Myles-Litchmore-Dunbar in court yesterday

Myles-Litchmore-Dunbar in court yesterday

Via The Daily Mirror

A British teenager accused of stabbing a fellow holidaymaker to death faces a one year wait in a Greek prison cell until he gets a trial.

Myles Litchmore-Dunbar, 19, was remanded in custody yesterday charged with the murder of 19-year-old Tyrell Matthews-Burton.

Tragic Tyrell was stabbed to death during a terrifying 30-man brawl outside a nightclub in the holiday resort of Malia, Crete, last Tuesday morning.

Litchmore-Dunbar denies stabbing Tyrell and says he has no idea how a bloody knife was found in his hotel room following the brutal fight.

He admitted he was involved in the brawl but claims blood found on his clothes during the aftermath was there because someone who was bleeding must have fallen onto him during the fracas.

In a statement given to police, read out in court Litchmore-Dunbar said he did not stab Tyrell and says he has no idea how one of three bloody knives were found in his hotel room.

Myles’s statement read: “When I got back to my room I took all my clothes off and left everything there.

“The bloodstains came from while we were fighting, someone that was bleeding hard fell down on me  and my clothes were full of blood but I don’t remember if that was the guy who died or someone else.”

When asked about a knife found in a shoe in his room he said: “Both me and my friend have Nike shoes. It could be his.” Continue Reading….

Victim: Tyrell Matthews-Burton

Victim: Tyrell Matthews-Burton

What a mess. But like I said before innocent until proven guilty.

Rest In Peace Tyrell Matthews-Burton.

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  1. This is really sad, especially for the victim’s family, but also for the family of the accused. Whether he is guilty or not I don’t think his solicitor’s contradictory comment, and the knife hidden in the shoe help his case at all.

  2. But his solicitor had to say what has already been discovered and probably will be said. His friend had better be a friend and come through for him because if he didn’t do it, it’s absolute foul. If where you are going on holiday doesn’t feel safe enough that you have to carry a knife, don’t go. If you don’t feel your so called friends with whom you are traveling are not safe enough, don’t go. Knives are not accessories to take with you wherever. This is so tragic especially that the two young men involved seemed to have promising lives ahead of them and were doing what they had to do to get there, and in a moment of senseless madness, that has been taken away from them. Not just them but all involved. Since when did taking a life become so casual, a lifestyle. They had gone over to celebrate a birthday and it ended up being their end life too. Smh there are no words to explain this tragic story. R.I.P to the deceased.

  3. If he doesn’t know how the knives got in his room, he seems to have a pretty good idea of who might have done it. You can’t start pointing fingers unless you have an idea. Why would he say that the knife might be his friend’s? He knows what went down and knows the culprit. But I don’t think he did it alone. I don’t know why he is the only one being publicized.

  4. If he didn’t do it, he knows who did, whoever had access to that room might be a suspect. If his so called friend stitched him up, he had better spill the beans, because obviously there’s no loyalty there.

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