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  1. For someone to be sentence to life in prison without a body, then the substantial evidence were more than good enough to found them guilty. The content of their phone conversations alone was an admission to the crime. This will send out a strong message to the would be killers, that you can run but you cannot hide. Am hoping at the next appeal, the judge will add more years on to his present one.

    Looking at this set of uneducated,ignorant and fools protesting against his sentence makes me wonder. What was this little idiot teaching them for him to become a teacher ? Pure slackness, He said in one of his interviews that he doesn’t allow his own kids to listen to his songs, then that alone speaks volume. All this little idiot does is to spread pure rubbish and slackness that pollutes the environment. He set no high standard and was NEVER a good role model to the young ones. He is NOT conductive to society, hence I am happy he’s behind bars. One lest nuisance in society.

    What I also fail to understand is that Vybz Kartel is an intelligent person but yet he lack wisdom and understanding. Over the years Jamaica has seen and heard too much slackness and violent from these so-call entertainers who is a law unto themselves, and it’s full time to put a stop to all these madness.The music industry have a part to play also. They gives their slackness airplay on the radios and telly, no wonder other countries ban Jamaican music and refuse from entertaining them on their shores.

    These are some of the reasons why Jamaicans are hated aboard. They are hardly giving airplay to conscious music, luckily Bob Marley had set the foundations for conscious music and some other artist follows. I am hoping they will lack him ass in prison and throw away the key for good, when he’s away there’s less pollution in the air.Now who is the WORLD BOSS now ? The laws that governs the country.

  2. Now that he’s in prison, there’s no need for him to bleach his skin any more because I reckon he will be hardly seeing any sunlight. Because of fame, a lot of people lost their identity and hoping to look like their slave master. If they had given him bail in the first place, then he would have left the country for good. Happy the authority was a step ahead of him and his cronies.

  3. Monika while I agree with you on some points it’s sounds like you have an underlying hatred for him.

  4. its not shores; its shows…
    and you dont have to b educated to be a tcha; Even informal education had teachers let alone a dancehall star like vybz kartel

  5. its not shores; its shows…
    and you dont have to b educated to be a tcha; Even informal education had teachers let alone a dancehall star like vybz kartel

  6. Vybz Kartel. A closeted homosexual misogynist, who even if he lived in San Fransisco wouldn’t come out of the closet. So everybody around him has to suffer. I wouldn’t blame “Monika” if she had an underlying hatred of the man. It’s obvious that he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder…symptoms consisting of Jealousy, cowardice, faux intelligence, never wanting to mingle with intelligent people, thus surrounding themselves and appealing to those who are also not intelligent or have low self esteem. Narcissists also find it very hard to stray from the very narrow views that they have of life and have no empathy.
    They have no original ideas and are quite comfortable with wearing a mask which slips often, but due to the people that usually stay by their side (yes men/women or people deep in the progress of Stockholm Syndrome) they are rarely called to account. The people who DO call these types to account usually have the good sense to know that they must also stay far from them
    This “intelligence” that people talk about in relation to Kartel is not intelligence. The man is just a Jamaican that has the skill to be able to string together words in standard English and those, who are also not intelligent putting them in enough order as to convince them that they are intelligent. Thus I can make my other point about Narcissists. They know the “gallery” that they should play to. Kartel knows the typpe of mindset of those world wide who “ride or die” for him. He has never kept anybody with a different opinion than his around him. How is that “intelligent”? Paranoia and out of control, yet fragile ego (for such a big greytone man) is not a sign of intelligence. Not being cool enough to let at least some of the cards in this case fall where they may, is not intelligent. The man recorded all of his phone calls and made videos of sexual and criminal shenanigans so as to black mail those who stupidly gave him their fronts and carried out criminality on his behalf (male as well as female), not realising that he was also incriminating himself.
    Too many of we black people are too impressed by “hood rats” who can smooth talk. This has something to do with our collective self esteem problem about “impressing white people”. Kartel for those same kind of mindset of black people (who have a tendency not to judge if these show offs have integrity or a moral core are usually the whingers and the enablers of nuff effery that is carried out in our worldwide “communities”. Thus we blame Whitey, the “system”, the “man” when one of these cruffs (who, if we knew them we would be treated badly by worser than any slave master) is rightly jerked up and punished for behaviour that is usually not a first time occurrence.

