Michael Brown: The Cover Up Begins…. (Video)


Last Saturday (August 9) unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, 18, was shot dead by a police officer in Ferguson, St. Louis, Missouri. Since then riot police have confronted protesters in Ferguson with tear gas and rubber bullets.


As tensions rose during the week,  the authorities were forced to reveal the name of the officer involved in the shooting (Darren Wilson), but then followed up with the random release of suspect video surveillance footage, allegedly showing Michael Brown robbing a convenience store minutes before he was shot dead.

Watch the beginnings of a police cover up.

Since the fatal shooting  the police have been on a mission to tarnish the public’s perception of  Michael, and their story surrounding his death keeps on conveniently changing.

I’m afraid that the fight for truth and justice is going to be a long and torturous one for Michael’s family. 

Rest In Peace Michael Brown.

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  1. Anytime these things happen I’m alway careful not to judge the incident at the face of things and wait until further information is available before drawing a conclusion. More times than not, there’s always more to the story than what first appears. I’m no fan of the police, but I’m not blind to the fact that many of us in the Black community provoke these altercations with police then scream police brutality when it gets on top.



    His behaviour in that store robbery only gives more credibility to those versions of events.

  2. plus the officer who shot him had no knowledge of him being a “suspect” in a “robbery”. The police don’t need to be provoked. Some will beat and blow your head off without provocation. That is what happened to Michael Brown.

  3. If a 6 foot 4, 19 stone, 18 year old man charges at an armed police officer trying to wrestle him for his gun, then I’m sorry to say, he got what was coming to him. The autopsy seems to support the police officers version, neither have I heard any reports of Mike Brown’s parents or their lawyer denying that was him in the video footage. If Mike Brown and his friend had obeyed the officer and walked on the pavement like every other civilised member of society, none of this would have happened.

    Things are still unclear at the moment, so I’ll wait until further information comes to light before drawing a conclusion. Sorry, but I’m not about to support a violent criminal aggressor who provoked his own death just because his Black and his alleged murderer is a police man.

  4. I’m not naive at all. I’m aware of the monstrosities police routinely get away with, especially in the UK. The case with PC Alex MacFarlane being one of them and even the Mark Duggan case. But with every case I try to be unbiased and think objectively and with this case, the end result may have been warranted.

  5. @Chris Lloyd
    Respect to you if you want to be unbiased and think objectively with every case but you may need to work on that, you seemed to have made up your mind that Mike Brown had it coming to him and is a “aggressive thug” in some of your comments.

    I do understand if you do not want to support or get behind Mike Brown directly if you don’t know the full case or him (which is the same for some people in England with Mark Duggan) but surely you can understand and support the issues what many Americans are going through right now? how many people have been killed unarmed by the police in america in the last month? is it easy for them to be unbiased and think objectively on each case?

    And of course there are people of all races and genders who provoke officers and if they have to have handcuffs tightened or spend a extra couple of days behind the bars for it then good, but lets be clear there is a difference between teaching a lesson and absolute brutality which may end in death or not.

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