In the pre-Civil War United States, Solomon Northup, a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery.

I bet this film receives a ton of Oscar nominations alongside ‘The Butler’.  Hollywood loves these types of movies.

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  1. like really that was your going to say – that condescending comment like i feel your disregarding how important this film is being black written, black director and black lead and by brits too (compared to the other so called ‘black films’ directed by the white man) and the hype being generated by black folk on the internet , comments like this just dis-value and boxed into category that like what we should not appreciate films like this because they might win oscars … get off your highhorse

  2. @Ned
    Err you are getting all worked up and your knickers in a twist over me more or less saying that this film will get loads of Oscar nominations, like the Butler will (this is on the cards). Really??? Why so much anger Ned? Where did I say anywhere that this film winning Oscars would be a bad thing?

    And for the record Hollywood executives do like to reward movies of this nature and fund them (The Help, Django, Driving Miss Daisy, Glory etc). Just ask them.

    I need to get off my high horse? I wasn’t aware I was sitting on one Ned.


  3. yes i am – i am not worked up because you said this film will or not win oscars. I’m worked up because of the way you phrased that sentence you wrote to suggest that this film will not do well on its merit alone thereby devaluing the content as only something hollywood will profit on and something not meaningful on an intellectual level

    ooop you mean Steve McQueen like you don’t even know who directed this film – this just proves how much you know about the subject


  4. like if i was wrong why did you just edit your comment? like your digging yourself in a deeper hole – it is pretty obvious you implied it would be a bad thing when you said ‘Hollywood like these types of films’ like i said in my previous comments , its like your trying to dismiss the film like the film cannot do well on its own merits and is not devoid of stereotypes. reward? what does that mean? like how hollywood exc reward white films with awards. like do you mean like how malcom x won oscars because hollywood rewarded the film for being black and not good? you whole argument is nonsensical – you proved my whole point with that.

    stay dismissing black films because you think you know better

  5. Janice aka Miss Mad News :
    Thanks for stopping by Ned. It’s been a real eye opener.

    its about uplifting our culture and not discrediting it. If this reply is a sarcastic one then do you – i’ll let the blind lead the blind.

  6. A very good underrated actor and a very good interesting director coming together to do a movie will always strike gold. But i have to agree with what (I think?) the point Janice is making, It just feels like the only “black story” films that are loved & heavily backed by Hollywood are slave stories.

    It seems like black British actors are running tings in Hollywood this year, maybe Ashley Walters needs to take notes from these guys.

  7. @Cameron

    you got my point and loads of other people have pointed this out in the past. It just went over old Ned’s head lol. I wonder if he worked as a runner on this film. Anyway Hollywood generally like’s to fund the type of black stories that are generally reminders of the “good old days”. When we were slaves, servants, maids, housekeepers, drivers, etc or just plain dysfunctional (Precious).

    I am keeping a close eye on Ashley. haha.

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