along the lines of “Self-employed and uninsured couple flew to New York. Unfortunately she gave birth 11 weeks early, and as they had no maternity travel insurance or loss of income income protection, the couple are now in a situation where they have no income and would appreciate any help with both their medical bills and living expenses” doesn’t have quite the same heart wrenching appeal as “We are not sure if Mummy and Daddy’s Travel insurance is going to cover the costs, so they are very worried ….)

    Funnily enough, despite repeated requests, the name of the insurance company has never been disclosed.

    Not only is the misrepresentation of facts for financial gain immoral, it’s also illegal. There have been people posting on the donation page that, even though they didn’t have much money, they were donating what they could. Would their reaction have been the same if the truth had been stated?

    Had Richard bothered to read the Charity Commission guidance, he would have seen that transparency, honesty and accountability are tantamount when asking the general public for donations. The questions that have been asked and deleted were for information that should have been made available up front.

    It’s incredibly sad that they see this helpless innocent prem baby as nothing more than a revenue stream. Just an observation based on the behaviour of the parties involved.

    Also, despite having wifi to enable the posting of videos and other content, the parents have not yet thanked people for their kindness or generosity.

    I have screen shots of posts as detailed above. More than happy to share these with the press to confirm any statements made.

  5. This is the biggest scam i have ever seen on facebook. The police should be brought in to investigate for any potential criminal offences. Facebook should delete this page and the accounts where the gullible have been donating should be immediately frozen.
    I really cannot believe they appear to be getting away with this scam.

  6. Increasing amounts of doubt bubbling up over here in the UK. Many families in NY and back here in the UK are living with a babe in NICU, with mum, often far from home & dad/other family members running around to keep jobs/business’ going at an incredibly stressful time. THEY don’t plaster their FB with photos asking strangers for money.

    This whole thing stinks.

  7. 1.’people are not happy being fooled into paying for the couples rent and bills at home’
    The only people who are not happy are people who have not donated. Only 1 person yas requested their money back.

    2.’donors thought they were helping towards medical costs’

    I was aware of the page before it reached over 500 likes. I donated to help with living costs in the Uk while they were gone, ie: before ot was clarified if the insurance would pay out.

    3, ‘They also flew first class and stayed in a 5 star hotel as posted on the dads facebook page have 2 cars and numerous bikes private number plates and bragged online of their shopping spree in the stores of 5th avenue.’

    Why is any of that relevant? How/why people go on holiday or what car they drive has nothing to do with the actual situation. Smells like someone is jealous !

    As for the essay from Diana. You are a fool to think because someone is referring to the couple on a first name basis that they are actually a ‘friend’ as you have put it. In the town they live near and the village they live in everyone knows everyone. Its just the way it is there. When I lived there I knew heroin addicts and thieves but I am neither so dont be trying to associate people you know nothing of with criminals.

    I have also read comments of people saying things like they dont have much money and are aware the insurance is paying out but still want to donate !

    Did any of you ACTUALLY donate ? …I think not ! So why are you still rabbiting on, let the people who care worry about it.

  8. Vic it doesn’t matter if someone donated or no to them.The point is they started collecting donations prior contacting the insurance company,moaning about massive bill they have to pay.And it was a lie.It’s dishonest,shameless and on top of that illegal.After collecting over £9000 Richard has FINALLY changed a donation “goal” on their main page.All money collected before a change should be refunded as people donated for medical bill not for Dax parents lifestyle.A lot of those people are humble,good people and they won’t ask for refund because they wouldn’t feel they should even if they feel cheated(you made sure of that,bulling one woman who asked for refund.I have seen your vile comments about her on dax website).So if Richard is a real man and honest person he will refund all the £9000,without asking any questions.And he can start collecting money for clothes and bills for Dax parents only,clearly stating it’s for their expenses(not for accommodation or food as they get it for free in R McDonald foundation ).I won’t hold my breath he will do it tho.

  9. I am appalled that a family who are better off than the majority of the population think they can ask the public (of which a lot are struggling themselves, read it in the comments) to help them pay their rent and bills in the UK! They flew to New York first class which isn’t cheap, to shop in the sales. This proves they took a nice amount of money to spend there and baby dax was born on day 2. I refuse to belive that they had no money to their name and I would bet they even brought themselves clothes in the sale. Their family and friends should be coming together to help sort their bills at home and sell their assets if need be to cover any costs they incur, not anybody else. God forbid they may get in a bit of debt due to the situation. Unfortunately this couple seem to think it’s the publics job to keep them from delving into their own pockets. I feel so sorry for the gullible people who have parted with their money to fund this couples lifestyle. Richard Vulture…sorry Crow, makes me sick, he is a vile creature. Dax’s parents are just as bad. Personally if I was them I would stop this and refund money or donate all to charity. I couldn’t be so cruel to rely on handouts from the public when I was capable of paying it all myself by selling stuff, getting a loan etc. I know if me and my partner were in the same situation my partner would have to come home to work to pay our rent, bills and send money to me. Of course we would rather be together but unfortunately we need to be realistic. There are so many holes in this story, I don’t know where to begin! I wouldn’t trust any of them. How dare they expect people to pay to send relatives off on their jollies. I hope this all gets shut down ASAP. Lee johnston also cheats on his wife, he is on plenty of fish. I’ve seen a few Screenshots of his messages. What a despicable man.

  10. Actually Vic, I did do my homework. The one ‘friend’ is a FaceBook friend of Lee’s.

    It’s incredulous that people asking pertinent questions are being censored and abused. In my opinion, people can ask for whatever they like. Just be honest and transparent about why you are asking. Not to do so is both deceitful and illegal.

