Black Men In Crisis: Mike GLC Plans To Sue Former X Factor Judge Tulisa Over Drug Sting Case


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Regular Mad News readers already know this story inside and out. Now check out the latest RIDICULOUS installment.

Mike GLC (real name Michael Coombs) has revealed to “high brow” publication Star News that he wants to sue former friend Tulisa Contostavlos for defamation of character.

The rapper said:

Tulisa has done nothing to help me clear my name. I had to plead guilty, so now in the eyes of the public I’m a drug dealer. I was loyal to her but I feel like she manipulated me. 

Deep down she will know this is just. She’ll understand everything I am doing, but in public she will do what she usually does – act like she’s the female boss and like she doesn’t give a s**t.

Mike GLC

Mike GLC

“I had to plead guilty” 

Yes Mike you had to plead guilty because you were caught on camera  selling a Class A drug to an undercover reporter in a hotel room (we watched the transaction go down), and you later pleaded guilty to supplying cocaine. 

24-year-old Tulisa did not put a gun to your 36-year-old dome. You were fool fool and should have exercised better judgement when it came to Tulisa and her crew.

Has he forgotten that the trial collapsed and he walked away a free man? 

Anyway, nothing will come of this quest to clear his name and he won’t receive a penny from Tulisa.

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  1. Lol he just doesn’t stop. He’s upset because he feels tulisa tarnished his reputation, but he routinely brags about a life drugs, crime and guns in his tracks.

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