BBC Newsnight: Debate – Should Ed Sheeran Top BBC 1Xtra ‘Power List?’ (Video)

Most influential in black music Ed Sheeran

Voted the most important in black music Ed Sheeran

In case you missed it, last night BBC Newsnight featured a segment regarding the controversial ‘Power List’ that black music radio station BBC 1xtra published over the weekend (Click here to read all about it)

Watch Newsnight below.

Let’s hope that 1xtra rewards XO Man (Ed’s friend) for his  spineless contribution to this debate.

This tweet basically sums up my thoughts on XO Man’s contribution to this debate.

Contributor Simone Bresi-Ando and rapper Akala should have been in the studio discussing this matter. 

As for Neil McCormick’s remark that the biggest FRAUD to ever grace the rap scene (Iggy Azalea) is the “biggest female rapper the world’s ever seen” (Note: XO Man doesn’t correct him), up until that point Neil I was with you.  

The sad thing is, the time will come when the bigwigs over at BBC 1xtra decide it’s time to clean house again.  Those defending this list and coming up with all manner of excuses will no doubt be singing a different tune then.

The wake up call will be brutal. 


Shaun The Sheep

I have to give props to Wiley though. He is the only one speaking out, proving he has a backbone.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. Always get the oppressed to argue that all is fair in love and war? I’m sorry but that’s a ridiculous statement. Who’s being oppressed? Weather you agree with XO man or not, he has a right to an opinion and to state that opinion. I don’t agree with that list myself, but there’s too much of a racial bias here. I remember listening to Eminem as kid growing. His Marshal Mathers LP is a classic hip hop album. Eminem is one of the most influential hip hop artist in hip hop history regardless of his skin colour. Is Soulja boy more influential than Eminem in ‘urban’ music because his Black? It should be a question of talent and musical ability, not race.

  2. All of what happened is BBC’s own doing. They messed up the publicity of the list, there DJ’s tried to make out that everyone was stupid for judging the list based on HMV’s list and then when they had the chance to clear things up their own people BBC Newsnight continued the same line. They can blame no one else.
    And i noticed how the media (with help from BBC 1xtra’s staff) made out that all this was about black people being pissed at a couple of white faces on the list and Wiley V Ed Sheeren.

    Newsnight had the chance to speak to people about the other issues and they cut the convo with them down to 2 mins or less and decided to have two people in the studio who wanted to carry on the same agenda of black people v Ed Sheeran.

  3. @Chris Lloyd

    You think this is just about a ‘Power List’ What has happened here is bigger than that. Your comment and reference to Eminem is enough to tell me that years will have to pass before you truly understand what is going on here.

  4. Yeah yeah yeah the powers the be are trying to white wash Black music and push the originators (Black people) out. Yeah heard it all before.

  5. @Chris Lloyd, yeah yeah, you keep hearing it because it’s true, white people have an agenda that they continue to push, just like in boxing when they wanted the great white hope.

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