Charles Nunoo

Charles Nunoo

For those who don’t know, Charles Nunoo is the owner of the  “UK’s leading ethnic model agency” Charles & Ko.

A few of the models on his books have appeared in numerous music videos including US rap videos (e.g. DJ Khalid -Bitches & Bottles and Flo Rida – Wild Ones) and Charles is a well known face among the UK “URBAN” party set.

He also seems to be earning a lot of money if the video below is to be believed…..

Via Pappzd

This is madness.

Why would a business man do this? Why would he walk in to his bathroom with a briefcase, place the briefcase on top of a broken toilet seat and then showcase what looks like thousands of pounds to the world? (which isn’t a wise move at all).

“light money… light money” then he does some creepy nonsense with his tongue.

And this man owns a model agency..  and not just any agency but the “UK’s leading ethnic model agency”. Also young attractive women have voluntarily signed to this agency all hungry for fame and fortune.

Let’s all just think about that disturbing fact for a few minutes.

Hahahahahha… I can’t….

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  1. I can’t stand the new money mentality especially from black people who feel the need to show off what they have.

    I hope he gets robbed, the idiot. Walking around with a briefcase full of money. Who does that in 2013 when we live in an age of Internet banking and debit/credit cards. And if his bathroom decor is anything to go by I hardly doubt he’s balling as hard as he is. So he gets paid in cash or has to withdrawthat amount of cash for making a purchase? Either his credit is jacked or his money isn’t legit. Or both. I’m side eyeing him like Gina Rio who claims her wealth is from her father’s construction company.

  2. Here we go again, we have seen how this all goes. A young black man who sets up a business and does very well and rather than save a large chunk and takes the rest to enjoy the fruits of his work between his friends and family in private he chooses not too.

    He will chose to show his wealth in a vulgar way to all in public, brags on twitter and acts like his “Tony Montana”, he will then be targeted by gangs, he will be dragged in to a fraud/ gang warfare / rape investigation from the police (like Chris Nathaniel of NVA Entertainment Group) and regardless of if it is false allegations the news papers will find something to pin on him because we all know the media cannot stand a young black person making money. And then he loses all the money and in the end his kids and his grand kids will never see a lick of any of the profits in the future.

    This is why i respect people like Jamal Edwards who only promotes his business and not his wealth.

  3. After watching that I just think the model agency could be just a front for something else.

  4. He uploaded another video a couple days ago, showing the same suitcase full of money. Why is he doing this? Who is he trying to impress? People who really have it like that don’t go around showing it like that.

  5. Why everyone mad for? It might not be wise to show his wealth in that kind of way, but in many ways he’s showing young black males growing up that you can run a legitimate business and be financially successful. All to often whenever we see a successful black male living lavish, he’s either an entertainer or an athlete. If none of those, then in many case he’s a drug dealer or engaging in some illegal activity. Those are the only type of black men we see flaunting their wealth in public which many black men inspire for. Here with have a Black man flaunting his wealth who unlike the others made it with intelligence and business acumen.

    Say what you want, but I think if more successful black business men and women showed the fruits of their labour as this man has, it would prehaps show black males growing up there’s an alternative other than becoming a rapper, footballer or a drug dealer in the pursuit of wealth and success.

    Good on Charles Nunoo, don’t let the hate bring you down.

  6. @Chris Lloyd
    Its not about knocking him for his success but do you think a grown man sticking his tongue out talking like a 15 year old is showing black people how to run a legitimate business?
    Was he not acting like a drug dealer in the video? was he not flaunting like some of the entertainers or athletes you were talking about?
    Do you see any other British black business people going on the same way?

  7. @chrisllody oh dear, you really are the poster child for the 90s baby! #hilarious
    @cameron co-sign
    I await to hear the news of Charles being mugged. Dyam ass!

  8. I don’t know what year Chris Lloyd was born in, but you are showing your age with that comment. Growing up Black people didn’t need to see this kind of imagery to know that Black men and women could be successful and business owners.

    To one generation this man is a success based on a briefcase full of money.
    To another generation he is a straight fool with zero business acumen.

    I would like to know how showing a briefcase of money equates to running a successful business.

    Does anyone know his business/trading name. I’m sure a brief overview of his annual earnings can be acquired via Companies House.

  9. Interesting that the trading name for his modelling agency is listed as RECENTLY DISSOLVED on Companies House. I wonder what he is trading as now, if at all.

  10. Someone left this comment on YouTube and it’s a good question

    “Is this guy having a mental break down? he has worked hard to set up a good company and his now acting like a 12 year old crack dealer!
    Can his family and friends see if he is okay?”

    His behaviour in the video is just bizarre.

  11. *cringe* I can’t stand this flashy boasy over the top attitude. It is embarassing, if he is so rich why does it look like he is living in a council flat?

    Unless you are happy to part with £800/$1300 and get NOTHING in return then I dont advise that you work with this man/Company. Charles Nunno targets beautiful and attractive women who have dreams of becoming a model or work in TV. He shows them past clients and boasts about all the high profile work that he gets. He will use the few legitate clients that he has as a persuasion.
    He makes you believe that you have what it takes but in order to work with him you have to have a professional photoshoot with his team.
    The photoshoot costs £800 and he will consistently call and text you before the shoot until you pay up. You will arrive at the photoshoot to find on average 8 other models there crammed into a room, each paying for the shoot, he has one stylist who passes the same sweaty outfits from one girl to another, be prepared to be there for 10 hours or more waiting for your turn to be snapped. The whole setup is very unprofessional and warning bells will begin to ring but by then you have already parted with your money. He will tell you that you will have the photos in 2 weeks and can start getting work.
    It has now been 9 months, 30+ phonecalls, numberous emails later and still no photos. I have been speaking to other models and they are all saying the same thing, they have not received any photos back from Charles & Ko. I know of a least 7 other models who have teamed together and are now reporting him to British Trading Standards for fraudulent behaviour.
    He is a very slick talker, so dont be fooled, he will come up with every excuse you can imagine, all of them ending with “I promise you, you will have the photos by next week, 100%”.
    It has gotten to the point where I have given up askng for the pictures as there is no way that he will give them.
    His whole scam is to prey on women/young ladies who want to be models just to take their money from the photoshoots but has no intention of working with them or releasing the pictures.
    BE WARNED shoot with Charles & Ko at your own risk but be aware that 99.9% of the women who shoot with him do not get their photos or work. He will use his handful of his real clients such as Mayweathers ex girlfriend Shantal Jackson,Mutya Buena and show you video footage and photos as a persuasion that he can get you jobs.
    He funds his lavish lifestyle and holidays by lying to young ladies and taking £800 from each of them. He shoots 8 women or more at a time every few weeks, imagine he’s making £6400/$10,000 every 2 weeks to a month by lying to women that they will get on his books, but you get nothing in return, just a dent in your bank account and not even photos to show.

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