Nate James

Nate James

The Daily Mirror reports that Danny from Hear’Say (remember that short lived group), former Cleopatra lead singer Cleo Higgins and soul singer Nate James will all appear on the second series of the BBC show ‘The Voice’.

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I wish them all the best of luck.

I am however surprised to read that Nate James is auditioning.  He enjoyed success in the mid-late noughties and sold a lot of records in Europe and Japan.

Nate has also been nominated for two MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards for Best Newcomer and Best R&B Artist.

Why has he decided to appear on a show of this nature?

If he makes it in to Jessie J’s group and I end up having to listen to HER give HIM singing advice I will either switch off or end up smashing my television to pieces.

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  1. lol at the last two lines

    exposure is exposure. wouldn’t be surprised if they have label deals or singles already primed for when they leave the show

    The Almighty’s Blessings

  2. omg this is like members from SWV , Damage etc….auditioning for the X factor ( maybe a bit extreme, but you get my drift!!!).

    They are already relatively established and should just come back as they are without participating in a siinging competition….They should have created a reality show in the style of RnB Divas or something….

  3. @BrownEyez

    You could be right. Perhaps they need to start creating UK “reality” versions of shows like RnB Divas

    I mean it could be worse they could be auditioning for X-Factor. But I don’t think Nate in particular needs to be doing this.

  4. There will be thousands of people who have never heard of Nate James who will know his talent after this. This is a marketing strategy.

  5. shakes head knowingly….!!! what a mockery of talent the uk has become… the things people have to do to get noticed are criminal…

  6. This biz is brutal. Nate James is an amazing talent but this is what some artists have to do I guess to get exposure. It’s sad it’s like this.

    It shows how on the business side of things even the most talented struggle to get on bigger platforms!

  7. I am happy that Nate James & Cleo Higgins are trying to get out there on a bigger platform to remind people of their talents but on show that they will be judged by Johnny come lately’s Jessie J & Danny O’Donoghue…….it kills my soul.

  8. In these shows, people can not tell talent. Proving how talented you are on these shows is a waste of time. You have top prove you are marketable first and popular with the viewers.

  9. What happened to Ruth? Girl could sing her lungs out. But she did not win. Any way, you don’t have to win on these shows to be a winner.

  10. The world needs a new George Clinton. The world done know the music business is brutal, but too many of these artists are either licky or weak and follow fashion and are more into the business and not the music. They also do not realise that most of them have not got the charisma to be a single artist. Are they too selfish to share the shine? Being in a group first/ single artist later toughens one up. Then we get too many visionless single artists who do not want to hear any critique. If they were in a group first they would have had to. It takes more than talent to make it. It takes somebody being brave/stupid enough to make some mack moves, too.

  11. Damn. I was wondering where he had disappeared to, I still love his track set the tone and is album was good as well, what a step down.

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