Black Eyed Peas star and The Voice UK judge Will.i.am spoke to the Radio Times about his absent father and why he refuses to track him down.

I had this conversation with my mom. It was like a Darth Vader moment. I was talking about him, and she said, “I am your daddy.”’She said, “Willy, let me ask you something. When it was raining that day and I put an umbrella over your head, were you upset that I didn’t let you get wet? When it was cold and I put a jacket over you, were you upset that I didn’t let your skin get cold? So don’t be upset I protected you from things… and as a matter of fact I am your dad.”

When asked if he ever wanted to track his father down Will replied,

‘No. Why? For what? My mom is my freakin’ dad.

He says all this but I suspect that deep down he would like to meet his father.

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  1. I agree too. He loves his mother dearly and he seems to get emotional when he speaks about her. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is being polite and not wanting to upset his mother by tracking his father down. That response about wanting to track father down sounds angry.

    I think he is such a cool person when he is not co-signing Cheryl Cole and the like.

  2. I think it’s really sad. I remember reading about Ryan Giggs and him saying he never had a problem with his father but didn’t see him, because his mother didn’t want him to, I had a foster mother like that who didn’t want me to see my father, and in front of her I would say I didn’t want to see my dad, but deep down I always wanted to see him and in the end I did and was and still am glad I did. When you get boys growing up trying so hard not to be like their father they end up being seriously messed up.

  3. Your mother is your dad??? What kind of a stupid statement is that? His mother is a dunce for uttering such stupidity and he equally is as stupid for accepting these words of folly. Since when is a woman a man? She never was nor could ever be a father to anybody.

    I’ve noticed a lot of black women lately have been jumping on this stupidity, attempting to claim the roll of the father yet many of them are potty poor mothers to begin with. Happy father’s day……..mum???? What the heck?

    Most black women today do not have children because they love them and actually want to be mothers, they simply get pregnant and have children in order to reap the monetary benefits from the state and to use the children as a weapon of control against the father.

    Protecting the child from the elements as if she was doing the lad a favour, its your damn responsibility and obligation to protect your child from any and all things harmful woman. This is the problem with many single black mothers, they want recognition for things that they are supposed to do as standard.

    Let us not forget also that many of these single black mothers purposely keep the father away from the children but on the flip side they tell the child/children that their father is not interested in seeing them and being involved in their lives. It isn’t always the case of the father depositing his load and running or just walking away.

  4. @verbs, I think your taking his comment too literally. While a mother cannot replace a father, the reality is that many women have to try and compensate for the fact that many men (black, white and everything else in between) do NOT want to take care of their responsibilities. Please do not make sweeping statements about black women, when its particulary hard to raise children who’s dads have made the choice (and yes, it is a choice) to NOT look after the children they brought into the world.

    If your upset of annoyed with the way that women have to step up to be fathers, why don’t you as a man have conversations with other men to stop this B.S from happening. Women have be having conversations like this for centuries, but tbh its all air as many men are not listening, so clearly these are conversations that men need to be having as to why this is a ever growing culture among men to have multiple kids and not look after them.

    Its made far too easy for men to walk away from their responsibilities, and then to turn around with piss poor excuses about the women they CHOSE to lie down with.
    Statements like Will I Ams statement would become non-existent if we didn’t have an acceptable culture of men running from their responsibilities.

    The only thing I would agree with is that there are women out there that will use their children as a weapon. Its not healthy for the child, and in the long run the child will not thank you if you attempt to keep them from their fathers. Children are not stupid, if there Dads are a waste of space, they will see through that B.S with a quickness as they get older (trust me, I know!!) It actually makes it easier for the child if they can see what their fathers are all about, you do not want them growing up with a rose tinted view of their Dads (whilst I understand why some mothers would do so) if that isn’t the truth, as the image that kids have built in their minds of their Dads will be all but shattered if the truth of their Dads is nothing but a negative.

