Vybz Cartel

Vybz Cartel

Yesterday Dancehall star Vybz Cartel (real name Adidja Palmer) was found guilty of murder.

Check out The Jamaica Gleaner’s news report.

“Free Kartel” 

“Free worl boss”

I am sorry but the people screaming the above and knocking down barricades in anger have got their priorities all wrong.

Jamaicans are facing a multitude of serious issues on a daily basis. Right now the Jamaican economy is struggling, there is extreme unemployment, rising costs, poverty (the list is endless) and politicians choose to sit back and do nothing.

But forget the important issues that they should be addressing, these people are more focused on going to ‘war’  over a bleached out mess of a man and a convicted murderer who cannot to anything for them apart from make a good Dancehall tune that they can wine their waists to.

My dad has a hilarious love/hate relationship with his homeland. I know he is down there just shaking his head in disbelief at the news footage and cussing the nonsense spewing from the mouths of Kartel supporters .

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  1. It isn’t just about a man who “cannot do anything for them apart from make a good Dancehall tune that they can wine their waists to”, he’s a man from the same place they are and represented them + hope for what someone can achieve despite their beginnings. He also made songs like “Poor People Land”, “Life Sweet” and “Something Aguh Happen” + vlogs on JPS taking the piss + a book on the realities in Jamaica. He’s more than music, he’s a voice expressing their interests and opinion. In the absence of conventional, political heroes, he’s a hero even if he is despised by many.

    Same way Jamaicans go out in droves to support Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann and Tessanne is the same way they turned up for Vybz Kartel. Different circumstances, but that’s just what some choose to do. The fact its in town means it’s a lot easier.

    Young people over here prefer to watch & tweet about US reality shows, support their favourite hip hop artists talking about their high-end lifestyle or riot for an alleged gang member, but don’t watch Question Time or know politicians despite high youth unemployment, increasing zero hour contracts, people going food banks, kids less likely to do what their parents did and being priced out of housing in London. You could say its the same thing, different location. This is the way of the world.

    Bit long lol, but hey. Doesn’t mean I agree or disagree with their actions, just explaining how it gets to the above. I think you’re point, while valid, was just a tad patronising and did an injustice to the people

    p.s. this video about the same plight you speak of has the most views (almost 30k) in the past 3 months. It’s on the same Jamaica Gleaner channel. Just because they care about Kartel doesn’t mean they don’t care about the reality.

  2. I get it you are a huge fan so feel free to defend Kartel to the death.

    However I don’t think my point was “patronising” nor did an “injustice to the people” running around losing their minds over this man Sparks. I just tell it like it is. But everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and we will have to agree to disagree on this matter.

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