Rapper ASAP Rocky recently spoke to Miss Info about his career and travelling the world in 2012.

Listen to what he has to say about African women from [mark 2:00].

[Thanks Lorraine]

This is why it is important to travel (looks over at the United States of America). Or if you cannot afford to do that then sit down, open a bloody book, utilise the Internet in a sensible fashion and educate yourself.

For goodness sake, did he really believe that African women looked like the poor souls featured in the Band Aid video back in 1985???  I actually wanted to slap his entire face off when I first watched this video. I still do!

Even Miss Info cringed and looked visibly uncomfortable for a split second.

How old is this man??? What an idiot.

But to be fair ASAP does admit to being “ignorant” before he applied for a passport, boarded an American Airlines jet and flew out of his “hood”, and his eyes have been opened.

This reminds of the time when rapper Ludacris travelled to South Africa to film a music video. Music executive Kevin Liles who was President of Def Jam Recordings at the time was part of the rapper’s entourage and said he couldn’t believe how developed South Africa was. “I was expecting to see nothing but jungle down here”.

This ignorance came from a man who is supposed to be educated. I was livid.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. If you read through his lyrics you wouldn’t be surprised. He is generally a woman basher, never mind bashing African women. And his thinking seems illiterate when you read through his lyrics, very ignorant.

  2. Funny he didn’t said he has a misconception about African people in general but about African women…. that says a lot about his mindset ( or a black men one?) Also I am not sure why some think being short haired/bald is a sign of ugliness?!

    Although I do see ( kinda) see where he’s coming from, this is just proof how western depiction of Africa in general has an impact on those living in the West regardless of the race though you will expect better from a Black person especially if those ones are African themselves.

    Thank god people do travel and internet is there do open the eyes of some.

  3. The MTO mindset. Americans really are very insular and ignorant, but you cant tell them that!

    Once MTO posted a picture of Kelly Rowland in a club with female fans in Ghana, the comments were like “but they look just like regular black folk” SMH

  4. Western media and ignorance is major. I do feel the untravelled and those who do not read outside the box would have this image. My 7yr old saw an aide video for water in Africa and he looked at me concerned and asked if African people drink dirty water. I had to explain to him that all don’t and its only the very poor that might do. These aid campaigns damage Africa’s image. Don’t worry though as he grows I will ensure he knows better. Ignorance is never bliss

  5. I think we need to slap idiot like that who say s**t like that. They come to africa and they act shocked we give them a slap and ask why they’re shocked if they say something s**t like what he just said we give them another slap and tell them their ignorant! America isn’t the only country in world and I’ve nóticed that since america started sinking more and more people are trying to find ways to get out. I hope it sinks further down and the ”greatest country in the world” is no more! I don’t like when people are ignorant but I hate to hear it from a black person that just makes it worse.

  6. I’m not surprised by this, as many Americans (especially black Americans) are very insular
    Most haven’t even left their neighbourhoods, let alone their states
    They feel that they have no reason to be that “worldly”, as the don’t have the links to the rest of the world like we do (in the UK)
    You have remember, that they are generations “in”
    They have been living in the US for so long.
    Whereas black people in the UK are only 2-3 generations “in” and still have immediate family that live in other places of the world, so we have that link to other cultures at our disposal (West Africa, The Caribbean etc)
    Our knowledge will always be more diverse because of this connection
    This is what happens when you have a disenfranchised race of people, who have been scattered about the four corners of the earth, with their culture and history ripped from them.
    Many generations later, through media and propaganda, you start to believe what is fed to you (turning into a self-fulfilling prophecy)
    I have to hand it to him, for at least recognising this fact
    Hopefully, he will use this platform he has to travel more and to cleanse his mind of the negative imagery that the media have successfully lodged in his mind, and the minds of other young black youths.

  7. Lol at people saying Black Folks in the UK have less stereotypes about African people hahahahaha

    I’ve heard the same shit ( and worst) from Black British and Caribbean in the UK about African Folks. A lot of them are as ignorant as the fella above.

  8. Because Africa is considered and comes off as the poorest continent for donkeys now. So, black people who are so blessed not to come from there or have any roots there see themselves above black Africans. Basically black Africans are at the bottom of the pile in the world.

  9. Why the emphasis on “African girls”….I can only guess what led to the comment, he saw a bag of stunning African women and thought wow they don’t conform to the stereotype I have at all.

    I agree Nubiahbella it is no different to how many Caribbean’s in the UK. think about Africa.

  10. @IceQueen and @Nubiahbella Vice versa, I have heard some idiotic statements from Africans about people from the Caribbean (especially Jamaicans)
    In fact, if a statement is made about people from the Caribbean, rarely will you hear the statement being said about “Caribbean”, the statement will be “Jamaica this, Jamaica that” (off course Jamaica is the whole of the Caribbean!! #sarcasm smdh)
    Ignorance comes from those who have not been exposed to different cultures. It works both ways

  11. LOL at this quickly turning into a slanging match, pointing fingers at which black people are worse.

    Wow, Nubiah Bella, IceQueen Terra, this is 100% different.

    There has been a rivalry between Caribbean’s and Africans in the UK years, brought on by them being separated, put against each other and judged according to nationality back in the 50s/60s especially when there only a few jobs for people of colour to go around. Caribbean’s are lazy, Africans are fraudulent blah blah blah… For the most part this era has gone, but some of the ignorance has unfortunately been passed down to this generation. A young Nigerian girl recently told me her mother had instructed her not to marry another nigerian. Some of our self prejudices fun deep Go figure.

