Richard and doctor during live examination

Richard and doctor during examination

Earlier today comedian Richard Blackwood underwent a potentially life saving rectal examination live on This Morning as part of the Stand By Your Man campaign, which aims to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

According to studies men of African and African Caribbean descent are three times more likely to get  prostate cancer than Caucasian men of the same age.

When asked why he agreed to go through with the producer Richard said:

“Men have this phobia of being checked, of being vulnerable, so I’m showing as a man not to be afraid and go get it done.“It’s a shame that black men find it hard to [get checked]… ignorance is bliss. As a strong black role model I’ll put myself forward.”


CLICK HERE to watch This Morning’s interesting segment on prostate cancer and Richard’s examination [from mark 7:25]

I hope today’s show has succeeded in raising awareness of this disease amongst men of all ages and from all backgrounds.


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  1. This is like having a smear test. It’s not about being vulnerable, it can be an awful and traumatic experience.

  2. Cooning for the snowman all the way RB. Letting another man put is finger in your anus on national television???????? A travesty indeed. As I stated before, he should have kept this behind closed doors in private quarters.

  3. But Verbs many men (Black men in particular) would not even want to do this procedure behind closed doors because of the “Next man wid ‘im finger up mi batty? Noo sah!” way of thinking. And I’m sure some have died because of it. If Richard can take away the stigma and encourage people to get checked then that can only be good.

    Having said all that – I’m not gonna lie and say I’ve been checked or that I think it will be a breeze. It’s something I’ve always known I need to do.

  4. But i am glad he is bringing in the awareness, why should he care about’ street cred’ when it can save his life and many more.Let him be the first example(whether mocked or not) and hopefully more men will follow suit.

  5. Reading some of the comments about this on other sites/forum, most are for men getting checked and the campaign but can’t seem to get past Richard going on TV and being probed in that area. They all remember when he had the colonic done years ago on TV… As you can imagine the jokes keep coming thick and fast.

    Good on him though. He said it didn’t hurt but his facial expressions….

  6. A reason why women’s life expectancy is higher than men by about 5-7 years is due to men being less prone to getting checked for illnesses and diseases before and when they arise. STILL some men are going on about a finger up the arse rather than looking at the bigger picture. Ever wonder why Black people are usually the highest in so many health statistics when we make up a minority in population in the western world? It boils down to can’t be bothered and ignorance. The same way organisations like ACLT are always begging for Black donors on Twitter and why we’re so high up there when it comes to cases of HIV, diabetes and cancers. Can’t be bothered and ignorance.

  7. I think I need to emigrate to another planet. Fair enough raising awareness about prostate cancer, but do we really need to show that on TV to do it. Still, if they’ve finally found something Richard Blackwood has got any talent for, that’s quite an achievement.

  8. I’m seeing a pattern here. Nobody is looking behind examination, folks are carrying on like the examination is where dealing with cancer should start from, prevention has clean flown over most folks heads here. If you can PREVENT any form of cancer to begin with, then you do not require getting checked out at all.

    This is what I was saying before, most folks have been conditioned to accept cancer as a normal part of life, not me. As far as I am concerned prevention is a far better option than treatment. Again, the cancer started from somewhere, something caused it but why is this factor always deliberately being omitted from these so called “cancer awareness campaigns”?

    The whole cancer awareness campaign is a complete fraud and is dumb to the core. Legally these cancer organisations have covered their backs as “awareness” simply means just that, they are not obligated to give you any real information of profit. Those who choose to submit to the awareness fraud deserve the rinsage that they receive thereafter.

  9. I don’t think people are carrying on like the examination is where dealing with cancer starts. For example most people know that smoking can lead to lung cancer and so avoid it. This subject is about the examination for prostrate cancer so that’s what we’re talking about.

    It’s better to educate people on prevention, but you can’t ignore the fact that many people are unaware of ways to avoid prostrate cancer and so may be carrying it right now. should they not be checked out? Raising awareness is just that – finding out about it and ways to avoid it.

    I can’t think of a greater way to get people to look after themselves – basically if you don’t want to end up like Richard with some random dude’s finger up your bum, take preventative measures now!

  10. This is exactly the step that I have taken from years back, so for me personally I have already placed myself in a position where I will not be needing the finger.

    Raising awareness campaigns do not deal with avoidance at all, this campaign right here is hard evidence of that. The fact of the matter is that they could deal with prevention and treatment information together but it never happens that way at all and I challenge you to show me different.

    There is also something else that concerns me here, all of the treatments mentioned in relation to all forms of cancer without fail always head in the same direction, towards big pharma. Why are people never given information on other alternative forms of treatment ie homeopathy or herbal remedies?

    All treatments for cancer always seem to center around medicine. Any information about alternatives must always be sort after by the individual themselves.

    Again, I understand the subject matter however it seems to me that the whole examination procedure is simply a distraction, a diversion to manipulate the mind of folks in one direction and one direction only, big pharma.

  11. @Janice

    Well, it all depends on the perspective that you look at this from. In the eyes of doctors this will now be great for them, 1000s of men will now be rushing in like headless chickens to get the “finger”,out of fear(which was the real intention to begin with) and those who are regrettably diagnosed will be passed directly on to big pharma which is also rubbing its hands together already having the pound signs in its eyes. So from the quacks and big pharma’s perspective this was not a waste of time in the slightest as they have just gained 1000s of extra patients, so that they can justify their professions for a little while longer and continue to rake in money from the gullible general public.

    Doctors and big pharma today simply make their money by psyching out the public and waiting for the aftermath of rewards that follow. This whole stunt as far as I am concerned was all about the following:

    1. Dehumanization – Teaching folks to get used to their privates being examined or violated in public view, later to be carried out by the authorities. The Nazis did the same, stripping people naked in the public streets.

    2. Money – Doctors and big pharma ensuring that they will continue to have a guaranteed cash cow well into the future.

    3. Indoctrination – Basically teaching the general public that they are too stupid to look after their own health interests and that they should always rely on and go to the “experts” when something goes wrong rather than deal with the issue themselves.

    4. Demaning The Man – In the same way that Angelina Jolie was persuaded to remove her perfectly normal breasts because of something that “might” have occurred down the road, in like manner many men will also be persuaded to remove their perfectly normal prostates. This ties in with number 2 and this also fits in with the androgynous agenda and the blending of the sexes.

    There are also some homosexual connotations here aswell at play. To take this whole escapade at face value is a serious mistake, there are blatantly other agendas afoot here.

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