Check out GRM Daily’s documentary featuring former footballer and Arsenal legend Ian Wright.

This emotional. I was almost in tears.

Well done Ian.

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  1. That was very emotional and difficult viewing at times. He’s come through a lot and more than earned our respect. Well done Mr Wright!

  2. Brilliant. I’ve always loved Ian Wright. Thanks for the post. Ian Wright’s a legend, loved what he said about David Rocastle another legend. I remember back in the day me and my brother saw the Arsenal team bus, we tried to get autograpghs from the players but George Graham said no, but David Rocastle came off the bus and signed out shirts. I’ll never forget that R.I.P.

  3. Don’t be too fast to be swooned in by dim lights, a piano in the background, a solemn voice and a straight face. The entire set is intentionally constructed to make you feel that way aswell as the way that he has been “instructed” to conduct himself on the set. Take away the influencing music, put the interview location in a sunny environment and get him to speak normally about his life and I guarantee that most of you wouldn’t give this interview half the attention you’ve already submitted to it.

  4. @Verbs I understand what you’re saying, but with me I’ve already read his autobiography and found that good. Ian Wright was a hot head but I always felt he was misunderstood and Peter Schmeichel was racist to him I saw it with my own eyes

  5. I hear you Chico, I remember that incident Schmeichel myself, it was well out of order but not a surprise as we have seen in recent times with other black players. You also must remember that many of these autobiographies are ghost written by somebody else on behalf of the person in question.

    All I’m saying here is that I recognise media games and manipulations when I see them and I don’t like it when people(especially the media) are deliberately trying to tickle my emotions in order to suck out a sympathetic response from me. What I don’t like here is simply that the set was set up to manipulate and only draw out one type of response from people instead of allowing them to think critically and to decide to express their own emotions about the information he has presented.

    We also have to remember that once they say “cut” or “that’s a wrap” on the set, it’s lights on, handshakes, laughs and beverages all round.

  6. @verbs2012 go and jump off a bridge please mate. From my understanding this interview was done by a street wear clothing brand ( Hardly bbc or itv. Why not just appreciate what life gives u sometimes. U weren’t there when the interview was conducted, how can u be certain that he was given instruction? And if he was he needs to go into acting because he fooled me and countless others. There are a number of people who have taken inspiration from that video (including me), but as always in life a cynic prick like u rears it’s unwanted head to try and pop other people’s dreams. Let’s say for arguements sake it was “set up”, who the f**k cares, so long as a video like this drives my son on to pursue his dreams I won’t be stood next to YOU telling him it’s all smoke and mirrors any more than I told him it was daddy dressed up in the Santa clause outfit.

  7. @ Verbs – don’t know what you mean by getting Ian to ‘speak normally’, like he was putting on a ‘sad voice’ or something – to me he was speaking honestly from the heart, that and his story is what made this touching, not the plinky piano or dark set.

    On a separate note, it’s interesting that Grime Daily is now “GRM Daily, The Home of Urban Entertainment”. I guess that means they’ve stopped promoting videos of grime artists threatening to shoot each other.

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