US News: No Indictment For Police Officer Who Killed Eric Garner With An Illegal Chokehold


What an absolute travesty of justice. 

Rest In Peace Eric Garner.

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  1. Now if there was any reason to riot and protest, this would be it. A man killed by an illegal choke hold who was not a threat to the police at anytime. Unlike with the Mike Brown case this was not provoked and the facts of what happened are clear for to see. I only wonder what drove the jury to come to this decision.

  2. Dearest Chris, you are aware that the store owner in the Mike Brown case said he didnt steal anything from the store, so how you use that as a like for like comparison is beyond me. Even that was the case, it is not cause to shoot someone who did NOT cause a threat to a policeman, who is actually the one carrying a weapon and poses a threat.

  3. Dearest Terra, I wasn’t refering to the strong-armed robbery carried out by Mike Brown. I was refering to the autopsy and witnesses who confirmed Darren Wilson’s side of events that Mike Brown did act aggressively and did infact try to grab his gun. As for the store owner saying he didn’t steal anything, that’s false. All he said was that the allegation claiming that Mike Brown was the man on the tape didn’t come from him. Read it again. Dorian Johnson, Mike brown’s friend who witnessed the shooting has already confessed to being with Mike Brown during the store robbery, so there’s no question of if that was him on the tape or not.

    The robbery alone doesn’t warrant his death, but it does give us an idea of the type of person he was. An aggressive violent scumbag.

  4. “An aggressive violent scumbag” Fuck you Chris. You obviously know NOTHING about the Mike Brown situation, just more assumptions about young Black men. The video clearly shows that he paid for the item and whilst him and the store worker got into a SLIGHT altercation, like Terra said, the he said that he didn’t steal anything and Pig darren wilson didn’t even know about it. He harrased Dorian and Mike to get off the street, which is antagonistic when that was THEIR neighbourhood.

  5. I know nothing about the Mike Brown situation? Lool that’s rich coming from you. The video clearly shows he paid for the items while him and the store worker got into a slight altercation? You’re talking out your arse. I don’t know what video you saw, but the video that the world saw was a man that resembles Mike Brown (which was later confirmed to be Mike Brown) committing a strong armed robbery. Not even the guys own mother has denied what the whole world saw. Post one link, just one link where the store owner says Mike Brown didn’t steal anything and I will apologise and take back what I said. Until then shut up and stay out of topics you clearly know nothing about you dickhead. BTW pig Darren Wilson harassed Mike to get off the road and walk on the pavement like a civilised human being. Who’s making assumptions about young Black men? I am a young Black man you prick. I speak the truth and the truth is Mike Brown was an aggressive scumbag cause only an aggressive scumbag would have done what he did on that tape. The real shame here is that decent hard working people had to lose their livelihood by having their businesses looted and burnt down.
    You’re full of shit thirdlight.

    RIP Eric Garner

  6. Just one link? It really isn’t hard to find, you obviously have taken in the propaganda. Mhmm, if you’re Black then you are in the club of Uncle Toms, go ahead and chill with Pharrell,Charles Barkley, Stacey Dash and all the rest of them. Such a defensive and unnecessarily loooooong winded response considering you understand the situation and ‘speak the truth’. Anyway I’m done engaging Uncle Toms (Or racists pretending to be Black) like yourself.


    R.I.P Eric Garner.
    White Supremacy took another one of us

  7. Dearest Chris,
    You have based you entire opinion on non FACTS. Your knowledge on this case is clearly limited because the information that you take your opinion from is based primarily on the bias evidence that was presented by the lawyers of Darren Wilson.

    There have been many prosecutors who have spoken out publicly in the way that this entire case has been handled in order for DW case not to be indicted. The need for this case not to go to trial would ultimately mean that all parties get heard. This is something that could not be allow, as it would mean that an actual officer of the law may have to go to jail for abusing his power (yet again) for killing an unarmed man. How is it possible to get the facts of a case when only one side of the argument is given a platform to present their case?

