Some food for thought which addresses the long time topic of skin complexion within the black community.

Those dumb young black men who enjoy putting down and belittling dark skinned women who share the EXACT same complexion as themselves, and who are also responsible for coining the ridiculous term “lighty” need to watch this.  Yeah you twats know who you are.  

[Thanks Lorraine]

Your thoughts please…

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  1. Brilliant piece and executed articulately. I must say in relation to young black men and the light/dark skin issue, one simply having a preference for ”lighties” doesn’t necessarily mean he’s putting down black women.

  2. Nothing wrong with having a genuine preference. But when you belittle, and drop highly offensive remarks about women who are dark skinned particularly on social media platforms and then encourage people from outside of the community to join in, then my friend its a problem.

  3. Chris Lloyd :
    Brilliant piece and executed articulately. I must say in relation to young black men and the light/dark skin issue, one simply having a preference for ”lighties” doesn’t necessarily mean he’s putting down black women.

    @Chris, But why does a Black skinned man have a preference for a lighter skin black women? depending on the different answers in some way you are “putting down” black women.

    I understand every man has a preference of what they want in a women (curvy, skinny, long hair, big boobs), but you really need to know what goes on in the head of a dark skin Black man that would rule out a women with a dark skin even when the whole of his family has dark skin.

  4. Cameron I would have to disagree. Why shouldn’t a Black man of any complexion have a preference for a woman with a particular skin tone? Would you ask the same question regarding a light skinned black man with a preference for dark skinned black women?

  5. For those who have watched, is that AGAIN one of those documentaries which ONLY focus how colorism affects black women but NEVER black men, it’s always a one sided conversation. Is that again one of those piece who like to show how darker skinned Black women are “unwanted” with low self-esteem blablabla?
    I have also heard a lot of dark skinned women who don’t want to pair with dark skinned men because they want lighter skinned kids or mother who want their sons to bring only a certain of woman etc….

  6. @Chris, any person has the choice in what they want. But when your preference includes a dislike/hate for your own skin tone or that of your family then that is a big problem.
    Also it is healthy to question people (not always in a critical way) for their preferences especially for me as i have no preference in women’s skin tone, so i always want to understand why others are not like me. I would question why some white men only prefer a white women with Mediterranean look and not a white women with pale skin. I would question why some mixed race men have a preference for dark skinned black women over a white woman. Why do some Chinese men have a preference for white women over a Chinese or black women?
    If we ask these questions we may find some problems that needs to be discussed or addressed, just like what @Nubiahbella has just mentioned about some reasons why dark skinned women have a preference for lighter skinned men.

  7. @Cameron, you hit the nail on the head. I’m might sound strange but I just don’t see skin tone at all (maybe because when I was younger I grew up around white people), all I can see is black, it doesn’t matter to me if a black woman is light skin or dark skin. I love black women full stop.

  8. I hate these kind of debates; light skinned, dark skinned. Whatever! Like Chioc-Rei said, I just see black woman, full stop! Skin tone don’t matter to me a backside.

  9. So called “preference” is never just that it is usually dictated to you via social conditioning and the media. Some of us foolishly think these preferences we have for partners etc come out of thin air.

  10. In the black community, if it were a case of just personal preferences then it would not be a problem. The problem is that there is a history behind this, colonialism, slavery and post-slavery as well as the social and psychological conditioning throughout the centuries, which has caused many psychological, social and cultural problems within our community (African American, Black British, Caribbean, Latin etc). Even today there’s structural racism that means darker people are poorly represented in western countries, especially black women who are darker skinned, are often portrayed as “the angry black woman”. – It’s a lot deeper than this guys. Black men also have their racial experiences, and though it varies by sex and gender, we are still subject to racism = stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination.

    Yes we all are human beings which is its own race. But due to our history and present social issues that are so often swept under the rug instead of faced head on, there will, unfortunately, always be a general case of “difference” among colours. But, generally speaking, this ‘preference’ thing, within the black community, goes deeper.

    I would say, to change this whole “light skin dark skin” thing, is to change the way we view ourselves as black people. Even if it means calling ourselves “brown” which includes the various shades of our colour. This,as a result, will eradicate the “black” and “white” which are opposing categories that reinforce the supposed differences between races. – But then hopefully, in the future, maybe everyone, white, asian etc will realise “hey, I’m brown too – when i go in the sun i turn brown” and then everyone will be like “Yeah, we’re all brown” then eventually, colour will no longer be a category. The End. lol (I hope this makes sense lol)

    Thanks for viewing our video too. 🙂

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