  11. Completely 100% agree!

    All this couple want to do is take take take.

    How generous of them to donate any EXCESS money- whilst of course still taking from the Ronald McDonald Foundation.

    From their Facebook pages admission and various photos photos, Dax is doing well- the same can’t be said for the TERMINALLY ILL CHILDREN that this wonderful charity provides VITAL support to.

    This couple need to do the right thing and fund their own outgoing bills by Lee going back to work- in addition I’m assuming some if not all their adult family members work so surely they can contribute moneywise too.

    ALL this fund money needs to be donated to CHARITY- which this couple are not.

    The only good to come out of this is that the Ronald McDonald Foundation has had publicity and direct donations- but that was off the back of another Facebook user actually posting the link to raise awareness of this charity!

    No thank you from either parent or family member neither.

    Lastly I would like to point out that people like myself who have raised valid points about the fund expenditure and purpose have been called haters, trolls and how we’re jealous! I like others certainly am not jealous of this couple dipping into funds for genuine people in need and actual medical expenses!

  12. Is this scam not yet reported to the police?!!?!

    Someone should report this Richard Crow and his friends and all that he done and said because it is illegal!

    Disgusting also the way he deleted the fair comments from Fb page and also blocked the people that asked questions!

    There are enough people struggling to pay the bills and I do not believe they are that bad if they flew first class to NY and own don`t know how many cars with personalized plates?!

    They should be all very ashamed! It looks like there is no more pride left when is all about money, even if it`s made on little poor baby. I`m sorry for him!

  13. So they fly out 1st class ( nice ) on boxing day ( how lovely ) while she is pregnant ( not safe ) lovely little shopping spree on 5th avenue ( how nice for some ).. yet people in UK meant to be skint yeah ? 2 cars and 3 bikes ( wow )Lee is a dirty lying cheat ! Wow so any of his fancy women expecting kids ??? They should give all the money back to the people who donated it and let them decide which charity they want to give it too…. as can this bloke really be trusted to forward it on, when he is so disgusting and rude.

    Personally little dax really would be better off with other parents. As these two really are something else. How about Lee gets his shameful little arse back here aad he can go back to work, apply for a loan, sell the bikes and cars should be able to get a small fortune to pay for his family. Never know once there back here his cheating might catch up with him and she’ll leave him and be on the dole then so we’re all pay another time around for this family.
    How is this guy still allowed to keep the pages open ? It is sad that there scamming so many people. I read the story and my heart dropped but once you read between the lines, and see that they hadn’t even spoken to insurance it’s clear to see its one big scam. Shameful thing to do around Christmas new year.

    How come there families are not helping out ? Or they all on the dole to ?
    That’s probably where all the money has gone.

    I hope they all get arrested on fraud charges as charity is close to all our hearts but not when it’s for people looking to make a quick buck……

    And funny how they need donations and son is ill yet there more then able to go from studio to studio for interviews !!! We all people get paid for that, wonder if Mr self employed will be putting those receipts into the tax man !!!

    I’ve no respect for Mr cheater and his family. Just feel sorry for dax growing up in a family like that.

  14. It has now been reported to the correct authorities (police, hmrc etc) so hopefully something will be done.

    As for Lee’s cheating, I hope it catches up with him. Would you believe one of his fancy women asked all his other fancy women to donate!!

  15. Apparently Richard is going to be on ITV talking about the ‘threats’ and online abuse he has apparently received (but not the stuff he and his followers have given out!) They might be interested in your evidence?

  16. IF Richard does they should know how he posted a private message sent to him which allowed to people to abuse that person and who are looking into complaining to said person’s employer.

  17. To be honest all this is get way out of hand. People are even accusing the father of cheating ( proof people) I genuinely believe Richard tried to help but it snowballed and he didn’t know what to do. The parents should have backed him from day 1 and kept him informed but they didn’t they distanced themselves from the situation ( some friends) and he’s getting the flak. I am not a friend as I live in cardiff and I certainly haven’t donated but people really need to calm down. I also agree if lee has got several motors he needs to sell them to support his family
    Anyway have a good day

  18. I totally get that a local community wanted to help but how did it spiral in to what it has, is beyond me. If I was one of the parents, I would be mortified that personal pictures of my son were plastered over the internet plus I wouldn’t be too thrilled that someone was asking the world for money on my behalf.
    I understand that Lee is self employed but wouldn’t he have been saving extra cash in readiness for the birth, as he would have to take time off in normal circumstances…..a family member of mine who was employed saved money so that his wife could take extra time off when their baby arrived – they went without so they could do this.
    I truly hope baby Dax continues to do well and will be home in the UK soon xx

  19. Now, if this was my black Nigerian Igbo arse making this claim, it would have ended very differently and quickly…regardless of my honesty or lack of it.

  20. Adaobi- Why bring racism into this?! Says more about you than anyone else. To me this looks like a scam and if they were black it would still look like a scam. Colour makes a difference to some racist people but in this day and age colour is totally irrevalant, despite what you all protest. You are just creating more problems for your race.

  21. Proof of Lee’s cheating is floating about. I’ve seen it. The lady also made a comment in the daily mail comments section. It will catch up with him. Be it now or in the future.

    I personally think Richard started out to do well and then started to scam with the parents when he realised how easy it would be. He’s only done good now because he has been forced too and also Uncle Deapn used the funds to fly to New York. I saw his Facebook status about it. I think it’s shameful. There are sick people in the world and people are fundraising for this! It’s a joke.

  22. Hannah how do you know he definitely used funds – is that something he put on his private page?

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