    Known prosecutors that have spoken out about the case, have mostly stated that Darren Wilsons case was allowed more time to present their case, which is not how indictments are supposed to operate, why was this?

    FACTS: The main witness to the shooting, DeAndre Joshua, 20, was murdered on the same night of the Saint Louis Grand Jury announcement. DeAndre was shot in the head, and then a flammable liquid poured on him and set afire inside his vehicle. Hmm, very convenient.

    FACTS: The store owner, speaking through their attorney, even dispute the claim that they or an employee called 911. They explain that a customer inside the store made the call, and that is how police even got word of a crime, or a perpetrator who “fit the description” of Brown. The fact of the matter is that if there were an actual “robbery,” we can be certain that the store owner would have called the police. In addition to clarifying that the store owners never said they believed, nor identified the suspect as being Michael Brown, they further claimed that the St. Louis County issued the warrants to confiscate the hard drive of surveillance video. The warrants were issued based on the police claim that Brown “fit the description” of the person in the video. How is it that you have the ability to identify this grainy footage as being Mike Brown, given the fact that the clothes that this person is wearing in the video are not the same clothes that Brown got shot in the day he died? Bare in mind that footage was release by the Ferguson police department to start the dehumanizing and character assassination of MB to the public, and you like the gullible clown you are ate it up!

    FACTS: Ferguson police Chief Tom Jackson has been heavily criticized for releasing the footage, particularly after he indicated, hours after the release, that Wilson was not aware that Brown was a robbery suspect at the time. So how is it Dear Chris, that your able to associate the shooting of MB to this robbery, of which we don’t even know was him, when Darren WIlson didn’t even stop MB in the first place for the reason of this robbery? By all accounts and by DW admission, he stopped MB for “jay walking”, so what the hell has MB death got to do with this robbery? Please explain!!

    FACTS: If the police maintain that MB reached for DW gun, then why have they refused to release the autopsy report? Surely that would clear everything up in regards to MB reaching for DW gun like DW claims? The St. Louis County Police are in charge of the local investigation into Brown’s death. However, they have refused to release the report from the autopsy conducted by the St. Louis County medical examiner, or any details about the evidence they have gathered so far. This lack of information has become a major rallying point for the protesters, who have made repeated demands that Wilson be brought to justice.

    FACTS: Despite the lack of detail, there are worrying signs that investigators may not be approaching the investigation in a thorough, professional manner. For instance, the police apparently did not interview Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson until Wednesday, August 13, even though he was a key eyewitness.

    Combined, the two cases of MB and EG suggest that more should be done to decouple criminal investigations of police abuse from the conventional prosecutorial system. Attorneys who usually work hand-in-hand with the police in pursuing other criminal cases can’t honestly be expected to be impartial and aggressive in then prosecuting those same officers. It’s worth noting that when prosecutors nationwide decide to bring charges before a grand jury, they usually succeed. In 2010, for instance, federal prosecutors sought indictments in about 162,000 cases and in only 11 cases did grand juries not return indictments. In the face of those statistics, these two non-indictments are glaring. How convenient that DW case is one of the few that didn’t get indicted!!

    Even worse, the failure to indict the officers who killed both Eric Garner and Michael Brown deprives their communities of the transparency and accountability that trials ensure. No one is saying that the officers should be tried if there’s not sufficient evidence, but many legal analysts have agreed there’s enough in both cases to at least warrant a trial. There are questions about facts in terms of both Michael Brown and Eric Garner’s movements before their death, questions of fact that should be debated in a court. There are questions about the officers’ states of mind—questions that could be fleshed out and better understood if the cases went to trial.

    But the lack of indictments, now twice in a row, seems to add insult to injury—that not only are black men routinely, disproportionately victimized by the police but they are victimized by a legal system that refuses to hold the police accountable.

  8. Dearest Terra

    Yes it looks very much like a strong armed robbery to me. Incase you’re unclear on what exactly a strong armed robbery is, I’ll leave the definition below:

    Using, involving, or threatening the use of physical force or violence to gain an objective.

