Hundreds of protesters (mainly women) have marched through the Nigerian capital of Abuja, to press for the release of 230 schoolgirls abducted by militants two weeks ago.

“The government should, if necessary, negotiate with their captors to secure their release”, a protester said. The Islamist group Boko Haram has been blamed for abducting the girls from their school in Chibok, Borno state”

“Most of the 234 Borno schoolgirls in Boko Haram captivity have been ferried abroad to Chad and Cameroon after they were married off to sect members on N2,000 bride price each”, an elder told Daily Trust yesterday.

The female students were taken from their hostels at the Government Girls Secondary School Chibok on the night of April 14. About 40 had escaped in the days after the incident, but parents and school authorities said at least 234 of them were yet to be found.

Dr. Pogu Chibok, who is the leader of the Chibok Elders Forum, told Daily Trust yesterday that “latest information available to them indicates that most of the girls have been taken to the neighbouring Cameroon and Chad by their captors.”

I am so angry right now.  I don’t even want to think about what those poor girls must be going through right now. 

The authorities  seem to want to sweep this terrible incident under the carpet and think that ‘kind words’ and talk of prayer is going to calm distraught family members down.   WRONG. FIND THOSE GIRLS!

President Goodluck Jonathan doesn’t seem to be doing a damn thing! Why is that???

Also many mainstream media outlets seem to be ignoring this story but thank God for those active on social media, who are now putting pressure on the Nigerian government and forcing the world to pay attention. 

Call For Military Rescue Of Kidnapped Nigerian School Girls – Sign online petition.

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  1. i agree, thank god for bloggers & independent conscientious reporters as i am starting/having too realize that European/American media don’t care for Africa or Asia unless they have money in it.

    I do hope they are found safe and returned and then after that, Nigerians home & abroad are going to have to see this as (another) sign of what kind of leadership they have and look for change very swiftly (peacefully).

  2. This is the kind of thing that makes me really mad, whenever black people exclude white people you get white people talking it isn’t about race and things like we’re all human beings, but actions speak louder than words, why isn’t this in the British media. These girls are human beings. Imagine if this happened in the US or Australia with white girls this would be front pages news. Shameful, and what the hell is Goodluck doing? They need to step up and find these girls.

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