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The photograph of a lighter skinned India is being used to promote her new single Cocoa Butter.

I was left speechless when I came across this photograph. I didn’t even recognise her at first.

Your thoughts please….


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  1. If her name was not on the single cover I would never have guessed it was her.

    I’d need to see a ‘regular’ photo of her now before I scream skin bleaching because I know how the record companies love to lighten everyone on the covers including Mary J Blige who is much darker than her past album and single covers show.

  2. Hmm. From chocolate to cocoa butter. Have not yet heard the song, but I’m guessing that she is in fact addressing the issue of skin lightening, hence the photo? She was very vocal about using a light skinned actress to play Nina Simone for example.

  3. Okay, just played the song and it’s nothing about skin lightening lol! I was giving her the benefit of the doubt.

  4. Don’t like it…it doesn’t even look like her! — Brown eyez you have me cracking up….’bleach butter’

  5. To backside, has India been stocking piling some of Kartel’s cake soap? Say it ain’t so. I truly hope this is a bad airbrush job, otherwise… well I really don’t know what to say.

  6. The colour doesn’t even look authentic. I say its record label photoshop, and if I see india looking this chalky yellow colour in real life i’ll eat a bar of cake soap!

  7. Does not look like her. I’m disappointed that she would allow them to promote her in this way.

  8. Love the dress! She looks amazing. Legs for day girl…do your thing. Oh–who cares about shads of color that’s the world in which we live; true or false doesn’t change my admiration for you the young beautiful and gifted sister.

  9. Wow truly a disappointing time…. To see media destroy yet another African queen… Before long everyone will be white…. It’s will be an all white cast of the Wiz… And we all ease on down to self destruction

  10. Hopefully this is digitally remastered and hopefully (fingers crossed) she did not approve of this image. If so, then I am extremely disappointed in the image, because to me, india.arie exuded confidence as a dark skinned woman and represented my image in the public domain

  11. Who is that? I guess she’s reversing the process Zoe Salanda went through to look like Nina Simone. That’s a jarring image from a woman who looks incredibly beautiful. Wish she’d go back to her natural color. But I think I understand her meaning.

  12. She has a hell of a set of legs and the sexiest lips. Saw her with Sade in concert some years back. Excellent!

  13. Remember Nina Simone she never changed to be lighter. her skin was black and proud of who you as James Brown would say. money can make you and break you.

  14. We all want to believe that the writer of brown eyes and other self love songs would know better than to allow herself to be “bleached” out for media. She was the inspiration to many young, dark skinned, kinky haired girls, for them to love themselves for who they were. I will wait to see what future photos not of the cover show me prior to believing that she would allow herself to get sucked into “selling herself out” and disappointing those who followed her for music that inspired self love.

  15. But if the lighting makes her look all pale and yellow – all over – and does not enhance her natural dark skin, then it’s ‘bad’ lighting then right? Why would she approve that. I mean compare the skin colour on her face! Bad lighting and Photoshop more like. Her purple wrap is only light in the middle but her whole face is light.

  16. I believe the recording label, who hires the photographer and graphic artist, are the culprits. Would probably a good guess. Even though India is the artist, she doesn’t own the label and may not have a lot of say in the final photo.

  17. Shes’ insane. I believe she has destroyed her career! I can’t believe her self esteem was this low. This has deeply disappointed a majority of her fans. Including myself. I am no longer a fan.

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