GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2014 (The Good, The Bad And The Pointless)

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair

Yesterday I came across a short article that revealed  newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had just flown in to the UK. At first I wondered why those two muppets were in the country and then it suddenly all made sense. 

Last night GQ Magazine hosted another lavish and laughable ‘pat on the back’ ceremony, this time honoring the “GQ man”. 

Check out the winners list below.

Hugo Boss Most Stylish Man

Douglas Booth – Never heard of him


Lewis Hamilton – I pay absolutely no attention to motor racing, but if GQ wants to give Lewis an award then who am I to argue. I know his auntie Nicole Scherzinger is proud. 

Actor of the Year

Benedict Cumberbatch – Posh boy Benedict’s backside must be sore from the amount of kissing that goes on.

Entrepreneur of the Year

Andre Balazs – Never heard of him.

Special Achievement

Paolo Nutini – Okay… so I will need for someone at GQ to explain this one. 

Vertu Breakthrough

Jamie Dornan – Never heard of him.


Van Morrison – Fair enough. Van has been making music and selling millions of records for decades.

Solo Artist of the Year

Pharrell Williams – Congratulations Mr “New Black” Williams.

Leading Man of the Year

Colin Firth – A predictable choice.

Humanitarian of the Year

Ringo Starr – This year organisers  just wanted a surviving Beatle in attendance. 

Woman of the Year

Kim Kardashian West – Take millions of selfies of yourself on a daily basis, give birth to a cute baby, walk around with a vacant expression on your face at all times, pose naked for an up coming British GQ spread, and you too can win ‘Woman of the Year’.   


Iggy Pop – Iggy  was born around the same time Noah started drawing up the plans to build the ark. He deserves the ‘Icon’ award. 

Comedian of the Year

John  Bishop – My mum is a fan. 

Editor’s Special

Liam Neeson – Oh please!

Chef of the Year

Tom Kerridge – Never heard of him.

Designer of the Year

Christopher Bailey – Never heard of him. 

International Man of the Year

Jonah Hill –  Why?

Writer of the Year

Michael Lewis – I am not familiar with his work.

Philanthropist of the Year

Tony Blair – It’s good to see war criminals winning awards. Next up George W Bush.

Breakthrough Fashion Designers of the Year

Agi and Sam – Never heard of them.

TV Personality of the Year

Peter Capaldi – Brilliant actor but I CANNOT STAND Dr Who. Even as a child I hated the Doctor. 


Ewan Venters – Never heard of him.


New Order – New Order has inspired a lot of artists/bands over the years. They deserve this award.

And there you have it! The good, the bad and the pointless. 

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