L-R: Noel Simpson (back), Jade Jones, Andre Harriott, Coree Richards and Rahsaan J Bromfield

In a new interview with The Voice former lead vocalist of hit 1990s British R&B group Damage Coree Richards, talks about his life after he split from the group to pursue his solo music career (they were not pleased) and his future endeavours.

He reveals:

‘’The guys all stopped speaking to me after that.  I was so depressed I went to Thailand and partied to cope with the pain and pressure of now trying to go solo.  It was hard. I had so many initial fears and didn’t know what I was going to do next.”

“Certain producers that used to work with Damage, that we had given their first breaks to were either not returning my calls or trying to charge me sums that were out of my range!”

Damage used to be the Choice FM babies but now DJ’s like Jenny Francis wouldn’t even get back to me!”

“There was a Ghetto Romance party arranged in Muswell Hill. A past Damage team staff member had invited me to come along and try and be cordial to the boys.  I turned up and security wouldn’t let me in. Eventually I was inside and the entire band was really throwing me negative vibes. Andre Harriott (the son of Choice FM presenter Daddie Earnie), who seemed the worse for wear, maybe because of alcohol, was quite aggressive’’.

Coree also believes that Jade Jones’ relationship with Spice Girl Emma Bunton may have been an issue.

He said:

“Andre hangs onto Jade. Jade hangs onto Emma and that’s what is priority.”

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

*At the start of the article the writer states that in the 1990s the UK chart wasn’t as urban-music-friendly as it is now.”

CORRECTION: The UK chart wasn’t as BLACK music “friendly” as it is now. It’s time to DEAD that pesky word “URBAN”.*

And the reason why the UK chart is now so “friendly” towards the genre is because of artists like Prof Green, Plan B, Jessie J, Tulisa and Dappy.

WELL you learn something new everyday!

For a start I didn’t know that Andre Harriott is the son of Daddie Earnie.

*Tut tut* at Choice FM DJ’s allegedly blackballing him. It would be interesting to hear all their sides of the story.

And why is poor Baby Spice being dragged in to this mess. What did she do? Hahahahahahaha.

Anyway I was a Damage fan and I hoped that Coree would rejoin the other group members at one of their reunion shows (Robbie Williams/Take That style). But after reading what he had to say I doubt he will be welcomed back in to the fold anytime soon.

It is good to read that he is moving on with his life and I wish him the best of luck with his new music.

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  1. I read the Voice article earlier today and I thought EXACTLY the same thing when I read the “urban” comment.

    Interesting story though, didn’t know there was bad blood behind the split.

  2. I wish that I don’t give a damn song had a better video. It’s a rebellious song but a conforming video.

    It seems he still remembers.

  3. And that ghetto romance video is not different from I don’t give a damn one, if that’s his new music and videos.

  4. LOL, this article is hilarious, Jasmine must be running out of people to interview.

    The only issue with Emma Bunton is that he wasn’t the one to get the famous blonde girlfriend. He was feeling himself, getting all the love because he used to be cute, and like so many others who think their pretty looks will get them far he failed.

    If any of you are friends with him on Facebook you will have seen all the ‘woah is me’ updates and seen people who he owes money to blasting him on his wall. I wonder why Jasmine didn’t mention his jail term? hmmmmm

    Coree, if you’re group don’t want you, the DJs won’t play your music, producers won’t return your calls and your ex won’t let you see your child, it may be you thats the problem hun.

    Just saying.

  5. I Dont Give A Damn is a tune though. Oh well, such a shame when talent is wasted like that. Oh well, onwards and upwards

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