It has been reported that comedian and actor Richard Blackwood has agreed to under go a  digital rectal examination (DRE) live on This Morning as part of the Stand By Your Man campaign, which aims to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Blackwood said:

“I believe it’s vital to raise awareness for all men — regardless of  background — of the importance of being diagnosed early. Quite recently I  learned that my mother has been diagnosed with cancer and that’s really left me  thinking cancer can strike anyone at any time.”

According to studies men of African and African Caribbean descent are three times more likely to get  prostate cancer than Caucasian men of the same age.


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  1. I don’t need a digital rectal examination to know the reasons why black males are 3 times more likely to contract prostate cancer than whites. Here, allow me to give you two of the top causes behind cancer in black folks period………………………..and hopefully save some rectums from being violated:

    1. Lack Of Sunlight – If you blacks believe that you can remain in this grey skied country year after year, not go on holiday to catch some sun on your back and think that you will not come down with some sort of cancer or any other major ailment down the road, keep dreaming mac, you are lining yourselves up to be meat on the table.

    2. Processed And High Carb/Starchy Foods – These types of foods are a growing pot for cancer. Cancer feeds on glucose which is a form of sugar, carbohydrates are also sugars that do not taste sweet like normal sugar but none the less break down in the intestinal tract in exactly the same manner.

    If black men and black people in general want to avoid any and all kinds of cancers, ensure that you get regular exposure to high intensity sunlight as much as possible, stick to whole foods(organic)and significantly reduce your intact of carbohydrates and other sugars.

    You don’t “raise awareness” of prostate cancer by allowing somebody else to violate your rectum on national television………………which really causes me to wonder what the real objective behind this stunt is all about. Richard Blackwood is about to be emasculated on national television and I for one will not be praising him for his actions. Cooning for the snowman eh Blackwood????

  2. Another thing that should be pointed out here is that these so called cancer “research” organisations never give you the tools to avoid cancer in the beginning, it is always about how cancer should be “treated” once you have it and never about how cancer can be avoided altogether when you don’t. I’m sure that I am not the only individual who has noticed this continuing pattern.

    You’d also do well to remember that these organizations cannot make money off your back if you are well and if you know how to avoid becoming sick. Hopefully folks here can put 2+2 together.

  3. The problem that I’ve got with this whole process Jan is the fact that the causes behind prostate and all other forms of cancer are never dealt with, these cohorts and quacks always jump to examination, diagnosis and treatment, they always without fail avoid talking about the original causes, why, because once you know about the causes and how to implement a simple prevention program, this only involves the individual, thus cancer organisations and big pharma can no longer make a buck off your back.

    These organisations in league with doctors and big pharma simply use fear as a tactic to draw folks in. It is exactly the same case with women and breast cancer, the same method of fear is used to persuade women to go through unnecessary regular breast check ups. Turns out that the examination itself is most likely to give a woman breast cancer because of the high xray radiation being emitted during the exam. Now you know why so many women are all of a sudden coming down with breast cancer.

    This is all about ££££££££££££££, since when has the government ever been concerned with the health of anybody yet alone black people? Let’s us not forget Tuskegee and Shark Island. The Eugenics program against black people has never stopped, now it has simply disguised itself under many different “soft” sounding terms.

  4. Anything that promotes awareness and helps raise money is always better than nothing so big up to all those involved. But after this Richard Blackwood cannot let his career go from fronting his own chat show to getting things shoved up his backside for entertainment, to playing a Ass on stage and then back to things up his backside again regardless of a charitable cause.

  5. Err…Verbz: “…ensure that you get regular exposure to high intensity sunlight as much as possible…”

    You know that’s how your ass gets skin cancer & you become Donatella Versace aka Leather…

  6. Yes that’s the one Janice. I guess RB can do what he wants with his career but i would have hoped he could have been in a position to say no to a show like This Morning and maybe do a documentary about Prostate cancer to inform and draw in black men who often are not into hearing the mainstream campaigns from the likes of Robbie Williams and co.

    But then again, i guess it has people talking about the subject again so i there is some kind of positive from this.

  7. I always remember him looking at the camera and saying before he went in for the colonic that getting one didn’t mean he was homosexual (words to that effect). I laughed.

    I hadn’t thought about him making a documentary about the prostate cancer. That would be a good idea.

