UK TV: Hit Black British Web Series Venus vs Mars Coming To Sky Living

Venus vs Mars creator Baby Isako

Venus vs Mars creator Baby Isako

It has been announced that the hit black British web drama Venus Vs Mars will air on Sky Living in the new year. 

During an interview with The Voice, the show’s creator Baby Isako said:

“Our dream was always to get our show on TV, but that is not easy. Going online was the first stepping stone and helped to prove the format does work. We tried selling the show to different networks and then we got approached by Sky. They saw what people were saying about the show and they liked it.”

“Working with Sky has been an incredible experience. We were a little sceptical at first, but they have been incredibly supportive of our vision and let us keep that creative control. They recognise that this is about new talent and that we already have an audience. They have chosen to respect that, rather than diluting what we have.

“I am so glad I will still be working with PurpleGeko, we make a great team. And the actors Vanessa Vanderpuye John Louis Pascal were in my first theatre play. When I was looking for someone to play Venus, all of these model-looking girls came to the casting but none of them felt like Venus. I went back to the castings I had done for the play and came across a video of Letitia singing. I was like, ‘that is Venus!’ She fits the role so well. I know the audience will love her.

“So we all started this together. They believed in my writing when people didn’t even know me as a writer. There was no way for them to know what the audience would think but since then we have been on this amazing journey, growing together and experiencing all of this together. I am so excited to be a part of it.”


Viewers will be able to watch the entire first season and the second season on Sky Living.

Congratulations Baby and the Venus vs Mars team.

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