Jacintha Saldanha

Full interview with the 2Day FM DJs behind the Royal Prank Call to a London nurse on Australia’s Channel Seven Network’s flagship current affairs program, Today Tonight.

What a mess.

I doubt they thought that anyone would fall for such a silly prank and that it would take such a tragic turn.

The media and the hospital are quick to blame the DJs but we still don’t know what was going on in Jacintha’s personal life at the time or how the hospital’s management dealt with her and the still unnamed colleague who actually passed on information about the Duchess’ condition.

The hospital’s management claim that Jacintha was not disciplined for transferring the prank call but I believe heads rolled.

Also was the press hounding her?

Rest In Peace Jacintha Saldanha.

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  1. Feel terrible this innocent prank took a horrible turn. The nurse obviously had other issues in her life .. To take her life. This is not the DJ’S fault and people should stop blaming those two.

  2. This is not the DJ’s fault. Please. They sat in a meeting and came up with this clever plan. If you walked into a bank under a false name and defrauded it with money, although they would blame the bank for poor protocol and/or policies, they would have your mug plastered all over crime watch. I can imagine right wingers cursing her out for even having the privilege to work for the royal family. And it’s common practice for these organizations to do something about these things, like fill in incident forms and reports, every body making sure that they are not in the loop that holds them responsible, and they also have a reputation to keep. They might not discipline you, but they will lay the huge burden of responsibility on you and somehow distance themselves from you. They should have provided her with counseling or something.

    But to take your life over this is like choosing your job over your family. God knows what was going on around her and in her head. Hopefully she didn’t get any threatening letters like Ferdinand got when he pointed the finger at Terry for racism. Even if she had issues going on in her life, she didn’t need people pushing het over the edge. We all have issues going on in our lives I would presume.

  3. these double agent posters…..!!! always come out to protect….. its not the deejays fault???? question….. !!!! would she be alive if they didnt do that prank…… and answer is probably!!

  4. Exactly, of course its the DJs fault. You don’t phone ANY hospital trying to find out confidential information about a sick patient much less a member of the royal family.

    They are trying to use ‘people do this all the time’ as an excuse, but no, people do not prank call hospitals, or police stations, or government buildings etc etc You do that kind of thing with Pizza Hut.

    Apart from the dumb DJs who should’ve been immediately sacked, why did the producers air the call without speaking to hospital staff first?

    Why didn’t the stations lawyers block it from being aired as it did contain information which is confidential.

    And why, at no point, did anyone at that station think about the two nurses who took the calls and the implications of airing this, without consent, that could possibly cost them their jobs.

    It turns out the implications were much worse, and them blubbering on TV does not mean they should not be liable.

    Apart from them the hospital is also at fault. How can you have a member of the royal family in and not have procedures in place for contact. Everyone in the hospital should have known who to pass those queries too. Jacintha was just covering reception that day, if she had passed the call to the wrong person, we would have known about it by now. This poor lady got caught up in a list of errors from two incompetent organisations and only her and her poor family will suffer.

  5. It’s really typical and so predictable – the two white DJ’s are now the VICTIMS! To every action there is a reaction, bout dem a get counselling, whose counselling the widower and her kids?

  6. Would she be alive if it had not been for the DJS???? That is a stupid question, probably not…BUT not because of these two DJs rather because this woman clearly had issues going on in her life to make such a drastic decision. ESPECIALLY with having a husband and 2 children….for all we know…maybe her husband killed her and covered it up as a suicide! WE DO NOT KNOW. The point is…you do not know what her home life was like or what thoughts went through her mind about the prank or on any subject for that matter! To GUESS that this prank was to blame for her supposed suicide is clearly idiotic. You cannot charge people for something so serious on just assumptions, why would you even want to??? Grow up people and put yourself in a prankster’s shoes, it is meant for laughs, not to kill. I think the people blaming these DJs are absolutely ridiculous!

  7. Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that billions of people worldwide are laughing at you. Imagine that their laughter will follow you for the rest of your life, whenever you give your name. That your split second lack of judgment is recorded and broadcast and accessible on the web forever. Ordinary people trying to work at their jobs are not fodder for “the media” to humiliate randomly, the whole culture of prank and “epic fail” virals disgusts me.

  8. She is not the only who has been prank called by DJs…can you remember their names??? Doubt it…because you move on and forget. Imagine this….a waitress kills herself after her shift, should we bring charges up on her last customer that didn’t leave a tip because she was crying about it at work???? OR…a man kills himself shortly after mowing his lawn…should we bring charges up on the next door neighbor that didn’t return his kind gesture of waving that day??? A young mother kills herself after her child throws a tantrum in the middle of the store…should we blame the child??? A man is stood up on a date with a girl, he goes home and kills himself…should we charge the girl for being a no show??? I could go on and on with these scenarios. Every one at some time in their life has been pranked, made fun of, cruelly treated, stared at, yelled at, hit or abused in some way or another. Yes, it is sad, it is terrible. BUT to honestly say that these 2 DJs without a doubt were the straw that broke the camel’s back? That’s unjust and just not right, I do not believe for one second that their intention with the prank was to kill. They will have that prank stay with them forever whether they are punished or not, and I truly believe that is enough punishment for a stupid joke. To actually BLAME them for the suicide is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. There is no telling what made this woman do what she did but it is clear that she had deep psychological issues that go way beyond this prank!

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