MOBO Winner: Emeli Sande

The highly anticipated MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards opened with the Jay-Z and Kanye West track ‘Niggas In Paris’ playing in the background (you couldn’t make it up) while a group of female dancers took to the stage and failed to dance in synch with each other in front of a subdued audience.

Then came the odd couple, show hosts former T4 presenter Miquita Oliver and actor Adam Deacon who in my opinion just didn’t gel well together. Miquita did her usual sarcastic/patronising presenting style routine which did not come across well in that particular setting and a 29 year old Adam worked hard to appeal to the 13-16 year old’s tuning in.

Kiss FM duo Rickie and Melvin would have made better hosts for the evening but they were relegated to entertaining viewers with some backstage antics.

Sullen faced winner Plan B looked and acted like he wanted to be somewhere else. What was that all about?????

Singer Rita Ora received far too much screen time. I don’t appreciate Rita’s label Roc Nation and it’s head honcho Shawn Carter aka Jigga forcing their lab creation down our throats.

The legendary Dionne Warwick was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award but I doubt the audience and the majority of artists in attendance knew who she was.

Sean Paul won Best Reggae act. This is a joke because I only remember him releasing one mediocre single last year. It has crossed my mind in the past that Sean must be sleeping with someone on the MOBO voting committee because almost every year since 2003 he has been nominated for an award even when he hasn’t released any new music.

Outstanding  Contribution to Music went to R&B trio TLC (rest in peace Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes). The group’s surviving members  Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas collected the award and revealed that they plan on reuniting and will go on tour together. There is also a TLC movie in the pipeline.

I was a huge TLC fan but I don’t see the tour working without Lisa Lopes. They both should just leave us fans with happy memories of the group.

Thumbs up to Labrinth, Emeli Sande and Angel. I enjoyed watching their performances.

Check out the winners list below.

Best Female  Act: Emeli Sande
Best  Male Act: Plan B
Best  Newcomer: Rita Ora
Best  R&B/Soul Act: Emeli Sande
Best Hip-Hop/Grime  Act: Plan B
Best  Video: JLS – Do You Feel What I Feel
Best Song: Labrinth Ft Tinie Tempah –  Earthquake
Best  Album: Emeli Sande – Our Version Of Events
Best International Act: Nicki  Minaj
Best Reggae Act: Sean Paul
Best Jazz Act: Zoe Rahman
Best  African Act: D’Banj
Best Gospel Act: Rachel Kerr
Outstanding  Contribution to Music: TLC
Lifetime Achievement  Award: Dionne Warwick

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  1. Looking at the list of winners – apart from Sean Paul – I don’t see any problem. I hadn’t realised that Emelie Sande was considered R&B or Soul or that those genres were interchangeable but whatever.

    The thing about the MOBOs is they do not get everything right at the same time. Dionne Warwick and TLC should have been performing,and their tributes should have been longer. There was no Memorial section, Adam Deacon & Miquita were horrible presenters and the on stage interviews were clunky and unnecessary, as were the backstage parts.

    The people chosen to present awards were meh, they could’ve got a few more brand names with a bit more effort.

    The show itself was not good platform or showcase the UK music.

  2. IMO Emeli Sande ( that chick is everywhere), Rita Ora ( and yes I agree with you Janice they are trying to make her happen so bad but she has the charisma of a potato and the talent to match) and Jls hardly make what people call Black Music.

    Speaking of Emeli she has to be the oldest looking 24 years old I have ever seen

  3. I haven’t watched the MOBOs and haven’t for something like the last 7 or 8 years and from looking at the winners I’m not missing anything, this looks like a cop out as usual. It needs a serious shake-up at the moment it’s just chuging along using the same formula.

    When MOBOs first started it had something a lil’ different now look at it, this is just the pop awards there is no intergrity anymore. R&B/Soul, Hiphop/Grime. WTF……….

    I don’t agree with the Plan B award but then he’s pop. They should do an underground award or up and coming artist or even a community award for someone who works in the black community and helps the youths through music and dance, make that’s a bit too black for the Music of black origin.

    I’m glad Dionne Warwick won an award as she is a legend. Sean Paul winning is a definite no, his hit song Got to luv u wasn’t even reggae, but I’m guessing it’s young teenage girls who idolize Nicki Minaj voting and the only reggae they know is Sean Paul so I understand it.

  4. so maybe labrinths comments addressed in another post on this blog where he suggested that MOBOs be called “music of urban origin” has some validity then? hehehe

    I know his comment might’ve facetious but MAYBE he was right?

  5. Observer :
    so maybe labrinths comments addressed in another post on this blog where he suggested that MOBOs be called “music of urban origin” has some validity then? hehehe
    I know his comment might’ve facetious but MAYBE he was right?

    Not really, music of urban origin, what kind of foolishness is that, so the music you hear now orignated from Urban music? what is urban music? people doing black music, maybe when they change Operation Trident to urban gun crime instead of black on black gun crime then maybe, look they should just change it to UK pop awards simple and plain. I’m still SMH at Sean Paul winning a Reggae award.

    Here’s a good article about it

  6. “urban” is a term cooked up in a boardroom meeting to sell, package and market music. Most of the music that is pop in the charts today from black artists are manufactured products planned out in a boardroom meeting to meet the “urban” image. So calling something music of “urban” origin might not be too far-fetched since it is all business and manufactured to make everyone feel “Part of it” so that it can broadly appeal to a wide audience and bring in that money.

    Most of the people nominated and winning mobo awards are people who are doing this “Urban” pop music. So maybe they should keep it real and say this is really an urban pop award show.

    Think about it for a minute.

  7. I think MOBO’s cannot win in either situation. If they are to get the show on major TV stations and get big sponsor money they are gonna have to have people like Plan B, JLS and others that are in the “pop market”, But if they do what it seems like some of us are asking for they will not get any of the big station coming anywhere it.

    Times have changed since 1996 for “Black Music” representation when MOBO’s first started so maybe its time to end the show or work to help underground artist. Still, Big up to Kanya King for starting it off back then.

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