UK News: Teens Found Guilty Of Stabbing Man With Learning Difficulties To Death

 (L-R) Mensah, Beresford, Jones and Leiba

(L-R) Michael Mensah, Ryan Beresford, Jamal Jones and Miquel Leiba

Via The Voice

Four teenagers have today been found guilty of killing a vulnerable man with learning difficulties during a robbery attempt.

Jamal Jones, 17, of Acton, Michael Mensah, 18, Miguel Lieba, 17, both of Greenford, and Ryan Beresford, 19, of Acton, were convicted at the Old Bailey for their roles in the death of Dean Mayley.

The 24-year-old, who had a mental age of nine due to a brain disorder, was walking home along Ruislip Road on February 7, 2014, when he was spotted by the defendants.

The group had been cruising the streets in Mensah’s Fiat Punto looking for victims to rob at knifepoint.

It is believed Dean, who suffered from microcephaly, was singled out because he was alone and wearing a distinctive North Face jacket.

While Mensah pulled over Jones, Leiba and Beresford got out.

Jones, the ringleader, threatened Dean with a knife while Leiba and Beresford blocked the young man from escaping.

It’s thought Dean’s condition meant he didn’t readily understand what was happening and so didn’t hand over any of his property during the confrontation.

Jones then stabbed him straight into his heart before all three ran off back to the car.

Dean staggered into the street and collapsed. Continue Reading…..


Victim: Dean Mayley

Cruising the streets in a Fiat Punto looking for victims… what a sad bunch of low lives. 

BBC News just reported that as the verdicts were read out, the murderous scum bags began wailing and had to be removed from the dock while the judge adjourned sentencing to 2 October.

Cow bawling in the dock. Not so tough now. 

Rest In Peace Dean Mayley.

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