‘The Big Questions’ debate on reparations aired on Sunday (March 23).

This has to be the first time in living memory that a discussion of this nature has taken place on British television where a black person has brought up some uncomfortable truths and put forward their views without being constantly interrupted, shouted down and patronised.

Well done to Esther Stanford -Xosei who presented a brilliant case for reparations and schooled the nation.


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  1. Tymusic :
    This had my heart beating……….. Well done Esther…… I never seen that explained so well on British tv….

    Esther shut down the entire audience
    The man that said “we should light a candle” have several seats!!!

  2. This big issue when it comes to talking about the drama of slavery is that we don’t debate with the people who are responsible. We do an autoflagellation with bro.and sis. who thing they have the right to speak on behalf of the respondants of the slave traders. We must first stop justifying the genocide of our people. We cannot move on this problem. We must address it as the jew people do for their problem.

  3. Yes, Esther was brilliant, and I find it so interesting that in spite of the clarity of her arguments people just dont get it! ^ to the above, my quotes of the day “take several seats” and “autoflagellation”

  4. Watch Dr Joy Leary’s post traumatic slave syndrome to learn what really is happing out there. She deconstructs the last 500 years looking at how slavery affects everybody today.It’s of the scale. The lecture dated 2004 in Philly is exceptional, it’s changed me as a human being. Peace .wade

  5. in regards to the speaker at clip 7.31 of this video it is quite in nature for me to look at her self presentation that she is euro washed…She like many of us blacks care nothing of our culture in honor but to continue to speak dress and act in the will of our former slave masters…..

  6. Sista ester was speaking the truth, white people need to listen nothing but excuses and ridiculous forcifying of African history, people of all races DO NOT FORGET because until there is justice people of colour KINGS AND QUEENS NEVER WILL

  7. slavery is more prominent today than ever before ,the richest continent in the world has all the poorest people living on it ..and europe are the slave masters england /france/usa…plain and simple

  8. Wow. Black people who support this argument are the problem. The transmission of the slave syndrome that Esther talks of is transmitted by black people who are sustain negativity. No black child is born disadvantaged. But Esther’s attitude amounts to child abuse, because she is choosing to inscribe the idea that black children “suffer”, and so that black child grows up to believe they are disadvantaged. Pathetic. Black people ought to fight Esther, not support her. Make you’re place in life, and don’t believe you are still somehow affected by slavery TODAY.

  9. I think Esther put the arguement across very eloquently. What you saw being playing out before your eyes was the typical colonialist attitude! They just do NOT want to ‘get it’ as it is not benefical for them!

  10. as disgusting as it is regaurding what happened hundreds of years ago,,i don’t feel that we as a society today should pay for what happened way,way before any of us were even born,,lets move on and insure that nothing like that ever takes place again..

  11. Ester and the final person who spoke on the debate really wrapped up very well.

  12. Was she a slave? No. Is she a slave now? No. The scars carried by people like Esther and her nature of not letting go of a foregone past only serve to make slavery an even worse issue. We don’t deserve to pay for the mistakes of the past, does Japan ask the United States to pay for the deaths caused by Hiroshima? No.
    Get that chip off your shoulder and integrate yourself into the 21st century.

  13. Kuz, people like you are the problem!

    I am so tired of the comparison between slavery and the holocast.
    Here’s a quick breakdown for the simpletons amongst us….

    1) Slavery lasted OVER 300 years
    2) Holocast lasted 4 years (I’m not down playing the severity, still 4 yrs too many!)
    3) Slaves were stripped of their names, religions & languages.
    4) The Jews HAVE recieved compensation (land & billions of dollars)
    5) The black community HAVE received nothing!

    The scars which remain are evident for all to see if their eyes are open!

    The status quo remains as it is today because of hundreds of years of FREE labour!
    And YOU feel we should brush it under the carpet? PLEASE!!

  14. What really pisses me off is that we’ll probably never see her on TV or hear her on the radio ever again, due to the fact she backed up her argument with FACTS they simply did not want to hear. For the people who keep saying “Move on” & “Get the chip off your shoulder”, we try to move on but we’re constantly reminded of it on a daily basis by a global media who will only show us in a negative light.. There are more black applicants applying to university in the uk than any other “race” …. FACT.. A positive article that was only published by two national news papers, one of which only published the article online..

  15. REPARATIONS~ It’s about our humanity being repaired & healing from what was/is the greatest inhuman un-natural, non-environment disaster of human capital life/human identity/personhood/labor upheaval/economic/environmental resource, land shift in history ever. Reparations is bigger than, just actual money per say, it would be the start of the much needed paradigm shift to true sovereignty, inclusion in laws, rules, governance, justice, freedom, balance, education, college tuitions, debts relief, correcting history, our own educational systems, social curriculums, cultural renaissance, physical healthcare, mental health, addictions, alcoholism, IMF loans & debt relief, non-colonial borders, land, natural resources, mines, ownerships, political prisoners, our own currency & economic systems, taxes, multi-country passports, dual-citizenships, return of cultural artifacts, etc, etc, etc…restoring balance & justice to the entire diasporic global family on the planet.

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