Black British Web Drama: Wasteman Diaries – (My Thoughts…)


Wasteman Diaries is a short comedy drama written by @OfficialKojo, produced by Jazz Lintott and directed @SheridanDeMyers.

Wasteman Diaries is about a guy called Nathan played by actor Nick D Sagar (Ill Manors) whose been released from jail and has lost everything he previously had. His house, money, friends & his mother. Unknown to the women, he uses them from one day to the next, just to keep a roof over his head and himself in order until he’s back on his feet. This movie also stars Kimberly Jaraj, Verona Rose, Oyinka Yusuff, Imogen Hudson Karis Weller and comedian Kojo.

Today a friend reminded me via email that this drama was now available to watch on YouTube and wrote ‘notice anything about the female characters?’. Intrigued, I clicked on the link and watched.


I wonder what the actresses thought after they watched this….

Writer, comedian and Capital XTRA host Kojo clearly has serious issues with black women along with shadeism issues. I first noticed this several years ago when he would post questionable tweets about the black female contestants who appeared on the hit ITV 1 dating show ‘Take Me Out’.

Now we have ‘Wasteman’ Diaries’ where Kojo depicts black women (dark-skinned) as being the most undesirable human beings to ever walk the face of the earth, while their Caucasian counterparts are depicted as being the desirable ones who are easy to get in to bed (there is no balance here whatsoever).

And please don’t get me started on the young actress cast to play Kojo’s younger sister. Just LAUGHABLE. Really Kojo???


Dark skinned ‘Wasteman Diaries’ creator Kojo

Kojo’s deep rooted issues with black women (especially those who share the same skin tone as him), along with his own self hatred is there for everyone to see on the screen. He is supposed to be a comedian but I don’t believe the way those characters were depicted came from a good/humorous place. No, I believe that both depictions came from a spiteful/hateful place.

If it hadn’t been for that mess I probably would have enjoyed ‘Wasteman Diaries’

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  1. Kojo must really hate his mother and the other females in his family, women who look like the characters portrayed. smh

  2. I noticed it myself watching this a few days ago, but what can I say? It is what it is. In fairness to Kojo, the Black women on take me out were usually dogs. No man, no honest man at least can deny that.

  3. Dogs really? Does that also go for the other women who appear on Take Me Out? Or is that term just reserved for the black women who appear on the show who are far from being “dogs”! I can’t…

  4. The harsh reality is that the black women who appeared on Take Me Out were amongst the most unattractive of all the female contestants. Let not beat around the bush here.

  5. Kojo is a prick. I laughed at his role of Jermaine as the brother to Gemma, they must be step siblings *straight face*.
    None of the women were portrayed positively tbh, but I agree there was zero balance black = ugly, repulsive, motherly (spending money, cooking) white = attractive, hard working (both were shown as working), highly sexed but desirable.

  6. Looool I’ve noticed anytime a black man refuses to call a black female monstrosity a ‘beautiful black queen’ he instantly has terms such as ‘lost’ ‘self-hater’ ‘brain-washed’ thrown at him by black women and is accused of hating his own mother. Would a white man receive a similar response from white women if he said Vanessa felts looks like a beach whale?

    I find it all very amusing to be honest.

  7. @chris Llody, when you say the black women on Take Me Out are ugly, by what standards are you judging them by?

  8. The same standard I judge every woman by. What standard do you judge men by?

    Seriously though, I am not here to bash black women. I’m not about that. I’m stating facts, keeping it treal. The black women on Take Me Out were not attractive. If they were I would happily say so, but they weren’t. They looked like reserves off the Ghanian football team. Not even the black male contestants were picking them and I don’t blame ’em. Then again, you would probably say they’re ‘lost’ individuals who hate their mothers.

  9. Your claiming that the black women on the show (Take Me Out ) are ugly. So clearly you are judging them by a specific beauty standard. I’m intrigued to know what constitutes as ugly to you? If they are unattractive to you personally, then that’s fine, but your statement implies that their beauty is measured by a standard that is comparative of the other women on the show. Given the fact the women on TMO are European/Caucasian, you clearly judge black women with an African/black aesthetic against women with a European aesthetic, which makes no sense, unless you yourself are of the European/Caucasian aesthetic? But if you cant see beauty in someone who has an aesthetic which is closer to your own, then maybe you need to examine what determines your ideas of beauty. People are generally influenced by whats shoveled down their throats, so maybe your easily led by certain deliberate cues put out by this very Western media of what we are told is beautiful.

  10. Nothing new with this video! There are predators always trawling looking for bait….women and men. This guy, although good looking, was like so many Black men today with no direction. He was in prison, released and at no time did I hear anything about a job search. The film maker’ obsession with white, or light skinned women, was all too obvious and perpetuates all of the classic stereotypes; “If you’re white, you’re alright; if you’re brown, stick around; if you’re black get ‘way back!” I don’t know about this Kojo as I’m on the other side of the “pond” but I hope, if he makes more films, that he does better than this.

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