Kanye West is just exhausting  and I worry about his mental health, but hats off to him for agreeing to do this interview, especially with the hilarious/brutal Charlamagne Tha God in the room.

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  1. This guy truly is exhausting no wonder Kim looks like a spaced out zombie these days, i just saw the interview he did with Sway,madness.

  2. He picked up all jay z’s bad habits. He can convince everybody that what he is doing is done out of art and justified. Everybody knows the Carters and their side kicks are materialistic. He has so much wealth between him and his baby mama and it is still not enough. He needs to lose all of it.

    He needs to stop blaming Amber for not having enough money to buy him presents when he single handedly picked her out of the strip club and started parading her like a trophy.

  3. That!…that was a good interview. Too many radio or TV interviews always go to far on the complements or the pity party thing but this was perfect. Charlamagne needs his own talk show, he represented people like me in that interview who was a big fan before but feel he has gone way off the tracks. He let him know why he hated the album point blank and still let him know what he thinks after the interview. And the fact that Angela Yee played the “nicey nicey” role and DJ Envy played the impartial role made it a good rounded interview.

    As for Kayne West….i will still say it’s either it’s all a act or he has definitely lost his way mentally. It’s not so much what he is talking about because he sure does make good points but it’s his delivery, he comes across like some mad scientist. Are people really going to take him or is message seriously if he acts this way??

    But at least Kayne West had the balls to go on the show (maybe he knew this was the only place that would not kiss his ass) and for once a mainstream rapper of his level can have a interview that involved talk about the industries (music, fashion, TV) way of still undercutting top level black people and not about who they are beefing with and any other minstrel show nonsense the others get up to (look at the interview with the Game on the breakfast club last year, typical foolery).

    Maybe next time he is in London, since he loves it so much, is to take some tips off Ty or Akala on how to deliver a message through music. Maybe then people will actually listen to what he is saying.

    Big up to Janice for linking us to the Breakfast club. Maybe a British version of this show should be started and hosted by Janice in the future??? loooool.

  4. I don’t think it’s his delivery that is the problem, it’s his motives. He has very selfish motives that have been contaminated by his peers, which makes his points not believable and rich people’s problems.

  5. Notice he didn’t turn up on Charlemagne…… Notice that…. Him and sway have a long term relationship so he choose who to spazzing out on…..!

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