Jaja Soze Interviews Former Brixton Gang Girl Tracey Miller (Video)


I have said in previous posts that I do understand why some people may have a problem with Tracey, because she does come across as being quite nonchalant (body language and tone of voice) when discussing her past. In this interview, you do get the feeling that she does miss her days causing havoc on the streets of Brixton with the Younger 28s and the notoriety that came with it.

Tracey seems to want to drive home the point that the Younger 28s were “serious guys” and not “moist” (soft). She speaks the truth, the Younger 28s were murderers, rapists, thieves and drug dealers.

“I believe that I’ve created a platform where a couple guy’s that I’ve mentioned in the book, they can step up and tell their own stories and do what I’m doing.”

We don’t need to be flooding the mainstream media with any more of these types of stories. When the media chooses to pick up on these types of stories it’s not because they want to “help”, they have their own agenda and that agenda does not benefit the black community.  If the individuals mentioned in your book want to tell their story, then they should find a way to do that behind the scenes with little fanfare.

Younger 28 Beaver, who also plans to flog us a book on gang life says “the Younger 28s, we just opened up the door blud”. Yes Beaver you are right, you all did open up a door. A door that opened and led the next generation down a path towards death and destruction.Good luck with that book .

CLICK HERE to read my Sour review.

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  1. I’m curious about what all the hype is with this book. I’m thinking I might just purchase this book myself.

    The younger 28’s era happened before my time, but I did hear a few familiar names in this interview.

  2. Like you Chris I am curious to read the book too. She is around the same age as me. I grew up in South London, and I am very familiar with the Y28s and what they were about. Some of my closest friends are related to some of them.

    To be honest I am too also sick and tired of reading or viewing programmes or films about gang life. As black people we do have other stories to tell, but of course the only reason why the negativity is sold, is due to the mainstream media’s agenda. I am sure if she was writing a book about her life after gangs, and moving on in a positive direction, the co-writer and publishers would not have been interested.

  3. I get really frustrated with things like this I really do. But my main frustration is with the black community there are people making good films and books but they are not getting deals because they won’t make money. This is because the black community only support gang or violent culture ie Top Boy it was pulling in huge ratings and films like adulthood but that’s because we support it. This may be because so many of us have experience of this life.

    As for the 28s they shouldn’t be glamoroised I used to know a few of them, some of them grew up without mothers, or had mothers who had mental issues, drug fulled fathers or a rep to live up too etc but I still don’t agree with there behaviour. Many of them have children who are now youngers and doing the exact same thing.

    I’m glad madnews gave an honest opinion of the book and I was going to post on a previous post but was shocked to see how many people supported her because she changed her life but many people wouldn’t say anything about her victims.

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