    There is a conversation that men need to have amongst themselves. Women can speak, shout and scream till we are blue in the face, but as I have experienced in my life, men tend to listen to other men more, if thats what it takes to get a large chunk of men to act with the sense that God gave them, then maybe there would be less angry mothers and children around.

  5. Will was and I believe still is curious about his father and wants to find him, but I think that during the conversation with his mother I sense she wanted to discourage him from doing so and has succeeded. Anyone who didn’t grow up knowing their father has the right as an adult to seek him out and shouldn’t be discouraged from doing so. I have a friend whose mother refuses to give her any real information about her father and is basically behaving like an idiot.

    @Terra I agree when you say that this is a conversation that men need to have amongst themselves in order to stop this foolishness from happening. Simone Bresi-Ando created the successful ImPossible Conversation for women where we sit and discuss topics we feel affect us, perhaps it’s time for a man to create the male version……

  6. I don’t agree with mothers calling themselves “father”, as in a number of cases, they are just strong women and good mothers. They cannot be a “father” no matter what.

    @Verbs, unless you can provide quantitative evidence, the following statement….

    “Most black women today do not have children because they love them and actually want to be mothers, they simply get pregnant and have children in order to reap the monetary benefits from the state and to use the children as a weapon of control against the father.”

    ……is a gross exaggeration and a negative stereotype black women have to face regularly.

    Do some black women who have children to work the system? Of course.
    Are some black women pitting their child/children against the father? Yes.
    Can you say “most” black women do this? No. There are no studies that can provide your statement. It would be like if I said most black men in the UK are deadbeat dads who spend their time in and out of prison. That would be ignorant, a generalisation, and a lie.

    And I can only speak for myself, but most of the single back mothers I know, DO NOT have their children to lay around on the dole, and even if the relationship is strained with the father, the child/children still have a good relationship with father.

  7. @Terra

    This is the problem with the western black woman in general today, they seek acknowledgement for how difficult it is to raise children by themselves yet when they are rightly questioned and critised for how easily they will open up their legs to these same “deadbeat” negroes to whom most of these women already knew were no good from the beginning but still “went there”, all of a sudden they will get on the defensive.

    So, you talk about choice, in like manner it is the woman’s choice who she decides to sleep with. Many black women will readily open their legs to a chieftain, yet for some reason they expect some sort of alternative outcome in terms of responsibility.

    As per usual it is always the man who has to take up the baton, black women can simply open their crotches to whom they wish but nobody is allowed to hold them accountable for such ratchet behaviour??? Not on Verb’s watch. If black women want black men to look after their children then choose responsibly with whom you choose to sleep with. The ratchet, piece of trash bum Negro cannot get to the stage of impregnating a woman and walking away from his children if black women in general do not permit these irresponsible idiots “entry” in the first place. Control the opening of your legs from the beginning and you won’t find yourself ending up on the statistics list for single black mothers.

    This business about black women now calling themselves fathers is a joke on them as it simply illustrates how because of their foul choices in men, the black family unit has simply become a complete joke. Other nationalities of women don’t dare attempt to claim the title of a father, only the modern day western black woman so desperate for attention and recognition. Black women keep on clowning themselves, the saga continues.

  8. @Gili

    Firstly you have to go into the history of how black women first got into the position of claiming money from the state.

    Secondly, the statement that I made is easy to quantify, most black women today hate themselves. The majority of black women today walk around with hair stitched in or glued onto their heads that looks nothing like their original hair. The weave is the ultimate sign of self hatred. Thus anything that comes from the woman that reminds her of who she really is, she detests also, this is how I can say that most black women do not love their children because most do not even love themselves first.

    The vast majority of black women today hate being black and hate being associated with anything black. They are trying their hardest to separate themselves from their history, bloodline and heritage and they feel that the weave gives them some sort of leverage towards this goal.

    Most black women are ashamed to be black. They wish to replace the white woman as the white man’s first choice for a mate hence why they will pick up on and carry out any and all actions that the European man hands down to them, weaves, body and face piercing, tattoos, 3 inch eye lashes, fake nails and anything else that they feel that will get them approval from the European man.

