This woman needs an intervention and those who agreed to appear alongside her in this video should be tied to a tree and whipped.

“Every black man wants to f**k me” Hahahahahahahaha – The Internet is a crazy place.


[Thanks Keysha]

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  1. Well someone on you tube (on a video of her on a radio station) has exposed her (don’t know how true it is) as having her kids in care, her name is Tracey, she was shagging her friends husbands, spending her kids benefit money, and had to move from New Milton after it being public knowledge she was screwing underage teenage boys. If it was true, looking at her I would not be surprised.

    And no not all Black men would want to screw that. A lot of white women really think they are the ultimate prize in what they think every man wants. Some men actually have standards.

  2. YUK what a monstrosity. About every black man wants to f*ck her. Never been so embarrassed. Had to flag to that video for terms of ‘repulsive content.’

  3. I must admit though, I do like the instrumentals to that song. That’s the only thing good about it.

  4. ahhhhh man, just from looking at this chick, you just know she’s got about 5 mixed raced kids from 5 different dads, they’re so many chicks like this in England especially in little towns like Crawley. I for one wouldn’t wanna f*ck her.

  5. Black Men have standards ? lol
    Black men are the only one to blame for that type of mess. No other races of men are after ANY types of White Women as long they are White.

  6. Yes. Contrary to what you may believe there are some men of all races who have standards. Black men included.

  7. Nubiahbella :
    Black Men have standards ? lol
    Black men are the only one to blame for that type of mess. No other races of men are after ANY types of White Women as long they are White.

    Bollox! No other races of men are after any type of White women and NEITHER ARE BLACK MEN. Let’s leave those narrow-minded generalizations where they belong.

  8. Generalization hahaha, yep it’s all in my head! Most are not “colorist”, they are not the ones who marry/date out at a rate you will think they are White themselves, they are not the ones making videos,blogging, twitting etc.. badmouthing Black women, they are not the ones who treat women of other races as a prize, they are not the ones chasing anything but Black but yet complaining about white men racism….

  9. So are you telling me most Black men marry/date white women, bad mouthing black women by making videos, blogging, twitter, treating other races as a price, chasing anything but Black? Are you going to claim these are the actions ”most” Black men?

  10. I’ve wanted to post this to you for the longest time, but thought it “unseemly”, considering my age (old enough to know better than to be on the internet looking to be offended, lol). This poor woman and the decrepitude men that are gassing up this woman. This is white woman privilege and low black men “the only thing we have over white men is our ability in bed” syndrome all inna one! This is one of those “mi cyan sorry fi people weh nuh sorry fi themselves” situations, for real…lol. I’ll send up a pre christmas prayer for the whole set of them. Anno nuttin fi pray…….

  11. Christ :
    This is a tune! Lol
    She’s only having a laugh guys no need for the racism

    She started it!!

    Kim Kardashian is a prime example of black men’s standards. The women that decent white men wouldn’t touch with a barge pole always seem to find 20 or so black men that will indulge whilst decent black women are languishing in spinster hell.

    The rich black men like to call black women gold diggers, and blame black women for their grey/pink choice in partner like those women would look at them if they didn’t have their current pay check.

    Black men do have standards, no doubt, but unfortunately they are too many brothers who eat from the gutter.

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