Newcomer to the Reggae dancehall scene Alkaline has more or less sacrificed his eye sight for fame and fortune.

[Thanks Akilah]

Alkaline you mad young fool.

And why would a tattoo artist agree to do such a thing?

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  1. This is another classic example of how black people as a collective, as a whole are rapidly trundling backwards into the abyss, because most of our people insist on subscribing to outlandishly dumb, reprobate, foolish and dangerous stupidity like this chieftain above.

    Stupidity like this must be called out for what it is. I done giving these reprobate scum a pass, I’m calling dumb blacks out for their stupidity. And yet again, guess what nation of people started this tattooing of the eyes? Always trying to appease masser and be accepted by him eh Negro.

  2. Whoa, did u even notice how u just turned this into a issue of race. Are u a repressed racist? I saw a young & dumb kid trying to be cool, Id blame his age before anything else.

  3. Wow what an idiot. He obviously doesn’t believe his own talent and grind will get him where he wants to go. What if he still does not succeed, then what? Implant horns to stick out of his skull? There’s no short cut to real and lasting success.

    @Verbs – I don’t agree with the – “as a collective, as a whole” “most of”. Fools like this are in the minority.

  4. I would say it is an issue of race, Tyler of Odd Future made this look famous. If a white rock band was doing this it is debatable whether this young & foolish kid would have been influenced to do this to himself. Also, it is an indictment on how we are insecure about ourselves and our aesthetic and how we ALWAYS feel we need to be extra to stand out.

  5. I don’t see how you can link a black artist using strange tactics to get noticed as a issue for all black people.
    The ragga scene is obviously going though a stage where what you do and how you look means more than the music itself.
    I do not see black people in my peer group acting like that in England or parts of Jamaica. All types of music goes through these idiot stages from rock, pop, rap and pop.

  6. @ezy333

    This is all that it has ever been about since most blacks decided that they wanted to integrate into a white society. Whites do something incredibly dumb, outlandish and foolish and black people in general feel the need to copy, this is a fact that cannot be deconstructed or disputed, look around you and take off the blinkers.


    You have to remember that this is only one example of many to choose from. When I look on the streets today, I see the vast majority of young black boys and black men rocking and sagging monkey jeans or the so called tight fit jeans or rocking symbols on shirts associated with death or evil. When you begin to look at all of the examples, it is a harsh truth but it is a majority of blacks. I’m not just taking into account this new craze that this fool has embraced, we have to look at the rest of the picture, which begins to look very ugly when the full scope is analysed.

    Now, you need to look at this again and be very cautious in calling this guy out as the cross hairs can be turned back on yourself and you could be equally questioned in relation to that King Bones t shirt that you are selling.

  7. @ Cameron

    I didn’t say all black people, read my sentences again. Generally or on the whole does not mean all. Again, I am not just dealing with music, I am dealing with all aspects of life that have influenced many blacks to subscribe to folly and stupidity, music is only one area of many.

  8. @ Verbs2013

    Fair point, i just do not think what a certain musician does in Jamaica represents me and people i know, that’s what i thought you were trying to say, my bad. I also saw your response to ezy333 and Pheva and get where you are coming from.

  9. That is true Pheva but it isn’t wise to leave yourself open to be called a hypocrite. Just as much as this guy can be gunned for his act of stupidity, people can just as easily turn around and say “well what the heck is that guy over there doing peddling that type of symbol on a t shirt?”

  10. Heh! OK then Verbs. I still maintain I can do what I do and call dude out at the same time. We’ll never agree on that for various reasons, so let’s keep it moving! Peace.

  11. umm verbs… you look ignorant. For one, you say as a whole black ppl are this and that bc of this ONE dude tattooing his eyes. umm how about you start researching a little bit more. it’s ppl like you who keep negativity going. you wanna list examples, hmm ok, did you know that in chicago where its majority a lot of crime a school of young BLACK men have graduated and have scholarships to college bc they overcame what you say “is what all black men are”. stop only following and looking for the negative. bc let’s be real here, what are YOU doing to change it? besides judging. smh

  12. You can’t go around making blanket statements stereotyping every one like that Verbs…. Once you say something like that it doesn’t even matter what your point is because no one is going to take you seriously.

  13. Synn & Edd,

    There is one thing that I have a serious problem with, people who cannot read and understand English even though it is their first language. There is nowhere in any of my statements where I stated that ALL black people are dysfunctional. I said most which is a true statement. Both of you need to relearn to read English. In fact, both of your statements in error simply validate my point about the dysfunctionality of black people in general on one level or another.

    Secondly, black people doing ignorant foolishness is keeping the negativity going, not those simply pointing out their ratchet behaviour. This is not some sort of hocus pocus, abra cadabra type situation where you can magic the serious issues within the black community away by simply not focusing on them. This is simply yet another example of how black people on the whole have become so dysfunctional and backwards in their thinking process, many of us actually believe that if you ignore an issue it will simply go away. The primary cause today as to why things are so out of hand within the black community is for the very reason that we have shielded and defended ratchet no good black folks from scrutiny and rebuke when they should have been outed and held accountable from the very beginning.

    You simply cannot ignore the negative, it has to be dealt with or it will fester out of control, spill over and contaminate the good. I am doing what should have been done a long time ago, I am shining a bright light on ratchet behaviour and the guilty culprits behind it. At least now these reprobate blacks will no longer be able to hide themselves and use good black folks as their shield.

    By the way Synn, your young BLACK men who have just graduated are still at risk from being murdered by the reprobate dysfunctional scum blacks still on the loose that you refuse to focus on.

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