This is for all you Jay Z fans out there and budding producers.

Check out Zane Lowe interviewing the love of his life Jay Z.  But to be fair this interview does not tip the licky licky scales like the interviews with Hot 97 (yeah I am looking at you Angie Martinez) and the Power 105 Breakfast Club Show.

It is  clear though that Zane is Jay’s head cheerleader (poms poms and all) and excited to be in the ‘presence of his greatness’.

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  1. The reason some of us appear to have ADD is because of people like jay z Who don’t have interesting things to say or who say the same uninteresting things over and over again. No amount of repeated play and performing of the same songs will cure our ADD. So I can switch off from your music, and believe me not even a good beat will Keep me listening to crap lyrics, and watch Tv and read a book at the same time because of the captivating content. He needs to stop insulting young people by making them out to be as if they are not intelligent and have a disorder of some sort when he and many others are the problem. And tbh I couldn’t listen to the whole interview for reasons I have mentioned above. Stop blaming projecting your inadequacies on your fans or the audience. And you can now see where the autism lyrics came from by J Cole. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Who wants to listen to someone who is bragging about his riches while being cursed at the same time and being degraded all in the same breath? He is so full of himself. There are artists who achieve their greatness with one album, and Jay z has so many albums and not anywhere near greatness. It’s not quantity but quality, and unfortunately for him he has sacks and sacks of poor quality products claiming greatness and aiming for greatness. He has made the money and that’s just about it. He talks about people being resistant to change but obviously he hasn’t listened to his lyrics for the last decade or so.

  3. I don’t believe that man Zane believes in his heart of hearts that Jay z is a genius. Was that line on holy grail really genius? Did he listen to the whole album? It is ridiculous when white people start praising stupidity just because you are black. I mean, why do they do that when it comes to hip hop. Hip hop is not stupid even if it has some stupid people, I will not even bother name dropping. Smh @ Zane pretending because that is exactly what he was doing.

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