UK singer Starboy Nathan surprised many when he entered this year’s X-Factor competition but last night failed to make it through to the live show stage.

In the video below he explains why he entered.

Former Pussy Cat Doll and judge Nicole Scherzinger decided to put through Rylan Clark instead because every year the X-Factor producers like to put through at least one contestant for “entertainment purposes”.

Check out Rylan’s RIDICULOUS performance below from [mark 1:07] and CLICK HERE to watch his over the top reaction to the news he has made it through to the next stage of the competition.

*shaking my head*

I was not surprised when Nicole hit Nathan with the bad news because it was obvious from the very first audition that he wasn’t a favourite with the producers. His auditions and backstory didn’t receive much airtime like Rylan’s and the others, and no real effort was made to effectively introduce him to the viewing public. The editing of his segments was a huge give away.

Nathan was also set up by producers when they told him to perform a Ne-Yo song for his audition (Nathan revealed via Twitter). This failed to impress guest judge Ne-Yo and seemed to rub him up the wrong way.

Some of Nathan’s protective supporters on Twitter (you can make jokes about everyone else but it’s seen as a major offence if you DARE to joke or retweet jokes about Nathan) believe that the X-Factor ‘exposure’ will open doors for the singer and could lead to him signing to a label.

In my opinion his explanation video will probably open more doors for him now then his appearence on X-Factor.

Your thoughts please…..

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  1. The only way this X factor appearance will help is if his peers and all these new fans support his music now, even if he gets a deal it means nothing without the sales. Good luck to him.

  2. He should bring out a banging mixtape. It works for the best and build up fresh new hype and keep it moving. X-factor uk is not what it used to be

  3. I’m glad he didn’t get through. X-Factor is crap, they ruin good artists, but hope he makes it from doing this because he’s got the talent and he’s def a grinder. I can’t seem to find his performance on youtube

  4. I think we all knew he was not getting through, as they kept editing his performances, where as you would always see the full length performances of the now live show finalist. X Factor does not focus on talent, its about which one of these individuals are going to have enough stupid lemmings to buy into whatever nonsense they have to flog to the public

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