UK News: Lord Boateng Joins Call To Ban Controversial ‘Exhibit B’ (Human Zoo) Exhibition

Lord Boateng

Lord Boateng

It has been confirmed that Lord Boateng has joined calls to ban the controversial exhibition ‘Exhibit B’ (Human Zoo), scheduled to run at the Barbican in London this month.

Sara Myers, who set up an online petition calling for the exhibition to be banned posted the following update:

Greetings All,

I can confirm that Lord Boateng has written to the Chief executive of the Barbican and that he will also be speaking with Keith Vaz who is the Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

‪#‎boycottthehumazoo‬ Mass Picket The Show Must Not Go On!
Every evening starting on Tuesday 23rd September ending on Saturday 27th 2014.

Please assemble at the main stepped entrance to Waterloo Station London SE1 8SW for 5.30 pm.

The picket will finish at 10 pm each evening.

Please spread the word using #boycottthehumazoo and follow @boycotthumanzoo or for updates visit us on:
For more information visit

Behaviours: This picket is a peaceful protest and we ask that you give full cooperation and compliance with all stewards instructions.

One Love, one order.
You are reminded that the area is saturated with CCTV coverage.


Created by South African artist Brett Bailey and his company Third World Bunfight, Exhibit B focuses mainly on the racist practices of 19th and 20th–century colonial Europe, from human zoos to ethnographic displays, re-creating them with contemporary performers of African descent. By all accounts, the piece is brutal, as performers literally stand in for Africans who were abused by Europeans in all manner of ways — from a woman kept chained to a bed by a French officer for sex to a slave forced to wear a metal mask covering his face, with a pin running through his tongue. [Source].

South African artist Brett Bailey

South African artist Brett Bailey

Reparationist, community advocate and radio Broadcaster Esther Stanford-Xosei (below) explains why the exhibition is racist and tells us why it should be banned, not just in London, but the rest of the world.

Let’s hope Lord Boateng’s involvement puts more pressure on the necks of those involved in this exhibition and the Barbican.

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