Oh my goodness radio host Alex Jones totally DESTROY’S Piers Morgan during this explosive discussion about gun control in America on his CNN show ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’.

Jones has also started a petition to deport Morgan back to England because he advocates stricter gun laws in America.

Wow… Your thoughts please….

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  1. piers is punching above his weight here…!!!
    sometimes you gotta shut up and listen…!! rather than assume your viewpoint is valid

  2. Just because you’re loud, it doesn’t make you right.

    He’s erratic. Would you want him in possession of a gun?

  3. Hahahaha, they were afraid to bring Jones on. CNN have cancelled on Alex Jones many times before at the last minute because they know that he knows his stuff. You cannot tackle Alex Jones head on when it comes to information, especially when it relates to true government histories, conspiracies and statistics and real facts as apposed to government sponsored and propagated fairy tales.

    This is a typical mainstream media interviewing tactic, to ask you one question and as you begin to answer it, they then randomly and spontaneously throw another one into the mix while you are still in mid flow answering the first, to deliberately throw you off your concentration thus bringing you into a state of confusion. They cannot challenge Jones on an equal, straight and level playing field so they have no choice but to resort to trickery, deception and underhand tactics in order to keep themselves above the water. Morgan was instructed to adopt this tactic and use it on Jones.

    Morgan got his clock cleaned and would have been buried more severely had Alex Jones been given the chance to FULLY expound on each question that was asked. Piers Morgan I believe was pre warned not to rail off on Jones like he did to Larry Pratt in this interview regarding the same topic, gun control, however Pratt still dealt with Morgan’s case:

    Democide? I did google this term and this is the first sentence I encountered on Wikipedia:

    “Democide is a term revived and redefined by the political scientist R. J. Rummel as “the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder.”

    Check out this short article on in relation to how governments have killed over 260 million people in the 20th century alone and be sure to check out the short documentary at the bottom of the page by Jones called “Blueprint Of Madmen”:

  4. One guy goes blazing a gun through a school and everybody now must give up their protection because of him???? Recognise Collectivist Punishment when you see it and know that it is not only incredibly dumb but also extremely dangerous.

    That is like saying that because the average size knife is used for stabbing, I must now give up all of my knives in the kitchen and sacrifice cutting up bread, meat and vegetables because of an extremely small minority of nut jobs who go out and stab people randomly??????

    This is the typical dumb mentality of the general public, they always cascade and blame the benign tools themselves, rather than the person who uses them for evil.

  5. Alex Jones knows his stuff and can’t be beaten on facts/theories – but his passion spilled over into crazy a couple of times.

  6. I watched a woman on CNN when those kids were killed. She used to be a member of the NRA and was always for them, helped them when they wanted to pass more laws in favor of guns, but the minute she opposed them on a certain law they wanted to campaign for and pass, they turned the guns on her(not literally), they started a campaign to destroy her and her attempts at running for some post. They set up a website specifically for her/hate campaign. She lost anyway. Piers should have known better. His career might just be over.

    Their argument in favor of guns was that if the good guy had a gun, he would have shot the bad guy before he could kill all those children.

  7. Do you know why the Bushes are heroes? Because they went and started wars. Some of these Republicans are so obsessed with war hence the fascination with their guns. And this man has the cheek to say that people have mental health problems, he clearly has mental health issues and some bit of paranoia.

  8. You are dealing with psychopathic freaks in league with corrupt government who are attempting to take away the people’s last defence against them in order to install a diabolical system of oppression and literal hell. In light of this proven objective, how would you react? In case some folks haven’t figured it out yet, psychopaths CANNOT BE REASONED WITH.

    We are not allowed to own guns in the UK. Remember what has happened in Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Mau’s China and Pot’s Cambodia after the guns were confiscated. Mass slaughter is coming here to the UK and with the zombie British public unarmed, who exactly is going to stop the governmental tyrants from slaughtering people in mass? Suggestions on a post card please!

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