Self Promotion, Product Placement, PR Antics: Stars Arrive At London Studio To Re-Record Band Aid “Charity” Single

Forget about Ebola it's all about Adidas

Forget about “charity” it’s all about Adidas

Music stars arrived in Notting Hill today to re-record the Band Aid charity single ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ to help fight Ebola in parts of West Africa.

Some artists rocked up in chauffeur driven vehicles and it is clear that they received cheques from Adidas to use this occasion to promote the brand. Even Starbucks got in on the sly promotional act, sending staff to deliver ‘crates of warm beverages for the stars’ in front of the waiting media.


Starbucks staff arriving with beverages.


Click here to view photographs.

The comments below via The Daily Mail comment section basically sum up my thoughts on this.

“They can sing their lungs out for all I care, I won’t be giving a penny to this sham gesture. I only give to charities that are totally accountable, fair, transparent and reputable, oh… and not led by a self-centered egotistical has been!”

“With the Ebola scare they have found an excuse for another egofest in which they gain maximum publicity and their careers are enhanced. Note, One Direction use this as an excuse for blatant product placement. This whole thing disgusts me.”

“Bob Geldof and co are just self-serving and self promoting idiots. If they really cared they would sell off their assets and give to the poor instead of forcing the rest of us to do so”.

I am surprised to see that Sinead O’Connor has agreed to be a part of this spectacle. Her bulls**t detector used to be on point.

Check out below Band Aid 30 lyric sheet (slightly adapted to suit cause…)


So awful it’s infuriating 😡

Why hasn’t anyone pointed out to Bob Geldof and his partner in crime Midge Ure that West Africa is made up of many countries. The only countries affected are Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. THREE COUNTRIES!!!

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  1. In 1984 Bob Geldof was a hopeless has-been. His musical career was over. The original Band Aid single was a collaborative effort between him and Midge Ure who actually wrote a decent song. This was Geldof’s last shot and when it paid off he ditched Midge quite early on and took all the credit for himself. The money raised went largely into the wrong pockets and perpetuated the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia which means that more people actually died. People have since questioned how Sir Bob got so rich. He and Bono are very rich people, to the extent that U2 now have their business located in Holland to avoid tax in Ireland. They should both write a nice big cheque, say a million pounds, which they can both afford and then invite the public to follow their example. Charity starts at home after all.

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