Footballer Darren Bent married Kirsty Maclaren over the weekend.

According to the Daily Mail Kirsty is a model.

CLICK HERE to view more photographs….

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  1. According to the Daily Mail Kirsty is a model , everybody is a model now.


    good luck to them.

  2. Typical….another mixed race football couple..it will end just like all the rest have ended…black men never learn..

  3. Apparently she has 2 children from a previous relationship that now lives with both of them.

  4. Two children from a previous relationship????? Hell no, this is the problem with some black men, always simping and so willing to taking on somebody else’s baggage. The woman does look good but sorry, not me.

  5. Getting bred up by these footballers? Sounds like a guaranteed meal ticket to me…………….and now this coon is going to be the next victim.

  6. Also why is it you never see any black people i.e. his family in these types of weddings?

  7. 1st he dated Steve Bruce’s daughter, then he jumped on Alex Fergusons ex-daughter in law and now he is married to the ex-girlfriend of former villa player……. Darren Bent likes his girls to have been “football broken-in”. Well i guess it’s better than Jermaine Defoe….and the whole of the West Ham squad who passed Danielle Lloyd (allegedly)….and some of the Man Utd squad (swapping girlfriends)…damn is there any straight forward relationships in the world of football?

  8. Damnnn, where are the black people at? doesn’t he have any family? are there actually any British born black premiership footballers with black women?

  9. Maybe he thinks that having such a person will increase his presence in the media, photographs, endorsements, like Cheryl Cole.

    There’s no point in thinking very low of yourself sometimes, which I think is what happens to these footballers who desperately end up with white girls of such a calibre/ Tulisa, Cheryl cole. No amount of money earned or goals scored makes them fit well into that world they move in. The white male footballers know better not to touch black women. Kanu did it though.

  10. The fact that they don’t show any pictures which feature his family who I’m sure were in attendance tells you all you need to know about how media skews these kinds of stories to make the more “relevant” to their readers. The mass media organisations probably (rightly) figure that their predominantly white readers don’t care about black couples use it involves drugs, crime, etc.

    Plus, I sure if they did a survey of footballers’ partners you’d find that most black footballers have black partners just as it was the case for NFL players.

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