Last night Dizzee Rascal blasted BBC Radio 1 in a series of tweets for not playlisting his latest single Love This Town and removing Something Really Bad from their playlist.

Dizzee tweeted:

“Who ever does Radio 1 playlist suck my d**k! I’m tired of you C**ksuckers you better stop playing me. Make up your f**king minds!!!”

“I’m tired of putting up with these 2 faced pricks at Radio 1! If anyone’s got a problem let me know. All this nice guy s**t’s dead!”

“F**k Live Lounge! If I gotta keep fighting to get my s**t played why bother doing someone else’s song so you can sell it on ur s**tty comp!”

“Going against radio 1 isn’t smart but I’m tired holding it down and being a good little nigger. You’re full of s**t Bar the specialists.”

When Americans get played in on radio 1 they make allowances for profanity but if it’s coming from the nigger down the road it’s a problem!

According to The Guardian  the campaign for Dizzee’s new album The Fifth has failed to produce a top three hit. ‘Something Really Bad, despite its lavish video and A-list guest, only made it to number 10 in the charts, as did the album. His collaboration with Robbie Williams managed to reach number 5, but Love This Town and earlier single Don’t Need A Reason failed to break the top 40′.

In response to Dizzee’s late night Twitter rant BBC Radio 1 issued the following statement:

“Radio 1 has given Dizzee huge support over the last decade, and while not every song can make the cut, we have playlisted three singles off his current album, so we were very disappointed and really surprised to read these comments.”

Radio stations like BBC Radio 1 have been pulling this stunt for YEARS, but artist’s who are doing extremely well keep their mouths shut and pretend it is not happening because the situation does not affect them personally.

However those same artists soon “find their voices” when the tide suddenly turns without warning, their pockets are then hit, and they start to experience the Cinderella treatment.

In Dizzee’s case it was all good not so long ago when he  was constantly at the top of the BBC Radio 1 playlist with his brand of “URBAN” Dance music and enjoyed corporate darling status.  But now it sounds as if the station’s love affair with Dizzee, the “good little nigger”  is coming to an end.


Let this be a lesson to all you up and coming UK “URBAN” artists.

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  1. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!
    When will these black artist learn??
    These corporations are not here for you. They will ride you until their done with you, then move onto the next one. The next one seems to be the more palatable Rizzle Kicks and alike.

  2. One verse for Dizzie……..

    When you first start rhyming
    It started off slow and then you start climbing
    But it wasn’t fast enough I guess
    So you gave your other style a test
    You was hardcore hip-hop
    Now look at yourself, boy you done flip-flopped
    Giving our music away to the mainstream
    Don’t you know they ain’t down with the team
    They just sent they boss over
    Put a bug in your ear and now you crossed over
    On MTV\Radio 1 but they don’t care
    They’ll have a new n**** next year
    You out in the cold
    No more white fans and no more soul
    And you might have a heart attack
    When you find out the black folks don’t want you back
    And you know what’s worse?
    You was just like the n**** in the first verse
    Stop selling out your race
    And wipe that stupid-ass smile off your face
    N**** always gotta show they teeth
    Now I’m a be brief
    Be true to the game

  3. That video he did with Robbie left me feeling a certain way about him. I am not into his music at all, but that video.

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