ROC Nation artist K Koke (real name Kevin Georgiou) announced on Twitter yesterday that his appearance at the Wireless music festival has been shut down by the authorities.

The 28 year old North West London rapper who was acquitted of attempted murder several years ago tweeted:

 drops Sunday and FEDS pushed me off wireless. Hating on my whole sh*t I shoulda been tearing down stage 2 this year.

Joke ting it’s like d FEDS won’t let me forward.

Police are calling man gang related coz of my friends and family I grew up with. Label us and their the biggest gang in the world

It’s like I’m still locked up even tho I’m free.

I’m p*ssed I can’t lie that was a low blow that was a big 1 4 me I was looking forward 2 it.

First of all it annoys me when youngsters and in some cases grown folk who should know better refer to the British police force as “the FEDS”.  We live in Britain not the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA where the FEDS reside.  The FBI (Feds – Federal Bureau of Investigation) are an AMERICAN law enforcement agency NOT a British one.

Stop beggin it UK.

But I digress, the news about K Koke’s now shelved appearance at the Wireless festival actually shocked me. I thought this type of treatment was only reserved for the Giggs and the So Solid’s of this world.  But a friend of mine pointed out today that “K Koke rolls with black people, so in the eyes of the police he is black. Go figure”.

I don’t see K Koke’s police ban from performing live lasting for very long though. All he has to do is lose the Stonebridge massive, leave the Jamaican street slang to the Jamaicans, roll with those upper middle class media types who attended public schools but act like they were born and raised in Albert Square, East London and BOOM he will be back in business.

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  1. He refers to them as feds because thats what he and his generation have been calling them for the last 15 or so years jheez sick to the point

  2. LOL. And? Doesn’t change the fact that him and his “generation” are wrong! Just STOP hahahhaha. Also adults who are pushing big old 30 don’t tend to use that incorrect term to describe British police

    ‘Sick’ to the point” sorry.. What? I am guessing that you are from that “generation” Hahahahha. I think you mean ‘stick to the point’ right? Well had you kept on reading Marcus aka team Koke you would have seen that I did get around to the point. Hahaha. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. But Janice , you are right. That’s why British rap is not really respected anywhere else, but over here. We tend to imitate Jamaica or American twang and lingo too much. Then they probably moan that the “inauthentic” middle class carpet baggers get the shine that they do not when the two sets of them are tief! I’m middle aged and can see the problem…. but like Marcus above, too many of them can’t take no telling and are very “touchies” when good advice is given.

  4. sighs at the mention of uk hip hop… there is innovation amongst the copycats too!… just saying… but apart from that…. the police intervntion is intrsting because thy dont hav to account to anybody…. theres no community group that they hav to explain their actions too… they can make up any old hogwash arguement OR NOT… and just cancel PEOPLES work… WITHOUT any explanation… i think thats unfair…

  5. pointing out peoples spelling mistakes and laughing at them doesn’t support your argument i’m afraid. It also discourages people from sharing their views on your blog but I’m sure it makes you feel good so thats fine.

    if you want people to speak properly why would you end your point with “stop beggin it” sorry what! is that not wrong? yes it is but you use that “slang” because thats what you and your generation are used to.

    Firstly we all know what he means by feds secondly to start with that point leads us away from the real issue which why is sparkle above didn’t “sick to the point” either.

    Im not from that generation at all which is why my comment included the words “he and his” we all know what they say about assuming.

    Saying that his treatment is because he rolls with “black people” is hardly getting to the point.

    Im not a big fan of his but I’ve listened to a few tracks. I would suggest his recent attempted murder trial and his lyrical content which is similar in terms being in tune to street/violent street culture are the reasons for him being targeted by the UK authorities.

    The point is not skin colour or the the stonebridge massive or jamaican street slang. The point is his freedom of speech and freedom of expression being violated.

    The point is him losing all these things as rightly say will lift his ban but conforming will mean the message in his music will be lost.

    You think the authorities want this guy anywhere near a mainstream audience rapping to there sons and daughters about what really happens in the streets.

    big up Ty for “sicking to the point”

  6. @Marcus

    Thanks for schooling me on the K Koke situation and leading me to the point.

    “The point is him losing all these things as rightly say will lift his ban but conforming will mean the message in his music will be lost”

    You are right. God forbid this happens. This will be bad news for Koke and the UK’s “URBAN” scene.

    “You think the authorities want this guy anywhere near a mainstream audience rapping to there sons and daughters about what really happens in the streets.”

    Well Koke was acquitted of attempted murder in 2011 but after that the authorities didn’t seem to be that concerned with his ‘tales from the hood’ rhymes penetrating their sons and daughters domes because he performed at Wireless last year. So why the ban this year….. what could have happened during the months after Wireless 2012?

    Those who went through this very same situation before are still going through it now. But I have a feeling Koke will survive this blip for numerous reasons.

  7. It would be interesting to hear the promoters of wireless take on this and also some kind of statement from the police on their reasons.

  8. @Cameron

    Yes it would be interesting to hear from Wireless and the police. He was there last year, and has performed all over the country, so what changed? I don’t for one second believe they suddenly shut down his set for the same reason they shut down So Solid for 12 years and later on Giggs. I suspect there is another reason.

  9. The police shutting him down could have something to do with the people he chooses to roll with to his shows.

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