    So the evidence that most black women hate their children is all around you, you just have to look at it from an honest standpoint without bringing your emotions into the conclusion. Again, it is black women in general who are continuously clowning themselves and fulfilling the stereotypes they wish not to be associated with, not folks like myself who are just pointing out their actions.

    You cannot defend that which cannot be defended and if the shoe doesn’t fit you then you logically shouldn’t be offended at what has been said.

  9. @Verbs you forgot to blame homosexuals and Edomites in your observations. Eat done swine and sit down. I’m sure it will calm your nervous twitch!
    Your rant just proved everything I said about passing the buck. Oh well, let me go glue my hair and eyelashes on while I worship the white woman haaaaaaaaaa!

  10. Your response doesn’t even make any sense but this is typical with many black women, you wallow in stupidity yet you think that you are still wise. Raising chicken necks negroes up by yourselves then you want to complain about irresponsible fathers??????

    They are only exhibiting the morality and standards that black women have instilled in them, don’t screw now that the chickens have come home to roost.

  11. Once again the black woman is blamed for the black man’s failings in life by a bunch of f*ck boys who think they know it all. Verbs you sound mighty angry son and the obsession with the black woman’s crotch and who she chooses to open it up for is disturbing. Who hurt you? If anything the black woman needs to stay far away from imbeciles like you.

  12. Why does anger or hurt have to be a factor here? The facts are the facts, most black women cannot keep their legs closed, they have different children from different fathers, you act as if this is not true. Again, those who get offended do so because the shoe fits them.

    Decent good black women do not have a problem with what I am saying because their lifestyle doesn’t fit this ratchet demographic, only the reprobate wild hooligans will take offense.

  13. Lol @ verbs talking about “facts” yet presents nothing but his skewered opinions that sound like they were taken from Storm Front.

    Maybe I should say the angry black man stereotype can be applied to “most” black men based on my observation of verbs. I mean, I can totally judge a whole group of people based off a few personal interactions, right?

  14. @verbs you come on this website regularly blaming the failings off black people on the fact that we are somehow being duped by white people (Edomites as you have so taken to calling them) as well as constantly focusing on homosexuality as another reason as to why black people are failing in your very warped imagination. Now it seems that this time round it’s every black woman on the planet. I take it you know enough black women globally to make such simpleton statement.
    Your as guilty as pushing a negative stereotypes as the white people in the media that use such negativity to put us all in one box, the last time I check we are not a homogeneous mass off people that all move/think and act alike. But well done to you for doing exactly the same backward basic shit that the very people that you clearly hate so much have done to us all for centuries. Let me go continue adorn my hair with accessories, beads and fake hair, or I may straighten it to be like my white heroes tonight, i cant decide just yet! Coincidently if you read your history correctly, you will know that Africans were straightening their hair with hot stones long before they came into contact with Europeans (Aka Edomites). Have a blessed evening!

  15. A few, go out on the streets Gili, I don’t see a few black women wearing weaves, its the vast majority. As for black men, you can say what you want because I don’t fit into the negative demographics of black men, ie thugs, deadbeats, angry, irresponsible, dogs etc, so I will not be offended.

  16. @verbs I thought it was “all black women” now it’s only a “few” (pick a lane and stay in it) #thisjoker LMAO!

  17. @Terra

    Oh dear, did you even rub 2 brain cells together before you thought to speak? Let’s just go over your mockery of a response. I simply deal with the topics that are raised in the posts, this post was about black women attempting to claim the role of a father so I dealt with black women, their current status and the reasons behind why they would attempt to claim this role.

    As per usual people do not read literature properly, I never said “all” black women, show me where I said “all” please? Until you see the word “all” accompanying the words “black women”, then the “all” is an assumption on your part, it has nothing to do with me. You said “all” not me.

    If I am indeed guilty of pushing negative stereo types in relation to a large percentage of black women simply by me pointing out their ratchet, hooligan behaviour, then what do you say to those women who are actually engaging in and acting out the stereotypes, what are they doing then?