    I’m reminded of the stereotypical low self esteemed black male who wants what the white man apparently has, but is too lacking in focus and delayed self gratification to sit his rusty tail the eff on down and focus. Then he blames black women for his lot, then ends up with a racist white woman (she has to be racist to listen to all that anti black woman bile and low self esteemed enough to gain validation from it) who he treats like a mother who gives him sexual favours and is as overburdened as the black women who he ran away from.
    If Kartel was British, or living in a majority white country, he would be one of these kind of Black man. When shit goes wrong for them, they can’t be accountable so have to bring every body else down with them.
    Has anybody seen in the entertainment business, the likes of Kartel who can’t get along with his peers, beat ups his male colleagues (like boys) sexually intimidates the idiot females who hang around him, gets people murdered because of missing guns and threats to blow his down low cover, yet we are supposed to believe in his intelligence and innocence?
    I really do believe that being a Kartel (the man) fan is a sign of the character of the person who proclaims it. Nuttin’ nuh gud ’bout him. Yeah. I’m a hater. God forgive me!

  7. * Sorry about some of the missing brackets and such in my essay. I had to let off when I saw the comment about MONIKA having “underlying hatred” for Kartel, as if that is a wrong emotion to have.
    A dem same kind a people love seh “only God can judge”. Usually because they have yet to forgive themselves for any wrong that they have done, but expect forgiveness from those that they have done wrong.
    Them love project, too much, play smart then downplay the ting when they are caught out. Renk!

  8. In response to Anthony. I certainly don’t have any hatred in my heart for absolutely anyone but the truth have a way of hurting some people. Even though we hardly trust Jamaica’s legal justice system, but in this case the evidence were always against him, let’s not forget that years ago if someone is charge for murder, then the police have to have a body, but things and time has change over the years that circumstantial evidence is what governs cases of this nature. Moral compass is what determine right from wrong, hence there’s no reason for us to condone any murderers. The severity of the sentence should conveys a strong message that criminality will not be tolerated and the perpetrator should and must expect to held accountable. One should have the right to live free from fear and the stress violence.

    As for Sparkle reply, I truly understand you very well and see how well you analyse the likes of the so-call Wolr Boss, you sums it up quite nicely, am loving the terms you use as “HOOD RATS” , these fools are trying to conform society and as you rightfully mention that people of this calibre only accommodate people lower than themselves, hence they cannot communicate with people who are more intelligent than they are.Maybe thinking he could outsmart the legal system. Let him rot in jail, that’s where he belongs, if he was such a good and decent citizen, then he would show it in his character.

    Even if it was my brother who had committed such crime, he would have to suffer the consequences for his action. He is neither a license fire arm holder or in the force or the army, hence the purpose of him hoarding a deadly weapon means something else. I would also wish the judge would order each and every ( so- call fans ) protesters to be thrown into jail and have them checked out by a psychiatrist, but then again as fool as they are, they do have their rights of opinion, but it should be pouring down with rain on that day aslo.

  9. What a sad world we live in that some of us (as humans) are desperate for a role model or hero to speak up in the middle of so much corruption & lies by people who are meant to act for the good of us that some of us will look up to any old person that may appeal to our slight interest & follow them blindly.

    I agree with everyone about what is going on but lets not slate to many Jamaicans in this. To me, every time something happens in Jamaica & everyone is in uproar the Jamaican media always interviews the same people from the same social backgrounds. It would be like interviewing anyone from the poorest or working class area’s of London, Manchester or Glasgow about something that gets them fired up & then expect them to say or think anything clear & intelligent.

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