Revolver Entertainment’s large office in London’s Holland Park was unstaffed with the gates padlocked.

Revolver Entertainment’s large office in London’s Holland Park was unstaffed with the gates padlocked yesterday (Monday).

Screen Daily reports that film distributor Revolver Entertainment has closed its doors until further notice.

The company responsible for bringing us British “URBAN” film classics such as Shank, SKET, Payback Season, Kidulthood, Anuvahood and Ill Manors has also apparently told its remaining staff not to return as the company would not be paying them.

According to senior staff formerly at Revolver, there are also other company-specific financial reasons for the company’s demise, not just the general DVD downturn. One internal email between executives from late last year seen by Screen describes the company’s “cash flow problems” and income being “significantly below that forecast.”

The company listed as Revolver Entertainment Limited has yet to submit its 2012 financial statement to Companies House [and does not need to until September of this year]. But the 2011 and 2010 statements for that listing reveal an outfit in decline with significant overheads. Financials for related and sister companies isn’t known.

Company profit for that business specifically declined from £721,546 in 2010 to £119,219 in 2011. Despite only adding two staff in the same 12-month period, the company’s already hefty wage bill increased by almost £250,000.

Amid fluctuation, Revolver’s “director’s remuneration” remained consistent at £240,000 each year according to Companies House.

Despite its problems, the company has yet to enter administration.

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Oh dear… where did it all go wrong Revolver? Now we will never get to see SKET 2, Shank 2 or Payback Season 2.

Sad times.

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  1. Oh dear…

    I thought the same thing as Terra. So far this year I’ve heard nothing about any roadman, in da endz, using the word urban for Black, set on a council estate films coming out. Long may that continue into 2013.

    Wasn’t Noel Clarke having a serious rant about Revolver last year?

  2. Sad that many are losing their jobs but in this economy you have to diversify, you can’t just make films about poor black people and expect rich people to go see them.

    P.S What did Noel Clarke say?

  3. Well they didn’t pay loads of people for their latest films, and according to this article seems like the directors certainly reaped the rewards for screening them. Their subsidiaries are

  4. Can i mention please that Revolver Entertainment and Films is in no way connected to Revolver Records, Revolver Music ltd or Revolver World. We are the original owners of the brand and retain our rights in the Registered (R) Trademark. We were taking action against them at the EU Trademark Agency when they collapsed. We reserve all rights in the trademark and our brand which continues under the name “Revolver”. So grateful please if those looking at this news article would kindly bear this in mind going forwards.

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