  8. Err…..correction Adaobi, current research update. You actually get the skin cancer from using the waste by products of oil and petroleum refinement called “sun tan lotions”.

    There are plenty of white people in hot countries who do not get skin cancer and since when do black people have to worry about the sun? The sun is not your enemy, contrary to what you have been told.

  9. All I am saying is that why is he making this a public affair? This sort of thing should be done behind closed doors, not in front of an audience if somebody chooses to go through this procedure. Colonic hydrotherapy is also something to be done in private. What is this guys game here?

  10. Well sun is my enemy. In fact I mentioned it in my podcast like 3 hours ago…
    All those oyinbos, have to live with sun block – I don’t think they like the beetroot look. And if it was so good for you, there wouldn’t be the whole hoopla on the excessive use of sunbeds. Unless, your ass is really looking forward to becoming UV man/woman.

    You’re going on like we just stand around in the sun, back home going “bake me…” Has it occured to you that evolution/God** comes into play with the whole melanin & sunlight aka why black people usually don’t get skin cancer…

    So please link me to said current research, in general remember, too much of anything is never & will never be good for you.

    **the closest to PC, I’m ever going to get…

  11. @ Verbs there is a feed on my Facebook that I always read its called ‘Exposing the Truth’. They are constantly getting shut down cause, well they expose governments and all their dodgy dealings . Anyways you will be absolutely shocked to find out how many cures and PREVENTIONS there are for cancers and other diseases(I mean as simple as Fruits,Veggies,Herbs etc things that would cost you next to nothing) but they are simply not telling you because they make billions of selling all these unnecessary drugs. Its always such riveting read what they expose and you end up feeling sooo angry at people in power who get away with so much injustice.

  12. @Adaobi

    What is going on with this truffle shuffle performance? Your direction is all over the shop here. I first gave my recommendations for black people on how to avoid cancer from the start, one of them being regular exposure to some hard sunlight as much as possible. You came and stated that doing such a thing would lead to skin cancer. Now you are saying in your latest comment that because of melanin black people do not get skin cancer from high sunlight exposure. You are contradicting yourself and you need to go back over what you have written. Which one are you going with please?

    On the issue of proof that the sun is not your enemy:

    Now, I could continue battering you with article after article, paper after paper but I’m going to go easy on you today.


    This is exactly my point right here. If this stunt was actually attempting to raise awareness of cancer then why have the causes not been discussed? One thing I have noticed in the UK over the past 3 years especially is that people are now beginning to accept cancer as a given and as a normal part of life, hence why most people today fail to seek out preventative measures but rather accept the cancer doom with arms wide open with no questions and thus focus on how to treat it.

    I challenge you to check out any cancer commercial, pick some at random, not one of them will ever discuss the reasons behind cancer and how it can be avoided, they always talk about how they are there to support you(shake you down more like) and help you through the hard times(maximize the rinsage).

    You see, the government does not want you independent, they want an interdependent society, one where you have to come to the government for everything. This is exactly why that feed keeps getting shut down, people are taking their health into their own hands as individuals, individuals are an enemy of the borg, collectivist, we are all in it together mentality of the state. Government in collaboration with big pharma wants control and slow treatment of disease, not prevention. The CDC is an agency in the US that deals with pandemics, diseases, virus and outbreaks. CDC stands for Center For Disease CONTROL. I rest my case.

  13. @Verbz, apparently, it’s really hard for you to grasp the simple concept: TOO MUCH SUNLIGHT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. I’m not contradicting myself, I simply pointed out why black people don’t usually get skin cancer – due to the fact we obviously have more melanin, which prevents UV damage.

    Just because your body can take it, doesn’t mean you should overwork it. Just because you’ve got insulin in your body, which breaks down sugars, doesn’t mean you overload your body with sugar…

    So yes, sunlight is good for you, but TOO MUCH of it isn’t. Simply put, too much of anything is not good for you. Maybe I should have been more specific…

    @Lulu. You gotta love big drug companies, they will smother the heck out of affordable drugs/natural cures, if the owners don’t sell to them. They’ll do any and everything in their power to discredit & misinform. And if the owners do sell to them, they’ll keep it locked up. You’d be surprised the amount of hidden info, truths & beginnings of many an incurable disease, oh you’d be surprised…

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