    BUT This dude said he thought all African women were BALD! BALD! With flies around their mouth FFS!! Regardless of where you have travelled, how the hell do you not know what black people look like? Im sure this fool has access to the damn internet. When i go to Texas black americans always ask me what England looks like and if i see the queen on the street. Is this guy from Texas?

    Seriously if you run from your ignorance you cant fix it.

  12. @Melissa, there is no slanging match. If points are to be illustrated, its only fair to show that ignorance is an all rounded thing, which I felt wasn’t being said.

  13. And guess which nation started these contentions and misconceptions between blacks in the east and blacks in the west? You already know who, the answer is not that hard to stumble across, and who was the man who manufactured, fronted and pushed this propaganda forward to perpetuate between black people in different parts of the world for the sole purpose of keeping us divided and not having us come together as one unit, this guy:

    Folks need to check this Zbigniew Brzezinski out and read about the the memo that he put out in the 1960-1970s called the King Alfred Plan. If you have not already heard of this plan, you need to google it immediately. Here is a video also which breaks down the King Alfred Plan, its origins and its true intentions(the main objective being the complete extermination of black people at some stage in the near future):

    Is it also a coincidence that plastic coffins are being placed in areas all over the US mostly in predominantly black areas by the hundred thousands? Here is a picture of some of these plastic coffins in Atlanta. Atlanta by the way has a very large black population:

    Black people WORLDWIDE need to start waking up quick time and stop concerning themselves with the trivialities of life.

  14. Let’s not get too high and mighty here. A lot of the “new” Jamaicans have this mindset, despite living in the U.K where there are loads of “new” Africans who most definitely do not represent the “bang belly,starving,please give to this charity” stereotype often shown on television to represent Africa. I’m also wary of blaming the media also. Too many black people will go out of their way to be wilfully ignorant of Africa. Let’s face it, nuff black people in the diaspora hate the fact that they are black much less African. Has anybody apart from me been “blessed” enough to witness a previously quiet “christian” West Indian (in my case jamaican) female family elder lose her natural mind on the”suggestion” that she is “African”, racially? In my case and (anecdotally) it is not a pretty sight. The violence in my family member’s tone and disposition when this suggestion was made to her made me laugh.
    This guy is not wilfully ignorant about Africa because he is an insular African American. He’s ashamed to be connected to Africa because he is black.
    (Sorry, I didn’t read through the comments. I can now plainly see that my point has been brought up about Caribbean’s attitudes towards Africans.)

  15. @Sparkle, are you telling me that Africans do not display the same ignorance towards Caribbeans ? I really don’t want to do a tit for tat, but what I’m seeing here is some straight B.S. I cant be asked to write again, so i’ll just copy and paste.

    I have heard some idiotic statements from Africans about people from the Caribbean (especially Jamaicans)
    In fact, if a statement is made about people from the Caribbean, rarely will you hear the statement being said about “Caribbean”, the statement will be “Jamaica this, Jamaica that” (off course Jamaica is the whole of the Caribbean!! #sarcasm smdh)
    Ignorance comes from those who have not been exposed to different cultures. It works both ways

  16. I just like to point out that the ad showing just under the story RIGHT NOW is: – Africans Dating and Singles, showing your typical modern westernised African women complete with their finest weaves, you’ve gotta love Google Ad Choices…

  17. The boy is too stupid. Considering he’s black and therefore originates from Africa…YOU’D THINK HE’D HAVE AN IDEA WHAT AFRICAN WOMEN LOOK LIKE. He just sounds like the next racist white guy whose like “omg my eyes opened when i saw African women! they don’t actually look like apes!” 2012/2013 and the idiot still thought that we’d be running around fire. The guy needs some slapping. It isn’t about Caribbean or African Americans vs Africans. But its the whole black people choosing to be ignorant of other black people or where they originate from. They have this useless mindset that all Africans are bush people who are illiterate and are not in contact with the rest of the world. Like, really? You people need to grow the fuck up and open your damn eyes because the whole entire black race is just acting more and more uneducated whilst they are actually being educated.

  18. + we don’t need weaves to be seen as modern. Who said our natural hair whether its afro, kinky, coily, curly can’t be modern? Thats not what makes us bush, its your mentality that makes you a bush person. Straight hair/white people hair/weaves is not a sign of being in the 21st century. Stop being so ignorant.

  19. I was born in London to Caribbean parents so I can tell you that most of the black population here are African immigrants (overtaking the Caribbeans). I went to school where most of the students there were children of African immigrants and believe me a lot of them look no different than the average African-American. So the ignorance is really stupid, most of them look no different than you guys. Of course you may have the ones who have the “stereotypical African look” (facial features, hair etc.) but he makes it sound like all of them look that way. He is so wrong for making such stupid assumptions like that, seriously it’s people like this who make African-Americans look really stupid and ignorant.

  20. lmao @ African women with straight hair. This fool can’t even tell a weave from natural hair. Maybe his cornrows are too tight and he forgot that he too has nappy hair! smh

    btw, his late dad was from Barbados and his mom is African American, so he’s completely a product of the (dysfunctional) New World.

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