    I’ve never once linked the shooting death of Mike Brown to the robbery he committed earlier although it has been argued so in Darren Wilson’s statement. It was you who initially brought up the robbery. You wrongly assumed that I was.

    All that link has shown me is that the store owners are in fear of any retaliation from the community for the release of that tape and want to distance themselves from the whole Mike Brown drama.
    Dorian Johnson, Mike Brown’s friend has already admitted to the robbery with Mike Brown, so it’s pointless discussing what has already been confirmed.

    Here is a link incase you’re unaware.

    Why have they refused to release an autopsy report? LOL You obviously haven’t been paying very much attention. An autopsy report has been released and it supports Darren Wilson and various witnesses version of events. I’ll leave another link below to update you on last weeks news.

    I’m not here to defend the police. I believe the police can be just as criminal as the criminals they’re chasing. Their have been miscarriages of justice in regards to the police. The Eric Garner case is a clear example of that and I believe the Mark Duggan shooting is another. But I refuse to share sympathy for a scumbag who provoked and went to grab a police officers gun because he’s Black. Under those circumstances, Darren Wilson did what he was supposed to do.

  9. As I thought Thirdlight, you can’t. You can’t find it yourself because it isn’t true. I’m an Uncle Tom? LOOL I’ve been called worse things by far more intelligent people than you. I can live with that insult.

  10. Just so you know, yet another witness to this mitder, by the name of Shaun Ross has been found dead. He was only 23 years old. I expect that we will find more dead witnesses to this trial in the coming weeks. But thats ok. As long as the police aren’t held to task and victim blaming is used as a cause to defend those that are in the wrong, then we shouldn’t worry about that at all. The systematic abuse of power that goes on within the police force should be held accountable, and what people need to stop doing is playing “Columbo” based on situations that have nothing to do with the death of an unarmed man. It’s that simple. The photo of Mike Brown graduating has been circulating for some time, but you would rather condem his character to an incident which may or may not have happened, great way to eat up propaganda #handclapsallround

  11. It’s interesting that you bring up Mark Duggan, because you reacted to calling MB a thug in the same way that people called Mark Duggan a “criminal” who deserved to get shot because of his past. So why is it that you clearly believe, one person deserved to be killed because of his so called “strong arming” a store clerk, but MD should not have got shot at all?? Clearly you don’t read or have been following the case at all. The main bone of contention with this entire case was that DW defence was given a bigger platform to present his case. All the so called facts that your trying to defend with are biased, because they are based purely on DW account, which is why he needed to get indicted in the first place so that ALL the facts can be heard. But as long as your happy to judge by a store robbery that had nothing to do with his death, then that’s all that matters!

  12. The county’s report also showed that Brown was shot six times, with gunshot wounds to the head and chest as the cause of death. An additional toxicology report detected marijuana in Brown’s blood.

    According to the Associated Press, the report, however, did not explain why Wilson shot Brown after a struggle in the police officer’s SUV nor clarified whether Brown was surrendering or reaching for the officer’s weapon.

    Wilson has said that Brown reached for his gun, while various witnesses have stated that they saw Brown being shot while running away. An independent autopsy commissioned by Brown’s family — that was publicly released in August — did not conclude that Brown was shot at close range.

    Forensic pathologist Judy Melinek and St. Louis city medical examiner Michael Graham reviewed the county’s report for The Post-Dispatch. The paper quoted Melinek as saying, “[This] guy is reaching for the gun, if he has gunpowder particulate material in the wound.” Hours later, she told MSNBC that her words were taken out of context, adding that the findings could also explain other scenarios besides Wilson’s self-defense argument.

    “What happens sometimes is when you get interviewed and you have a long conversation with a journalist, they’re going to take things out of context,” she said Wednesday. “I made it very clear that we only have partial information here. We don’t have the scene information. We don’t have the police investigation. We don’t have all the witness statements. And you can’t interpret autopsy findings in a vacuum.”

    Partial information, as stated by a forensic examiner. This is why an indictment needed to happen. You based your entire argument on limited information and argue that shooting a man multiple times for jay walking is doing what he should have done!!!

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