DJ Robbo Ranx Leaves BBC 1Xtra, Says “The Current Failure Of Black Music On 1Xtra Isn’t By Accident”


Last week Dancehall DJ Robbo Ranx said goodbye to “black music” (I use that term VERY loosely) station BBC 1Xtra, after 12 years of service.

Earlier this year it was announced that the station had axed Robbo’s popular radio show (Click here to read).

After officially signing off Robbo posted this parting message. 


In the words of Bounty Killer – “Lawd a mercy”.

I have heard via the Twitter streets that Robbo has some big things coming up on the horizon. One of them being  Robbo Ranx Radio, which will launch in October. 

 Onwards and upwards sir. 

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  1. After the fiasco with the ‘Radio 1xtra so called ‘power-list’ I am not surprised the management called time on Robbo Ranx’s tenure. My face book comment 27th July 14 Where is the real BBCRADIO1XTRA’s POWERLIST.. LET’S HEAR IT… if A couple of DJ’s can whore themselves to some music industry executives to produce a pseudo powerlist on a mainstream radio station. THEN I SUGGEST THE PRODUCERS OF BLACK MUSIC HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS INDUSTRY YOU DON’T NEED THEM. THE DILUTION OF ANYONE’S MUSICAL CULTURAL HERITAGE IS A FORM OF CENSORSHIP, FRAUD & EMBEZZLEMENT. KEEP YOUR DINOSAUR STATION WE DON’T NEED IT WE HAVE THE TECH. TO DO IT FOR OURSELVES. Any way the only way is up. Good Luck to Robbo Ranx onwards and upwards.

  2. Just how black is Britain….?

    Just last week I saw newspaper pictures of dancers in the Notting Hill Carnival and thought to myself… This ain’t Carnival no mo’. Just like all innovations forged from Negro Culture.. we are being robbed and rebranded in some watered down version of ourselves. Or is this a valid attempt at cultural integration, removing the ‘fear factor’ commonly associated with our culture.

    Maybe this the return of ‘Blaxploitation’ ??, probably… but hey, our Caucasian brothers have been doing this for centuries… (we are profitable)

    I commend ROBBO for taking this stance and shall we see whether ‘The Man’ will try to thwart his achievements.. and future successes.

    Don’t forget…this is the same BBC that used to broadcast ‘The Black & White Minstrel Show’, but they don’t need people to put the blackout make-up on their faces anymore, they have us to recruit.

    It’s your choice…. Work in the FIELD or the HOUSE, it won’t change a damn thing.


  3. I’m glad for Robbo Ranx, 1xtra is being watered down everyday. Everyday I hear black people moan but the question is what are we going to do about it?

  4. Snotty little Brit school fakes got the stage look at drum and bass show chrisspiss never heard of him or his wack tunes its like havering shit on toast rather than butter he is not even marg sell out station and Charlie sloth who is he give people real represent like Rodney p not these fake black geezers who are as real as plastic bags there candles u burn and create another after Westwood has to be mr p and after groove and fabio u got j j frost bukem hype Randall Micky Finn real stone cold djs wake up

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