Leigh Arendse

Leigh Arendse

Via The Daily Mail

A paedophile who hid in a 12-year-old girl’s  bedroom and had sex with her for two days while her unknowing parents sat downstairs has been jailed.

Leigh Arendse, 25, of Brunswick Park, Barnet,  groomed the innocent youngster on an internet chat room before going from London  to her Cambridgeshire home to meet  her.

He then spent 48 hours in her bedroom  watching DVDs and having sex with her – and hid behind the door when her mum  went to check on her.

Sick Arendse claimed  he thought the girl was actually 14 and only realised her true age when her mum  told her off for smoking in her  room.

He then left the house and went to London  with the girl whose parents raised the alarm when she went missing last  August. Continue Reading….

This sick brute spent 48 hours in a 12 year old girl’s bedroom, watched DVDs, had sex with her while her parents were downstairs, then hid behind the door when her mother went to check on her and told her off for smoking in her room (so many questions here). And his only defence was that he thought she was 14 years old.

His 4 year sentence in prison is a disgrace.

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  1. You are right to question the smoking. Times have changed. my mother would have given me a real good beating (it was 1982 when I was twelve, so don’t check my mother for a barbarian, lol) and her beatings did not encourage one to be “static”. By the time I would have danced around the bedroom, any stray boy, man, cat , dog hiding in my room would have been discovered only for it to take the rest of my beating and me hopefully escaping from a room with a one way exit! Parents these days can be so stupid and slack. Not to blame them for this retarded ( when i was twenty one I wouldn’t have even looked at anything named “teen” and by that you could have been nineteen years and three hundred and sixty four days old. Is it me, or has anybody else noticed that too many of our twenty something year old “men” are so poorly socialised as to have a early teenagers mentality? Then again I have family who insist on infantilising their undercover (well not to me) thug sons by referring to them as “my baby” and feigning shock and horror when some youngling announces her pregnancy by said errant son. Seriously some of our males have been retarded by their mothers and end up like this pervert. The tenaciousness used to groom this hormonal underage girl suggests to me that this man is not incapable of looking for work. Dutty ra**!

  2. I agree Sparkle whether he thought she was 12 or 14…why go there? I don’t know of any 25 years old interested in teenage girls. He is a peadophile, so let us not put the blame on the “little girl” what the hell were her parents doing.

    It is the “baby boy syndrome” so many guys who look like men but have the mentality of a teenager/child…parents want to cosset and mollycoddle their sons. He should have received a longer sentence imo.

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