Big Bright Films debut their feature length documentary The Fade; the distinctive film presents an exclusive window into the lives of 4 barbers, including Johnny “Cakes” Castellanos; responsible for the images of two of hip-hop’s icons, Jay Z and Pharel Williams. The observational film seamlessly transports us to and from Accra, London, New Jersey and Kingston submitting to its inhibited narrative and paralleling common themes of identity, business, masculinity and culture. Directed by Andy Mundy-Castle, Assistant Producer on Channel 4’s multi-award winning documentary Giving up the Weed and Producer on the multi-award winning film David is Dying, Executive Producer Christopher Hird whose work includes The Flaw and The End of the Line, Cinematography by Tom Swindell responsible for the BAFTA award winning series One Born Every Minute and Director of Photography onMy Kidnapper.

The Fade observes real personalities from the owners Faisal (barber to David Harewood and Andrian Lester), Shawn Powis (barberto Elephant Man), Offori “Tupac” Mensah and Johnny “Cakes” Castellanos to their clientele, baring the same aspirations separated only by time and space. Indiscriminately, the film displays the power of entrepreneurship and the mobility it provides for very individual goals and status within the community. The wit of all the characters is easily captured, demonstrating how boys become men in this self-contained masculine world.

The Fade will be featured at the Austin Film Festival, October 18 2012, shortlisted for ‘Best Documentary’ at the MVSA awards in Birmingham on Oct 27th and followed by Afrika Eye Film Festival November the 11th

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  1. Yes this looks good I have to see this. There’s something about the black barbershop you can’t explain, white guys go to the pub, black guys go to the barbershop. I remember I used to cut a guys hair a gangster from Liverpool every week and he was like I don’t smoke I don’t drink, getting my hair cut and the gym is my thing. lol

    I always find that a fade used to be the in thing for black guys back in the day but now it’s just the norm and it’s the white guys and asians trying to be down who make a big deal of it. LMAO.

  2. So when they make a video about Black Women who make a big deal about having their hair on point we are made fun of and criticize for being superficial but when Black Men do the exact same thing it’s cool????? Yeah Whatever!!!!!

    The documentary looks good though

  3. @Nubiahbella what are you talking about? black men’s hair that is being cut is real, also they aren’t getting into debt to pay for a 10 pound haircut (unless they are serious bruk) black women are being superficial because what they are putting on their head is not real and in some cases they getting into debt because of it.

  4. @chico Rei, yeah because all Black Women wear Fake hair,!!!!! lol! talk about a stereotype!

    FYI hair has always been a big thing in Africa for centuries…., where I come from Black Women go to the hairdresser every week not to put fake hair on but to have amazing hairstyles which actually require a real talent and skills to create.

  5. and Black Women have been doing hairstyles ( with or without fake hair) who have been copied by other races over and over again yet no one will never admit it especially Black men like you !!!!

  6. @Nubiahbella what’s your problem. Very true black hair full stop has always been a big thing with black people men and women, you only have to go to Black neighbourhoods all over the world. My only issue with it is when you have Indians owning the shops and black people working in them.

    The other half of the barbershop I used to work was for women and my ex girlfriend was a hairdresser and women used to come from miles for her to make amazing hairstyles you’re talking about, black women have been doing hairstyles that have been copied by other races for years I know this, and have said this before so why wouldn’t I admit this? I think you’re getting me confused with Ashley Cole or something lol.

    I’m not a fan of fake hair or weaves but I’m not a woman so it’s easy for me to say this, when did I make fun out of women for liking their hair on point? I said before I didn’t like women messing up their scalp so they can keep up with European standards.

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