While rapper Rick Ross sits in his Miami mansion sipping on green tea and chomping down on a large fat juicy steak (well done) for breakfast there is uproar brewing across the ocean over the release of his new music video Hold Me Back which was shot in Lagos (Nigeria) earlier this year.

In the video Big Ricky walks through the slums of Lagos wearing his trademark gold chains, hands out dollar bills to poverty stricken children and is surrounded by a group of shirtless men.

During this visual journey the only word that can be heard clearly coming from Rick’s mouth is “niggas, niggas, niggas”.


Many have spoken out against the video saying that it depicts Nigeria in a negative light while others argue that the track is about the ghetto so it made sense to film the video in the slums and therefore don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Mad News readers your thoughts please……

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  1. Excuse me, what????? Give me a few hours to digest this and let me come back. Now I understand what one twitter follower in Nigeria was talking about when she mentioned Rick Ross and Nigeria in the same sentence.

  2. I don’t get what the problem is, BBC documentaries make Nigeria look worse when do you ever hear anything postive about Nigeria, he’s talking about Ghetto life and Nigerian slums are the real ghetto

  3. I watched the US version first and it was the usual crap, this version at least has some substance, I hear Rick Ross was invited & paid by the Nigerian government to shoot his video there so the uproar is actually that he shot the opposite of what the government wanted. What is the actual problem with showing poverty that really exists in the country? if he was shown in clubs in Nigeria wth bottles of champagne, and naked nigerian women would that have been any better? In any case, i dont understand why some people expect positivity from these people. If you want a positive or ‘real’ rap video watch Lowkey or Immortal technique.

  4. The goverment are probably angry because Rick Ross gave the poor people in Niger Delta more money then they ever do, SMH, did the government listen to the song when has Rick Ross ever done a postive video? A big reason Nigeria in poverty is because of the government loving the Rashidi Yenki shot at the end R.IP. It’s good to see African Americans going back to Africa.

  5. A lot of these well known African American artists have only started venturing out to the African continent and other parts of the world because they can no longer rely on the money from their fans back home to pay the rent. They now rely of the money that’s coming in from touring and performing a few gigs overseas. Back in the day they had no interest in touring and performing outside of their own waters (Only Public Enemy had a geniune interest in visiting other territories ). But when the music industry began to change, people stopped buying music in the traditional sense and the money dried up they were quick to contact promoters overseas and jump on the first plane out.They would probably visit and perform in my back garden if the price was right.

  6. i got no problem with the video… if the nigerian government gave him money to make a video in nigeria without checking the substance of the song and realizing that it was gonna be a particular feel.. then THEY MESSED UP…… as much as i dont like what he stands for in certain respects… i cannot fault the fact that the video theme and song seem to match…. gonna have to pour the haterade down the sink for this one…. lol!!

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