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For the last few years, many travellers to Jamaica have seen a massive increase in airfares and a further reduction of their baggage allowances. The major airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are the only two commercial airlines which fly to Jamaica from the UK, and as a result, they have certainly used this opportunity to their advantage, but in contrast, a major disadvantage to passengers. This is nothing short of exploitation it is argued.


Destinations like the USA which takes approximately the same flying time as Jamaica have far cheaper rates of travel. In addition, destinations like Brazil, Ghana, Nigeria, etc. are still allowed two pieces of baggage each weighing 23kg or even 30kg. Clearly, the reduction of our allowance to and from Jamaica has nothing to do with safety, therefore, to charge us more for our flights and restricting us to a mere 23kg or to force us to pay the extortionate rates for extras is down-right immoral and unacceptable.

A family of four travelling to Jamaica during a school holiday is looking at an average of £7000 to cover airfare alone for the economy cabin. Each passenger is entitled only to one piece of luggage that weighs 23kg. When people travel to Jamaica one suitcase of 23kg is useless. Therefore you are forced to fork out an additional £35-£55 (on-line) or £40- £65(at the airport) for an extra baggage and a further £120 for adding another baggage. Therefore a   family of four may end up paying close to £8000 in total if they carry extra luggage, and spending money for the family is not added as yet.


After a community consultation meeting it was agreed that what is required is for the airfares to be lowered to around the £500.00 mark, and for the baggage allowances to revert to two suitcases and if this does not happen it was agreed that there will be a call to boycott both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic on key agreed month/s. This will continue until we achieve our objective as the only way they will listen and act is when financially they are affected.

We are asking you to sign this petition not just now but right now to register your support to this campaign to achieve the desired results.

“United We Stand and Success we will achieve”

I am glad this is being addressed. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are both KINGS of airfare extortion when it comes to flights to Jamaica, and have both been doing pretty well out of it for some time.

I remember some years back looking at ticket prices for flights going to Sydney, Australia and their rates were actually cheaper.

Hmmmmm…… anyway….


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  1. I hope this campaign works, air fares to Jamaica are criminally high during school holidays – but I dunno ’bout £8000 for a family of four though, they must be on some “premium economy” ting lol!

    BA and Virgin are not the only airlines that fly to Jamaica – I went with Thomson this year and paid (during school term time) around £575. However, with Thomson you have to pay extra to bring A suitcase(!) and any hand luggage heavier than a fart means extra £££££

  2. I saw some pretty reasonable fares with Delta however these were not direct flights. The actual flight price is the cheap part, what makes the overall ticket so expensive are the flight taxes. Sometimes they can be more than the base cost of the ticket itself.

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