Sony Cancel ‘The Interview’ Amid Threats


Oh dear… oh dear… oh dear! Poor Sony. 

Via BBC News

Sony Pictures has cancelled the planned US release on 25 December of the film The Interview, after major cinema chains decided not to screen it.

The film is about a fictional plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Hackers have already carried out a cyber attack on Sony and warned the public to stay away from cinemas screening the film.

The US government said it was considering a “range of options” on how to respond to the attack.

“We know that criminals and foreign countries regularly seek to gain access to government and private sector networks – both in the United States and elsewhere,” a National Security Council statement said, adding that the FBI was leading the investigation.

“We take very seriously any attempt to threaten or limit artists’ freedom of speech or of expression.”

The statement came after US media quoted anonymous officials as saying that the FBI had linked North Korea to the attacks. Continue Reading….

The Interview stars US actors James Franco (l) and Seth Rogen (r)

The Interview stars US actors James Franco (l) and Seth Rogen (r)

Poor Seth and James. Both actors have now been forced to cancel all media appearances for ‘The Interview’

Seth must be comfort eating as I type. 

The email leaks between sad Sony executives have all given me life this past week.

If you missed the racism and bad mouthing of actors, actresses, and writers, then grab some pop corn and click here to read. There are just too many golden nuggets to choose from. 

I personally look forward to more email leaks. The hackers have promised us a “Christmas present” and I hope they deliver. 

Hollywood has learned a valuable lesson here. DO NOT mess with North Korea because you will lose 😀

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