    In relation to African people straightening their hair in history, firstly the hair still looked like afro hair and secondly it was their own hair. They weren’t spending hundreds of pounds buying somebody else’s hair to attach to their heads trying their best to look like a complete different nationality of person and then walking around as if the fake hair was their own. How can you even attempt use such an example as a comparator? This is why I asked you at the beginning, did you really think through your response before you typed it out?

  18. Ok, so now your ok with black women straightening their hair (which isn’t its natural state) but heaven forbid we attach fakery to it, hmm ok then, I see your concepts off natural are all but confused, but you see like a very confused individual so there’s no surprise there.
    Your statement is based on absolute nonsense and observations which are clearly based on the one piece of road you live on ( how local!) You should really get out more.
    Like I said you don’t know enough black women globally to make such an idiotic statement. There are many stereotypes that I have been aimed at black men, any fool with half a brain would know that such stereotypes reinforced by black people themselves do nothing but play into the hands of the very people that created them.
    I will leave you in your hypocrisy, as I’m sure the next post Janice puts up about race will have you steaming at the nostrils and blaming Edomites, Homosexuals, Black Women and any other group of people that live on your road! Hilarious! You should try attaching some Remi hair to your head top it might help calm that anger of yours!

  19. FYI any man that decides to not raise their children due to women attaching fakery to themselves is an idiot, for you to imply such a stupid thing is happening only serves to make black men look dumb as rocks! How any parent can make the decision to not want to raise the child that they created due to a weave track is laughable. Please go back to the drawing board and come up with a better reason than that. Any man reading your argument would be embarrassed on your behalf!

  20. All you are doing at the moment is digging yourself a deeper hole of stupidity and ignorance. Thats fine by me, Ill help you keep digging. I asked you before to point out to me where I stated “all black women”, you couldn’t do because I never stated “all” anywhere. Now you are saying to me that I am rolling towards the quantity of ” a few”. Now I’m going to ask you again to show me where I said “a few”, please show me the quote?

    Now please additionally show me where I stated that I was OK with black women straightening their hair? Read the sentence again. I was showing you that the comparator that you tried to erect was complete rubbish but this obviously flew straight over your head.

    You do not have to travel to every corner of the globe to know about a general trend going on with a particular people plus with one click of a button, you can investigate a different location of the world without having to travel to that location first hand. Not to mention the fact that you can also talk to people from different locations to get a rough idea of what is going on in those parts.

    Most black women of the west wear weaves, this is a reasonable statement to make, this is a factual statement whether you accept it or not.

    Now you are talking about black men not wanting to look after their children because the mother wears a weave?????? Where on earth did you derive this from? Are you even still with us on earth Terra? Have you been sniffing solvents or paint stripper? Are you sleep writing?

    You keep coming back with stupidity and ridiculous extrapolations and I am going to keep roasting you with your own foolishness. Go ahead, keep digging that hole of buffoonery.

  21. @Verbs you should really read the fuck shit you write!!

    “Most black women are ashamed to be black. They wish to replace the white woman as the white man’s first choice for a mate hence why they will pick up on and carry out any and all actions that the European man hands down to them, weaves, body and face piercing, tattoos, 3 inch eye lashes, fake nails and anything else that they feel that will get them approval from the European man.”

    Don’t speak like your an authority on any black woman. Your a clueless fool with the combined I.Q of a raisin. Like I said, eat some pork and go sit and twitch in a corner somewhere.

  22. You roast no one, but continuously come up with rants based on nothing but your limited knowledge on what you think black women are. Look in the mirror before you speak on anything regarding us!

  23. Apparently hair that was straightened with hot stones (an old method that was used in Africa way before they came into contact with Europeans) is still “natural”???!!!
    I’m sorry I thought that our hair in its natural state had kink in it!!

  24. I do agree that a male version of i’mpossible would be a good idea. But men are not really good at talking like that about themselves. You would have to campaign heavily to get them into it.

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