Last night the kings of 90s R&B Jodeci performed live at the Wembley Arena and let’s just say fans who were in attendance are still in shock.

CLICK HERE to read about last night’s events and to watch some footage.


Group members K-Ci and Jojo have now taken the opportunity to address last night’s debacle via their official Twitter account.

I just want to remember the good old days. Leave us fans with our memories Jodeci.


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  1. I was at Wembley last night..right up at the front, we only came to see Jodeci,,…after being a fan for over 20 something years it was heartbreaking to see the entire audience boo Jodeci off stage….I pray deeply you guys get the help you need…….no disappointment from me, I just feel sad 😦

  2. Jodeci I’ve grown up with your songs in my life for almost 18yrs.. I feel sorry for what I witnessed last night (front row seat). God blessed you all with amazing talent that you sold. Your mothers are praying women and I know God will answer their prayers and deliver you all. I think you guys can get it together, I really do. However you must want to. Depart from drink and drugs or you guys will NEVER make a come back. Even as I write I’m saddened.

    On a more positive note, the concert was off the hook…It was AMAZING up in that place last night. Myself and my girls had a ball. Big up to SWV thats still keeping it real, ladies you look & looked fab and carried yourselves with pure grace and class..Sisters you all are off the chain. One luv ladies… Blackstreet, Dru Hill, and Changing Faces you guys smashed it. Big up to the host you are jokes..

    Awaiting another 90s concert…That was REAL R&B back then..Now you all know what I’m saying..

    One luv xx

  3. OMG they are STILL in denial. Blaming equipment,lack of rehearsals really? Addiction is a terrible monster, i know i have alcoholic family members. And while they are still blaming everyone else they wont get any better. A few years ago in Aussie didn’t they collapse on stage? And just recently Jojo said he had to have 3/4 of his liver removed or something like that.Either way its sad all around, i hope they get the help they need and these promoters stop booking them its now becoming a freak show.

  4. I am much the same as everyone else just saddened to see such huge talent in decline, it was heartbreaking, I waited 20 years to watch you guys, and it was at best confusing. Please get the help you need, you owe it to yourselves. But despite it all you will always remain one of my favourite bands ever! your management need to step in and think about your health & not the dollars! Good luck guys I wish you the best! x

  5. Jodeci need help and our prayers but they also honesty.

    How can you say you were not disappointed to witness that horrible demise from front row? When they left the stage their people were telling them they performed well. People on twitter were blaming the London audience for ‘not knowing RnB’ That ‘encouragement’ is actually enabling their behaviour. They are still touring America and have shows every month. People need to stop going, promotors need to stop booking them. Maybe when the shows and money dries up they will finally get it. Nobody wants to see them end up like Amy Winehouse, they are living on borrowed time as it is. Sad Sad Times.

  6. my opinion is management has to be strong to control these guys. be professional,which you should be. NO ALCHOHOL AND DRUGS BACK STAGE. I know what goes on backstage coz i have been with you cats on the road. live a little. peace.

  7. I was not present at the concert due to work however i am a huge fan of you guys and i think you need to sit back and look at the MASSIVE amount of talent you all have and the great TRUE fans and the oppurtunities beckoning. A lot of people want you guys back and on the charts and in our hearts. It hurts us to see you crumbling from greatness into an abyss and obscurity. You were one of the GREATEST groups of the 90’s. Thats not a title easily earned! so try your best to keep it and show your fans what you are really made of. I want to see a real old school comeback! Your fans still love you we have big hearts! Peace and onelove

  8. Jodeci man we all love you guys, you were the most talented group in the industry. I know you still have it…
    get some help, drugs are distorting your talent and your life. Get it together and get back where you belong ….on stage I am a big fan I believe you can do it, we will all be here when you do a real come back.

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