Romeo Clarke with mother Georgina

Romeo Clarke with mother Georgina

Five year old Romeo Clarke has been banned from attending a church run club because he likes to wear princess dresses.

Little Romeo has a collection of 100 gowns and eight pairs of high-heel shoes which he likes to wear. But the St Marie’s Catholic Primary School in Rugby, Warwickshire, told him he was ‘upsetting and confusing’ the other children. 

Via The Metro

Mother Georgina, 36, has lodged a complaint with the church claiming they are discriminating against her son.

The mother of four said: ‘I was so cross when I was told, I was speechless. All I could ask was ‘‘why?’’ Wearing the dress is his choice and if wearing it makes him happy it’s fine with me.

‘This is not a case of him being trapped in a girl’s body.

‘He’s normal but because he has three big sisters, he likes wearing dresses. What’s wrong with that?’

His father Winston Morris, 42, a builder, added: ‘I don’t care if he wears the dress. He can be whatever he wants to be.’

Three weeks ago Ms Clarke was approached by the organisers of the group telling her Romeo was no longer welcome.

Mrs Bex Venables, the minister in training at the Rugby Christian Fellowship yesterday defended the decision.

‘Georgina’s son is still allowed to attend Buzz Children’s Club but has been asked to wear clothing of the gender stated on his registration form, which states male,’ she said.

‘This request is no different from what is asked by his school, where he wears a boy’s uniform.’


His parents have bought him 100 gowns and eight pair of high heel shoes!!! Are they planning on entering him in to a pageant or did his mother secretly want another daughter? 

He is a young boy so it is possible that he is influenced by his older sisters tastes in clothing, but 100 GOWNS… Georgina and Winston you really have money to burn.

Anyway his parents should not be surprised by the club’s reaction. This was never going to fly at a children’s club run by the Catholic church or any other faith based environment for that matter. 

I look at his mother and can’t help but question her motives for going to the press with this story, and the decision to allow photographs of her son wearing different dresses to be published in this fashion.

Is this really about fighting  discrimination or just about generating some publicity for herself via her 5-year-old son?


Your thoughts please….

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  1. ha, ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha…..the parents are jokers. He is going to murder his parents when he gets older for having him plastered all over national media in them dresses.

    Man, i needed that laugh today, pure comedy. thanks.

  2. I guess this maybe one of those kids that may get a sex change later or grow to be a cross dresser but that pose in the bottom pic is straight home training, loooooool. She could of let the little boy live his life like this without the whole of England seeing it. The mum looks like one of them mad pageant mums whose role model is Katie Price….and i wonder what the dads excuse is for not being in the pictures with both of them?

  3. She is looking her 15 mins of fame and using her son to get it. She looks like a has been glamour model.

    According to the Metro builder Winston is fine with it. But I too did wonder why he wasn’t photographed

  4. looooool yeah the mum wants her 5 mins of fame. There is no way the Dad wants to get involved with this, his family are probably pissed about this being in the paper already.

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